Housing units at Burlingame. Credit: Karl Wolfgang

Below is a list of the owners of all of the units under the jurisdiction of the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority. The table show what the buyers paid for their unit, when they bought it, and what it’s worth as of May 2014.

The table has been initially set alphabetically by the name of the housing projects, but it can be sorted by other values, including owner’s last name, purchase price, purchase date, category or current value.

(Note that because of the alphabetical sort by project name, the list begins with projects that have numbers in their name, such as “300 South Spring Condominium,” followed by”410 West End Condominiums.” The alphabetical sort becomes more obvious further down the list.)

The list initially opens with ten entries, but there are 1,633 entries in total. You can use the “show X entries” tool at the top of the table to show all of the entries.

Property and ownership records are public information and this list was provided by the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority at the request of Aspen Journalism.

The request was made as part of a story, done in collaboration with Aspen Sojourner, about the 40th anniversary of Aspen’s affordable housing program.

While the Housing Authority maintains this public information, they do not make it available to the public on their website in a sortable format, as it is here. Aspen Journalism collaborated with Investigate West to produce the table.

The “current value” fields are blank on a handful of units whose deed restrictions do not include appreciation caps. On the Housing Authority’s database, these units are categorized as “market value” without a specific price assigned to them.

The “current values” are estimated by Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority and are current as of May, 2014. The values are estimated based on the deed restrictions associated with the units and calculations for depreciated improvements that the Housing Authority has approved.

Almost every project name on the list is linked to more information about the specific complex on the Housing Authority’s website, via a section it labels as “HOA Documents.”

Some units are owned by more than one person and if you are looking for a specific owner, you might also try the search function, which can also be used to search for specific addresses.

It should also be noted that this list does not include rental units, just ownership units.