ASPEN – It was Labor Day weekend of 1978, the end of Aspen’s summer tourist season. Smoke from dozens of barbecues curled toward an impossibly blue sky, and a calm in the air offered the first hint of the long, quiet off-season that would last until Thanksgiving.

Midland Park Place, in Aspen’s East End, however, was abuzz with activity.

While on other streets locals grilled burgers and guzzled beers, here they were moving furniture, unpacking boxes, smiling at children as they squealed about their new rooms, and greeting recent acquaintances and old friends as next-door neighbors for the first time.

Thirty-seven individuals and families were moving into the brand-new Midland Park Place Condominiums, Pitkin County’s inaugural government-built employee-housing project. Surrounding a cul-de-sac at the base of Smuggler Mountain, the eight low-profile units fit neatly into their peaceful residential neighborhood with stunning views of Aspen Mountain.

One of the new residents was Jim Hancock, a twentysomething ski instructor and co-owner of a rafting company. Some weeks earlier, a friend of Hancock’s had seen a newspaper ad announcing a new housing development whose units would be sold to local workers. Hancock was skeptica.

“I never thought I’d be able to afford a place to live in Aspen,” he says—but he and his friend investigated and found that they could split the cost of a $60,000 two-bedroom condo. The selection process would be a lottery among all qualified applicants. Hancock and his buddy threw their names in the hat—and they won.

“It worked out great for me. Probably, more than anything, it solidified that I would stay here,” says Hancock, who lived at Midland Park for seventeen years before moving on with his growing family to bigger units in the employee-housing system. “I didn’t want to commute. I was always involved in the ski world, and [in-town housing] enabled me to do that. But, mainly, having a place gave me a much more secure feeling of being here.”

By the mid-1970s, Pitkin County was riding the tail end of an unprecedented period of growth. The county’s population had leapt from 2,300 residents in 1960 to 6,000 in 1970, a 160 percent increase, and would taper off only after it reached 8,700 residents in 1975. (The county’s population is about 17,200 today.)

Skiing, as a sport, had taken off; as an industry, it brought to Aspen a wave of development more targeted to wealthy tourists and second-home owners than to local ski bums, many of whom moved around seasonally as rents were raised for ski season and homes were remodeled, bought, and sold.

It was in this climate that Aspen’s housing program was born.

Four years before Midland Park was completed, in October 1974, the Pitkin County commissioners had authorized a $25,000 budget to fund a housing authority. The idea of this new office (which was officially created by a separate vote in February 1975) was to study the housing needs of the community, to come up with a set of requirements and incentives to build affordable housing, and to apply for any pertinent state and federal housing program funds.

“It was pretty revolutionary,” says Bill Kane, who was the Aspen/Pitkin County planning director at the time and helped set up the housing authority. “We totally invented the concept of a dual market: a second, more affordable pool of housing that would be traded among local residents and that would be insulated from market forces.”

Today, as the average Aspen home price climbs north of $3.2 million, the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority oversees some 2,800 sales and rental units. There are studio apartments worth $40,000 and million-dollar single-family homes whose sole purchase requirement is that the owner be a year-round resident employed in Pitkin County—and every price in between.

That housing stock serves employees whose household incomes range from $35,000 to $206,000 and whose net assets can range up to $900,000. It’s the main reason that nearly half of Pitkin County’s workforce lives here.

There are lifelong ski bums living in employee housing; there are also rabbis, CPAs, and successful restaurateurs. (See complete list of owners).

The projects, scattered all over town, vary in scale from single affordable units that are required by the City of Aspen to be included in free-market developments to Burlingame Ranch, an affordable-housing village three miles from downtown Aspen that, once built out, could include more than 250 homes for local employees.

Despite that size and success—indeed, perhaps, in part, because of them—the housing program has its issues. Chief among them are concerns about aging complexes with inadequate capital reserves and a wave of baby boomer retirement that could take hundreds of units out of the potential pool for local workers. (Because who wouldn’t want to retire in Aspen?)

Meanwhile, slow job growth, limited land availability, and competition with the downvalley free market are all factors in the debate about how much more affordable housing Aspen really needs, what kind is most appropriate, and where it should go.

Still, there’s no doubt that on the fortieth anniversary of its unassuming beginnings, the housing program has deeply affected many lives, shaping the Aspen community in the process.

The impact on Aspen, according to Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority Director Tom McCabe, can be measured “in a thousand different ways,” from a school system chock full of local children to an all-volunteer fire department to a very politically engaged community.

Kathryn Koch, who recently retired after forty years as Aspen city clerk, is another original resident of Midland Park. In 1978, she and her husband, John, a ski patroller at Snowmass, were newlyweds living in a rented apartment. Because they were determined to stay in Aspen and raise a family, home ownership was the next logical step for the young couple, but the free market was financially out of reach.

The Kochs won a three-bedroom condo at Midland Park, for which they paid $81,500. At the time, owning their own home allowed them to stay in town—where most of their friends still lived—and maybe afford to buy new skis, laughs Koch.

Even more importantly, in the long run, “it has allowed us to stay engaged in the community,” says Koch, who values being able to walk to work, interact with friends and neighbors in her daily routine, and frequently and easily attend Aspen’s cultural events. And as the city clerk, she says, “being able to vote [in the city I serve] has been important for how I see my life and my job.”

The Kochs still live in their condo thirty-six years later. It’s cozy and unassuming, a minuscule kitchen sharply contrasting with the large picture window in the living room that perfectly frames Aspen Mountain.

Over the years, especially when their daughter was a teenager, Koch and her husband talked about but rejected the idea of looking for something bigger and newer. Having more room and a yard to work in was not worth the trade-off of less weekend hiking time. Plus, reasons Koch, more space would have just meant more stuff.

And then she gestures toward the window: “Would you leave this view?”

Credit: Karl Wolfgang

Pumping up the volume

Housing has long been a big issue in Aspen. As early as 1969, an article headlined “Aspen Worker Housing Hard to Come By” in the Grand Junction Sentinel detailed the woes of young workers crammed four to a room paying exorbitant rents, the Aspen Ski Corp’s plans to address the problem by building low-rent housing, and a proposal to use government park land to subsidize new housing.

When Midland Park was planned and built, housing costs in Aspen were 35 percent higher than the national average (The average single-family home price was about $197,000.) Midland Park kick-started an employee-housing program that was originally quite humble, says Kane: “We were thinking maybe a couple of hundred units.” The idea was to provide Aspen’s workers with a stepping-stone, through equity and a small amount of appreciation, to the free market.

Yet by the mid-1980s, some believed Aspen’s affordable-housing problem had been solved—but not by a “humble” program. While the rest of the nation had been gripped in a recession in the early part of the decade, housing officials in Aspen, buoyed by broad public support, had gone on a spree.

They negotiated with the owner of the Hunter Creek (then called Silver King) apartments to buy four of the eight buildings in the complex and sell the seventy-seven newly deed-restricted condos to employees. Part of the deal included acquiring the undeveloped property next door and contracting with a private developer to build Aspen’s then-largest employee-housing complex: Centennial.

After the 240 units at Centennial came online in 1985—ninety-two were deed-restricted for-sale units, and 148 became affordable rentals—Aspen for the first time experienced an affordable housing glut that, according to the Aspen Times in 2001, continued into the early 1990s.

All told, about 800 units were brought under the affordable housing umbrella in the early 1980s, estimates Gail Schwartz, who at that time was the development director and later the interim director of the housing authority. (She is now a Colorado state senator, with Aspenites among her constituents.)

Land to build on was becoming scarce, and the housing authority’s mandate was to “insulate” — or preserve — housing in order to keep employees in town by either building it or converting it to affordable, says Schwartz.

But more importantly, officials were trying to find the right mix of for-sale and rental units in various price ranges, so that local workers could move through the system as their career and family situations changed. No longer was affordable housing a stepping-stone to the free market, as had been the original intention. It was now acknowledged as a full market in itself.

Large-scale projects like Hunter Creek and Centennial met the goals of housing a lot of people but also, due to the young, transient nature of many Aspen newbies, earned their reputations as employee ghettos.

Centennial’s 148 rent-controlled units housed much of Aspen’s service industry: waiters and bartenders who would come home from work at two or three in the morning and continue their nightlife. The thin walls, close quarters, and people coming and going at all hours sometimes gave Centennial the feel of a frat house, says Ryan Margo, a former Centennial resident who worked on the complex’s maintenance crew. It wasn’t unusual to hear your neighbors closing kitchen cabinets, “heel-walking” across the floor, or having sex.

Common maintenance calls Margo fielded included pleas from drunken residents to unlock their apartments when they couldn’t find their keys and requests to deal with people in the wrong apartments altogether.

“I can’t tell you how many calls I had at 3 a.m. of, ‘There’s a dude passed out in my living room,’” Margo recalls.

The busiest time of year was after Thanksgiving, Margo remembers, half-jokingly, when many Aspen freshmen would host their first Thanksgiving dinner. Possessing only novice domestic skills, they’d stuff the turkey carcass down the garbage disposal—and Margo would be called in to unclog it.

But for all of the abused appliances and damaged carpets, plenty of residents took good care of their apartments, says Margo, including many who chose to remodel rental units at their own expense just to live more comfortably. And it was in a lot of ways a close-knit community: you knew your bartender at Jimmy’s because he lived two doors from you.

For Margo—and many of Aspen’s outdoor-loving, lifestyle-prioritizing types—the urban-style condo developments (albeit urban-style with amazing mountain views) suited them just fine.

“It’s dorm-style living, but the beautiful thing is your backyard is Smuggler Mountain and your front yard is Aspen,” he says. “People learn to live with it.”

Many people liked it enough to make Hunter Creek or Centennial their permanent home. Rachel Richards, a Pitkin County commissioner, bought her deed-restricted Hunter Creek condo in 1988 and still lives there. She was the only bidder for the $64,000 two-bedroom, one-bath unit at a time when many affordable housing units were languishing on the inventory, she recalls.

Yet free-market prices were already well beyond the reach of Richards, a recently divorced single mother working in advertising distribution. She remembers two-bedroom free-market condos in Hunter Creek selling for about $150,000 at the time—more than twice what she paid for the same employee unit.

For Richards, buying a home in Aspen wasn’t about the living space itself.

“As a single mother, it was enough to just pay the mortgage off,” says Richards, who for the first several years had a roommate to help pay the bills and built a closet in the living room so it could double as a bedroom when her son was living with her. “Could I enjoy a larger kitchen and a larger bedroom? Yes. But overall, it was a bargain I made, and I’m still happy with it.”

She credits living in town and not having to commute for her participation in local politics.

“When I moved into city limits, I had another two hours a day, it seemed. I had time to get involved more,” says Richards, who began her public service on Aspen’s clean air board, then rose through the political ranks to become a city councilwoman, then mayor.

But even during the affordable-housing glut, things were rapidly changing. Aspen’s ski bums were growing up, for one thing, and were looking beyond the next ski season for the first time in their lives.

“People were starting to move into that second phase of their lives, to put some roots down, and they were thinking, ‘I’d better get in now because this town is changing,’” says Richards.

Thanks to a rapidly improving economy and tax code changes that benefited investment real estate, Aspen average home prices skyrocketed in the late ’80s, more than doubling from 1986 ($509,000) to 1989 ($1.1 million). They reached $2 million by 1994 and nearly $3 million by the end of the decade.

As home-owning locals sold out to reap substantial profits on residences they’d purchased years ago and non-homeowners were priced out as previously affordable free-market rentals became second homes, the percentage of Aspen workers living in town dropped from 62 to 33 percent over the course of a decade, according to a 1994 Aspen Times article.

Not long after moving into Hunter Creek, Richards noticed that all of the for-sale signs that had once dominated the Aspen Village and Woody Creek trailer parks—considered very far from Aspen at the time—had disappeared.

By the early 1990s, price-controlled housing had become attractive again.

Demand for employee housing can be measured by participation in housing lotteries, the mechanism the housing authority uses to select the “winners” for available units among qualified would-be buyers.

In 1993, the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority (the city and county had joined forces a decade earlier) held its final sale of an affordable housing unit without a lottery for at least a decade, according to the Aspen Times. The twenty-seven-unit Benedict Commons project, completed in 1995, drew 400 people for its lottery. And demand hit a high mark in 1997, when seventy-five applicants vied for a single affordable housing unit on West Hopkins Avenue.

But Aspen wasn’t building much. Fewer than 200 employee units came online in four years in the mid-’90s, the Aspen Times reported—compared to 800 in the early ’80s—and a whole subculture of workers was living in tents and tepees in the mountains around Aspen.

It wasn’t as if the housing program didn’t have enough money to build more. To the envy of other resort communities, the City of Aspen alone generates some $9 million annually for affordable housing. A tax on real estate sales accounts for the majority of the funds—an average of $6 million per year as of late—and a dedicated portion of the city sales tax brings in about $1 million more.

Another piece of the funding pie is mitigation—requiring developers to build employee housing or pay into a fund for it—based on the argument that new development generates or displaces employees, or both. Mitigation was, in a way, the genesis of Pitkin County’s housing program: the county commissioners had, in their attempt to control growth in the early ’70s, stipulated that a portion of all new residential development be affordable.

The housing mitigation requirements are determined by complex formulas, and they’re among the most debated sections of Aspen’s codes. But over the years, mitigation has put roofs over a lot of people’s heads.

Credit: Karl Wolfgang

On Cloud Nine at Aspen Highlands

Perhaps the best example of that is Aspen Highlands Village. When in the mid-1990s a Houston-based developer proposed a luxury village at the bare-bones base of Aspen Highlands, it prompted a lengthy and controversial review process. In the end, locals lost their beloved A-frame bar and convenient surface parking, but they gained 112 housing units, just steps away from the lifts at Aspen’s “locals’ mountain.” (Free-market units in the development totaled 105 condos and townhomes, plus 31 luxury lots.)

Just before Emily and Dominic Lanese won their employee townhome at Aspen Highlands—on aptly named Cloud Nine Lane—Emily told her husband it was probably time to leave the valley. The Laneses, who had an infant and a toddler, were squeezed into a two-bedroom, second-floor condo in Aspen, struggling with carrying the stroller up and down stairs and having no outdoor space where the kids could play.

They had both held classic Aspen jobs: ski instructor, house painter, ski tech, and restaurant worker among them, and were discouraged after failing to win numerous other deed-restricted units.

Moving into their new, four-bedroom home in the summer of 2001 changed everything. Cloud Nine Lane is a semicircle of six duplexes and three single-family homes, surrounding a playground that the residents built. There’s a well-utilized walking path to the schools and athletic fields and frequent bus service to town.

“We have one car, and it sits in the garage,” says Emily, who works at an Aspen law firm. Dominic works for the City of Aspen.

In the winter, the Laneses can ski right to their front door (when the kids were young they’d load them into a little red wagon to get to the base, Emily says), and on summer evenings many residents, adults and kids alike, hang out outside together.

Not everything is perfect on Cloud Nine Lane. Cheap construction and poor design meant that “we did a lot of work” to make the house more livable, says Emily. That included spreading out a cramped kitchen, rehanging doors that were on backwards, and replacing most of the finishes.

They also had to hang heavy curtains over poorly insulated windows to protect against the cold that would flow in. But with the curtains pulled back, the Laneses enjoy a million-dollar view of Highlands’ slopes. They paid $236,300 for it. The free-market townhomes on nearby Thunderbowl Lane are worth roughly $3 million to $4 million.

Credit: Karl Wolfgang

Burlingame: the present

By the late 1990s, building more housing meant looking outside of Aspen proper—and thinking outside the box. In 1998, the City of Aspen purchased the 250-acre Burlingame Ranch for $2.6 million, where 250 units could conceivably be constructed. Two hundred seasonal rental units were built nearby, and there was even talk of building housing on the city-owned Aspen golf course.

At the North Forty next to the Aspen Airport Business Center, fifty-nine lots were sold to longtime local employees who would build their own single-family homes, with no price restrictions on cost of construction. The North Forty and other housing aimed at Aspen’s professional class—homes that are regularly listed for more than $1 million—draw national media attention as a travesty of what can be considered “affordable.”

These units have over the years often languished on the sales inventory, as very few qualified employees can afford them, and the ones who can have the tempting option of getting a better bang for their buck by buying a free-market home downvalley that will appreciate at more than the four percent rate set for North Forty.

Burlingame, sited on a historic ranch three miles from Aspen, became the poster child for the affordable housing versus urban sprawl debate that played out over the course of the decade. As real estate prices climbed and a worker shortage intensified, some wanted as much housing built as possible; others argued that creating what was essentially a whole new workers’ village outside of Aspen’s traditional boundaries would exacerbate traffic and congestion and contradict the community’s environmental values. Everyone, it seemed, had a strong opinion.

Aspen voters twice, in 2000 and 2005, approved the project in principle, and due to both the scale of and interest in the project, a sixteen-member task force was appointed to come up with recommendations on unit types, price ranges, and design.

In 2003, a divided Aspen City Council narrowly approved moving forward with the first phase of ninety-one units. Three years later, in the midst of perhaps the biggest real estate boom Aspen had ever seen, the first Burlingame lottery drew 260 applicants for thirty-one units.

But then the city was accused of downplaying the costs of Burlingame, which exceeded $50 million for phase one and had an average taxpayer-funded subsidy of more than $330,000 per unit. Planning for phase two was paused as audits were conducted and the political drama played out. The city was also criticized for spending $35 million at the height of the real estate bubble to land-bank four pieces of property to be developed as affordable housing.

Other issues include an ongoing lawsuit filed by the Burlingame homeowners’ association over faulty siding, lingering questions about how much more density is appropriate at that specific location, and the never-ending debate over whether or not to allow dogs (which were precluded by the original development agreement).

Yet despite all the hand-wringing, Burlingame has become home for many locals, particularly families—the latest in a nearly forty-year-long list of employee housing projects. An extensive playground (which is actually a public park) dominates the entrance to Burlingame, which is tucked a half-mile behind the Maroon Creek Club on a loop road with several small spurs. Children’s bikes and toys add plenty of color to the scene, and the views—spanning from Snowmass to Highlands and toward Independence Pass—are unparalleled, even by Aspen standards.

For Barbara Lish and Jesse Morris, who recently moved into a new two-bedroom townhome in phase two, which will total eighty-two units when finished, Burlingame is the perfect starter home. The couple, says Lish, were lucky: Having lived in three Aspen rentals over four years, they got engaged last November and entered a single employee-housing lottery before winning their Burlingame unit.

The new, green construction (phase two meets high environmental standards) and energy efficiency were key for Morris, who works at Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit whose mission is focused on moving the global economy away from fossil-fuel dependency. Plus, their home has great natural light and “million-dollar views,” says Lish, who works in development at the Aspen Community Foundation.

And like many other affordable-housing residents, she gets more excited about the outdoor space than the interiors. She looks forward to this summer, when she’ll work in the community garden, lounge in a grassy common area reading a book, and watch kids zoom around the sidewalks and neighborhood streets on bikes and scooters.

Lish, who moved to Aspen after much of the controversy over Burlingame had played out, is optimistic about the possibilities. After attending her first HOA meeting, she says, “Because it’s so new and separated from the city geographically, I’m hoping that through the HOA we can make [Burlingame] into the kind of community we want to live in and thrive. It feels nice to own something; it feels like we should be more committed to making the town the kind of town we want to live in.”

Credit: Karl Wolfgang

The future

Demand for affordable housing wavered during the economic downturn of the late 2000s, as jobs disappeared and people moved away (actually causing more sales than usual as owners’ life situations changed), but it was nowhere near as affected as the free market.

In fact, demand for the lower-priced, smaller homes in the affordable-housing pool remained high, according to a study by Melanie Rees, a workforce-housing consultant based in Crested Butte.

Some, like Kimbo Brown-Schirato and her husband, bought free-market homes downvalley when prices there became more attainable. But for Brown-Schirato, who works at Obermeyer Asset Management in Aspen, the desire to live in employee housing remains strong.

“Now it’s been almost six years, and I’ve been increasingly involved in the Aspen community,” she says. “I’m struggling with being in a bedroom community in Carbondale and the fact that I spend one-and-a-half hours in the car every day.”

Brown-Schirato echoes the sentiments of many young professionals when she discusses the perceived barriers to entry to Aspen’s housing system: Not enough suitable options, especially for dog owners; perception of widespread fraud (people not living in their units, as they are required to, or renting them out, which is permitted only in rare circumstances); and not wanting to have to continuously move as one’s family grows (the system prioritizes one person per bedroom, so a couple typically can’t buy a three-bedroom until they have their first child).

More pertinently in her case, Brown-Schirato and her husband would have to sell their Carbondale home at a loss, because they bought it at the very beginning of the downturn in 2008.

The downturn also came at a time when the nearly forty-year-old program was reaching a midlife crisis, shifting attention away from planning the next project and toward some of the system’s flaws.

Like many a carefree Aspen ski bum, the earlier affordable-housing complexes are aging but have the illusion—at least in the minds of many of their owners—of remaining forever young. Few have adequate capital reserves to replace roofs, siding, or other big-ticket items, an issue which many observers consider to be the housing system’s most pressing.

And with a maximum of a three percent annual appreciation cap on their homes, employee-housing owners have little financial incentive to make costly free-market improvements to their units. The prevailing tendency has been to pass the onus of capital maintenance and improvements on to the next owner and then to the next and the next. The ninety-two owners at Centennial, for example, are now facing some $2 million in projected repairs due to deferred maintenance that hasn’t been dealt with in thirty years.

Some are calling for radical changes in the housing program to address its issues. Tim Semrau, a developer of both employee and free-market housing and a former Aspen city council member, is proposing a plan by which affordable-housing owners who choose to remodel could realize double the deed-restricted value of their units. They could then sell it up to that price—if they could find a buyer—or the housing authority could buy down the unit to keep it affordable for the next owner.

The plan—essentially a parallel market within the housing program—would allow retirees to upgrade and sell their units at a profit to facilitate being able to retire elsewhere, and also incentivize young people to fix up their units to make them more livable in the long term, argues Semrau. It would encourage movement in the affordable housing market—especially from retirees to people still in the workforce, and the government could invest millions in buy-downs and still have money left over in its housing fund to pursue more housing.

The quasi-official Housing Frontiers Group, a volunteer board that grew out of the Burlingame debate, is considering less drastic measures to address capital reserves, such as raising the maximum 3 percent appreciation cap allowed on employee-housing units, and dividing the proceeds, upon sale of the unit, between the homeowner and a new capital reserve fund.

But has Aspen housed enough of its workforce to move away from more building and focus on refining? A number of people seem to think so, including Semrau and Adam Frisch, an Aspen city councilman who also leads the Housing Frontiers Group.

Citing a study that found that 47 percent of Pitkin County workers were housed in Pitkin County in 2012, Frisch believes that Aspen has struck the right balance of affordable-housing dwellers and commuters and must now “look to other community needs.”

But others warn that even though the need doesn’t seem great now, that might change in the future.

Rachel Richards, the Pitkin County commissioner, cited a recent retreat of her board at which members of the business community said that housing demand was as strong as ever and was critical to their operations. The Aspen Music Festival and School, for example, was struggling with bringing summer faculty here because it is unable to find affordable seasonal rentals, she says.

“Any decent project can take years of planning, so you tend to always be behind the curve,” she says. “So in a way, we need more of everything.”

Tom McCabe, the housing authority director, is cautious in his assessment of the future of affordable housing.

“The housing program doesn’t want to waste money; it wants to house people,” he says, adding that investing in older units might be a good idea if indeed demand is dropping. “We need to monitor demand carefully. I still see a demand, but it could go the other way.”

Nearly forty years later, Kathryn Koch, the original Midland Park owner, still believes that she and her husband, John, are living the Aspen dream, thanks to affordable housing.

Because while debates and plans about the program unfold, one thing remains constant: The Kochs and thousands more of Pitkin County’s workers—from retail employees to magazine editors, master sommeliers to mechanics—will wake up tomorrow morning in their affordable studios, one-bedroom condos, and single-family homes, take in the view, and begin another day in paradise.

As Koch puts it, “I come home and just think how lucky we are. It’s a real community, and a great place to live.”

More on the birth of the housing program

Pitkin County’s affordable housing program was born out of the infamous growth control battles of the late 1960s and early 1970s — an era marked by Hunter S. Thompson’s run for sheriff on the Freak Power ticket and documented by artist Tom Benton’s anti-war and anti-development political posters.

It was a time when growth and political ideology were transforming Pitkin County. The population of the county had multiplied more than fivefold from 1950 to 1975 — and along with the people came a building boom. National prosperity and the opening of Snowmass Ski Area in December 1967 combined to draw thousands of lifestyle seekers, many of whom bought condos, homes, or lots here.

Along with the wealthy and well cultured who were attracted to Aspen by skiing and institutions such as the Aspen Music Festival came an eclectic mix of ski instructors and worker bees, coming-of-age baby boomers disenchanted with the suburban lifestyle, hippies, and anti-war types.

And it was this segment of the population — primed in the radicalized university system and cognizant of the environmental and social costs of overdevelopment — that questioned the way things were heading.

Pitkin County didn’t have much in the way of land-use regulations at the time. Its first master plan, adopted in 1966, called for encouraging harmonious growth and preventing urban sprawl — yet allowed for 35,000 residents.

In 1970, two large condo complexes, the North of Nell and Aspen Grove, went up in downtown Aspen despite public protest because neither zoning laws nor the City Council had adequate teeth to control growth.

It was in this climate that Joe Edwards and Dwight Shellman, who ran on anti-growth platforms, were elected to the three-person Pitkin Board of County Commissioners.

The pair would go on to spearhead and usher in county-wide zoning codes and growth limits where none had existed before. They downzoned large swaths of the county (for which they fought and won a recall election) and founded such institutions as the trail network, the mass transit system, and affordable housing.

“We were doing it all at one time,” says Edwards, “and it was communism as far as the free-market people were concerned.”

Although there were few second homes at the time, according to Edwards, “after Dwight and I left, the pendulum swung the other way. The thing about affordable housing is, if we hadn’t started the program then, Aspen would be a ghost town.”

The commissioners weren’t inclined to approve a lot of development, but they wanted to increase the available of affordable housing. So part of the extensive rewriting of local codes included creating a formula that required a percentage of new units to be affordable, according to Bill Kane, who was Aspen and Pitkin County’s first joint planning director, from 1975 to 1978.

But how to ensure affordability? Kane recalls bandying about a lot of ideas, reading a lot of papers, and looking for examples in other communities. In the end, Pitkin County would go on to do its own, totally unique thing.

Meanwhile, responding to statewide concerns about the affordability of housing, the Colorado legislature had in 1973 passed legislation allowing cities and counties to form housing authorities — in order to do so, a petition had to be signed by at least 25 citizens. A similar body was created at the state level that could issue bonds and finance construction of low- and moderate-income housing.

So when the Pitkin County commissioners authorized $25,000 to fund a housing authority in October 1974, it was not until four months later that, after a petition was circulated and the requisite signatures collected, they officially created the authority, in February 1975. The vote was 2-1: Shellman and Edwards in favor, and Commissioner Max Marolt abstaining.

One month later, the BOCC named Brian Goodheim, an appraiser and real estate broker with a background in statistics and computing, as the county’s first housing officer. Paid $980 per month, Goodheim’s job was to inventory the county for potential affordable housing, coordinate federal funds to subsidize future housing (which wouldn’t pan out), and work with local banks to finance projects.

Armed with a philosophy to, as he put it, “devise a series of incentives” to create affordable housing, Goodheim worked with Kane and the slow-growth commissioners to craft what is believed to be the first government-led, workforce-housing policy in the nation. Adopted into the land-use code, the policy included the creation of a “permanent moderate housing” zone and a requirement that 50 percent of new development be affordable.

As for how homes would be bought and sold on this system, “we didn’t know of any other agency in the country that had right of first refusal and appreciation caps,” says Kane.

Goodheim relied on his real estate experience to negotiate with private owners for the county’s initial housing projects. The first, a 12-unit pilot project on Park Circle, was built by a private developer, marketed by Goodheim, and sold by the housing office to qualified locals at below-market prices. (Over time, it became mostly free market.)

Next, he negotiated the purchase of an 11-acre parcel near the base of Smuggler, from a civic-minded seller who couldn’t develop the land due to the new strict land-use codes, for $100. Envisioned for the Midland Park property was a combination of public and private investment to build 37 units, with the sale of the lots intended to cover the county’s costs and extra density for the developer who was willing to build some affordable housing there.

“But there was a feeling among the commissioners that they couldn’t trust private enterprise,” says Goodheim, whose philosophy relied largely on partnering with the private sector. “So I got canned, and the county took over the project.”

Midland Park went on to be designed, built, and sold by Pitkin County, and is now — more so than Park Circle — the model that launched Aspen’s affordable housing program.

Forty years and 2,800 units later, the scope of the housing program amazes three of its primary architects.

“The impact is enormous,” says Kane. “It’s been a remarkable success for Aspen and Pitkin County.”

Goodheim, who is now a software developer and technological consultant in Boulder, has a less rosy view.

“I think it’s been a good thing, but there’s too much of it,” he says. “Every time I go up to Aspen, it breaks my heart to see what it has become in terms of density and growth, and the growth of the housing authority as a governmental empire — it’s very different from the philosophy I had. My intention was to manage growth through — rather than a large staff and a lot of projects — creating a certain percentage so that the limited developments that were approved had a percentage devoted to housing.”

Edwards, who is retired in Carbondale, also expressed some disappointment in what the housing program has become.

“Has it worked? Yes, yes, and yes,” he says, “and we should have done more. It should have been expanded. We were trying to save this iconoclastic dropout community of college graduates that were out here. But Aspen has lost that ambiance, the excitement of that kind of lifestyle. We allowed ourselves to be bought out by wealthy people.”

Credit: Brent Gardner-Smith / Aspen Journalism

A housing model for ski country

When Pitkin County launched its affordable housing program in the mid-1970s, no other ski resorts were doing anything like it.

(Mount Crested Butte actually had something on the books in 1974 about new development being responsible for employee housing, but it didn’t take off.)

In fact, the concept of public housing at the time, for most people, generated visions of high-rise urban “projects” for the desperately poor, riddled with crime and gang violence.

But it wasn’t long before other ski towns started to take notice of Aspen’s unique concept, which from the beginning included permanent, for-sale affordable homes for income-qualified local employees — quite different from the seasonal rentals to lift ops and hotel workers that later became more widely available in ski country.

“I remember tons of visits from other resorts,” says Kane. “You can’t mention a major destination ski resort that hasn’t looked at Aspen’s affordable housing as a model.”

For whatever reason, however, it was only in the early 1990s that other resorts began to seriously address employee housing. Many had housing needs assessments done at that time, says Melanie Rees, a workforce-housing consultant based in Crested Butte who conducted the assessments. Meanwhile, by 1993, the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority oversaw some 1,300 units.

“Now that the Aspenization of other Rocky Mountain ski resorts … has occurred, it is Aspen’s model for a solution to the housing crunch that is being increasingly studied in resort towns along the Western Slope,” declared a 1993 Aspen Times story.

Still, most communities eased into deed-restricted housing rather than jumped in, because of a strong sentiment that the market could take care of things as long as government eliminated barriers, Rees wrote in a 2012 report. So, many resort-town programs developed with employment and residency criteria, but no caps on income or resale prices.

By the late 1990s, real estate values had soared, and the gap between free-market and deed-restricted prices had widened considerably.

Across ski country, Rees wrote, there was more acceptance of deed restrictions, higher income levels were being served by housing agencies, and even communities downvalley from the principal resort were getting into the housing game. But most of them were playing catch-up.

“Everyone looks at Aspen and says, wow, I wish we’d done that back then,” says Rees.

Nowadays, most resort communities have some sort of affordable housing program run by the local government, but many still lean heavily toward seasonal rentals.

Summit County has more than 2,000 units that are restricted in some manner for employees — many of them concentrated near ski areas such as Copper and Keystone, and the majority (65 percent) rentals.

The Town of Vail has over 700 units, all rentals. Snowmass Village has its own robust housing program, separate from the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority, consisting of 247 rentals and 177 deed-restricted ownership units.

But it’s not just about volume. With the largest inventory of affordable housing among Colorado ski towns, Aspen can also boast of having among the highest rates of homes that are occupied by local residents year round, despite having some of the most expensive real estate in the nation.

In 2011, Rees found that over 59 percent of Aspen’s housing units were primary homes, compared to 28 percent in Breckenridge and 36 percent in Vail, for example.

Perhaps moreso than the quantity of affordable housing, Aspen’s funding for it is the envy of ski country.

By the mid-1990s, Aspen had in place a roughly .2 percent sales tax and a hefty 1 percent real estate transfer tax assessed on all real estate sales above $100,000.

These days, the sales tax generates about $1 million per year, and the RETT about $6 million; along with other income sources, the city’s housing fund has recently averaged an enviable $10 million annually. (Pitkin County has its own separate revenue stream for housing, development fees that average about $600,000 per year.)

Aspen’s affordable housing taxes were passed before changes in Colorado law made it much more difficult for communities to implement similar methods.

As a result, Aspen enjoys the state’s only real estate transfer tax. In fact, no other community has as significant a revenue stream — Boulder comes the closest with its $1.7 million per year property tax, and Summit County brings in over $1.2 million per year with sales tax and impact fees combined, according to a Rees Consulting study.

All told, Aspen’s average annual housing revenues from fees and taxes account for 55 percent of the combined total from 13 Colorado resort communities.

Yet, plenty of resorts have built successful affordable housing programs that serve the unique needs of their communities. One of the best examples may be Telluride, population 2,300.

Telluride got in fairly early on the affordable housing front, with a large rental apartment complex and a planned community of 184 deed-restricted ownership homes just outside of town that have housed local employees since the early 1990s.

But with most of its employee housing in the form of rentals and development mitigation, Telluride wanted to do more — and “what we decided to do is learn from Aspen,” says Telluride Mayor Stu Fraser.

Fraser, then a town councilman, and several colleagues spent a few days in Aspen in 2001, working with housing authority and planning department officials and touring several affordable housing neighborhoods.

From 2004 to 2010, Telluride built about 100 employee units, patterning its deed restrictions on Aspen’s. Now, about one-fifth of Telluride’s population lives in affordable housing — in carefully thought-out neighborhoods interspersed throughout the town, housing a variety of workers and even powered by solar panels the town bought to reduce its carbon footprint.

From Fraser’s standpoint, the program has been a great success — so much so that Telluride has deliberately back off on building more housing in order to help keep buyers in the wider real estate pool.

“Aspen provided a path for us to follow that really worked out for us,” says Fraser. “We got a lot of information from Aspen and then modified it for us. We’ve created neighborhoods and communities that are beautiful and energy efficient. And we’re seeing a more stable community and more focus on economic development because of more people living in town.”

Editor’s note: This story was done in collaboration with Aspen Sojourner, which published a shorter version of the story in its Summer 2014 issue. The feature also included sidebars on the process to secure a unit, local housing prices, and a timeline of the affordable housing program in Aspen. They are below.

Bagging an Abode

It’s a story that has unfolded countless times: A ski bum comes to Aspen for a winter and stays for the summer. Before she knows it, a few years have passed, and she starts to contemplate settling down. What’s this housing lottery someone mentioned?

Here’s how it works:

First, she must make sure she’s qualified. To purchase employee housing, she must work full time in Pitkin County and meet income and asset guidelines that will determine which of seven price categories of housing she is eligible to purchase.

A single adult with no dependents making $43,000 a year is in Category 2; a couple with one child can make up to $150,500 a year to be in Category 4.

The maximum household income to purchase income-categorized employee housing is currently $250,000. Maximum allowable net assets range from $100,000 for a Category 1 employee to $900,000 for a household buying a resident-occupied, or RO, unit, which is subject to neither maximum sales prices nor income caps.

The Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority publishes a weekly list of for-sale units, including prices and the corresponding categories, in the paper and on its website.

If one or more fits the ski bum’s profile, the next step is to submit a packet, which contains such information as her employment history and tax returns that will determine her qualification.

When the bid period ends, a computerized lottery among all qualified applicants is held—with priority given to minimum occupancy (or one person per bedroom) and to those who have worked in Pitkin County for at least four years—and the lucky winner emerges.

Employee-housing units are allowed to appreciate at the rate of the CPI or 3 percent, whichever is less, and owners are allowed to recoup capital improvements up to 10 percent of the purchase price of the home.

Price conscious

The average price of a single-family home in Aspen, while generally mirroring national real estate trends, has been on a sharply upward trajectory since the first employee-housing residents moved into their units in 1978.

The data presented here, courtesy of BJ Adams and Company, does not include the extreme high-dollar sales—those above $7.5 million—since 2005.

The number crunchers at BJ Adams and Company believe that including those figures skews the average up in a way that doesn’t accurately reflect the larger market.

None of the numbers include employee-housing units’ prices.

1978: $197,451
1979: $286,406
1980: $376,810
1981: $193,191
1982: $409,541
1983: $419,420
1984: $448,674
1985: $434,108
1986: $509,182
1987: $597,970
1988: $937,250
1989: $1,101,258
1990: $1,335,440
1991: $1,145,441
1992: $1,192,569
1993: $1,486,264
1994: $2,056,650
1995: $1,708,397
1996: $1,920,240
1997: $2,022,695
1998: $2,414,536
1999: $2,629,331
2000: $3,864,406
2001: $3,469,106
2002: $3,736,991
2003: $3,947,279
2004: $3,777,174
2005: $3,034,544
2006: $3,706,997
2007: $4,396,484
2008: $4,720,589
2009: $3,832,361
2010: $3,984,061
2011: $3,665,211
2012: $3,529,115
2013: $3,259,006

Timeline: 40 years of deed-restricted housing

1969 Cost of dorm-style bed in Aspen rooming house: $4 per night. “D.R.C. Brown, Aspen Skiing Corp. president, said at a seminar on the future of Aspen last fall that employee housing would not be built here until employers could no longer obtain employees.” — Grand Junction Sentinel, 1969

1970s Growth in Aspen’s population 1960–1970: 160 percent. Number of local households paying more than 40 percent of their income on housing: 500 Number of additional affordable-housing units needed, according to the 1979 master plan: 250

1983 City and county combine forces to create Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority with a staff and budget of 2 people and $120,000

1984 Number of deed-restricted units sold through APCHA: 32, $2 million total value

1992 Average single-family home price: $1.2 million. Number of units built at Williams Woods affordable housing: 18

1993 Number of affordable housing units in Aspen: 1,300. Aspen Area Community Plan identifies housing as key issue in maintaining community character; sets goal of housing 60 percent of workforce upvalley from Aspen Village. Last sale of deed-restricted unit without a lottery for at least a decade.

1994 Affordable housing completed: Ute Park (7 units), East Cooper (13 units), and Common Ground (21 units). Aspen voters pass a real estate transfer tax to fund affordable housing, by a 70 percent margin.

1996 Average home price: $1.9 million. Number of deed-restricted units: 1,489. Number of people in lottery for 27 units at Benedict Commons: 400. Rent at Alpina Haus (APCHA rental): $250/month. Category 2 max income: $60,100. Category 3 max income: $83,900. Category 4 max income: $121,500.

1997 Employee housing maximum prices: Category 1: $34,400, Category 2: $84,900, Category 3: $125,000, Category 4: $215,000. Typical free-market rent to share an apartment: $750/month. Rent at Smuggler Mountain Apartments (Category 1): $289/month Percent of workforce living upvalley: 45.

1998 Number of workers in employee housing: 3,000. Percentage of free-market Aspen homes that are second homes: 70. Number of deed-restricted units in Pitkin County: 1,589. Affordable housing completed since 1993: 210 units. Length of wait list for APCHA rentals: 3 years.

2000 Number of additional affordable housing units needed, per Aspen Area Community Plan: 800–1,300. Percentage of local employees living in metro Aspen (deed-restricted and free-market): 47 (3,684 households).

2001 APCHA staff and budget: 16 people, $495,000. Number and value of deed-restricted units sold through APCHA: 155, $25.4 million. Number of units in APCHA inventory: 1,937.

2005 Affordable housing completed: Stillwater (13 units). Number of people in lottery for 15 Snyder Park condos: 860 (a record).

2008–2012 $7 million: Aspen’s average annual tax revenue for its housing program; $5.5 million: the combined sum for thirteen other Colorado resort communities, including Boulder.

2012 City of Aspen average annual total revenues of the last six years, including various mitigation fees paid by homeowners and developers, for affordable housing: $10 million.

Who owns affordable housing in Pitkin County?

Below is a list of the owners of all of the units under the jurisdiction of the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority. The table show what the buyers paid for their unit, when they bought it, and what it’s worth as of May 2014.

The table has been initially set alphabetically by the name of the housing projects, but it can be sorted by other values, including owner’s last name, purchase price, purchase date, category or current value.

(Note that because of the alphabetical sort by project name, the list begins with projects that have numbers in their name, such as “300 South Spring Condominium,” followed by”410 West End Condominiums.” The alphabetical sort becomes more obvious further down the list.)

The list initially opens with ten entries, but there are 1,633 entries in total. You can use the “show X entries” tool at the top of the table to show all of the entries.

ProjectOwner NameUnit AddressPurchase PricePurchase DateDate SortCategoryCurrent Value
300 South Spring CondominiumMatthews, Zachary & Jordan Oberholtzer300 S. Spring St., Residential Unit$133,00005/15/201214492$136,250
410 West End CondominiumsProvine & Soderling410 W. End, Unit 103$83,00007/28/200912352$91,493
410 West End CondominiumsProvine & Soderling410 W. End, Unit 104$124,00007/28/200912362$136,688
410 West End CondominiumsProvine & Soderling410 W. End, Unit 105$124,00007/28/200912372$136,688
521-523 West HopkinsNix, Robert Jr.521 W. Hopkins$250,00007/30/200811714$270,139
521-523 West HopkinsTodd, Shane 523 W. Hopkins$355,00007/18/200811685$383,597
625 E Main Street CondominiumsTracy, Kathleen (Kate) 625 E. Main St., Unit 202$305,00004/12/201314994$310,179
625 E Main Street CondominiumsRoy, Adam & Sarah 625 E. Main St., Unit 203$305,00005/22/201315054$309,810
719 East Hopkins719 East Hopkins Avenue, LLC719 E. Hopkins, Unit 101$83,00012/18/200912672$91,048
719 East HopkinsForbes, Douglas Irvie 719 E. Hopkins, Unit 102$124,00012/18/200912682$136,024
719 East Hopkins719 East Hopkins Avenue, LLC719 E. Hopkins, Unit 103$83,00012/18/200912692$91,048
7th and Main CondominiumsCord, Amy 719 W. Main, Unit 100$174,04404/04/201314963$177,001
7th and Main CondominiumsSpitzbart, Ellen 719 W. Main, Unit 101$180,26403/06/201314953$185,071
7th and Main CondominiumsBulicz, Keith 719 W. Main, Unit 102$84,64711/13/20037712$118,983
7th and Main CondominiumsGrueter, P. Erich 719 W. Main, Unit 103$85,21610/02/20037672$109,907
7th and Main CondominiumsBrinkmeyer, Thomas 719 W. Main, Unit 200$125,90007/05/20016063$168,237
7th and Main CondominiumsVines, Craig 719 W. Main, Unit 202$100,61509/24/200912472$110,814
7th and Main CondominiumsKeery, Richard (Rich) 719 W. Main, Unit 203$112,01807/24/201214602$115,251
7th and Main CondominiumsLyle, Alexander 719 W. Main, Unit 204$125,90007/05/20016073$168,237
7th and Main CondominiumsLeland, Corey 719 W. Main, Unit 205$154,46707/22/201013173$167,990
7th and Main CondominiumsBodurtha, Susan 719 W. Main, Unit 206$81,70007/06/20016082$109,174
7th and Main CondominiumsSuntken, Jeri 719 W. Main, Unit 207$166,15606/22/201013133$180,462
7th and Main CondominiumsLary, Lance & Ann Prince719 W. Main, Unit 301$137,70007/06/20016093$184,005
AABCSeward, Katherine 415D, Building G, Aabc$59,15109/02/20048071$80,307
AABC Bishop BuildingBishop, Gene Lot 8, Block 5, 407 Aabc$81,01205/31/1983273$156,353
AABC Bishop BuildingBishop, Gene Lot 8, Block 5, 407 Aabc$81,01205/31/1983283$156,353
AABC RowhousesFoster, Piper Star 1 - A&B$628,00011/21/2006994RO-
AABC RowhousesSmith, Colter Hawkes 2 - C&D$536,00012/28/2005898RO-
AABC RowhousesCarpenter, Curt Lawrence 3 - E&F$305,00011/15/1996366RO-
AABC RowhousesAspen Constructors/Tanguay4 - G&H$176,00010/07/1994199RO-
AABC RowhousesSpears, Joseph & Monique 5 - J&K$525,00011/15/2006990RO-
AABC RowhousesPace, Laurel 6 - L&M$195,00004/15/1993161RO-
AABC RowhousesFowler, Paul & Sabine 7 - N&O$462,50009/13/2004813RO-
AABC RowhousesTeuscher, Jonathan 8 - Q&R$23,38903/30/198750RO-
AABC RowhousesStanberry, Daniel 9 - S&T$325,00009/10/1998431RO-
AABC RowhousesLong, Roger 10 - U&V$315,00006/10/1997380RO-
AABC RowhousesPeoples Way LLC11 - W&X$254,00011/15/1996367RO-
AABC RowhousesPearce, Judy 12 - Y&Z$135,00004/28/198885RO-
Ajax Apartment CondominiumsEgbert, Stephen 301 W. Hyman Unit 1$104,00002/24/201214323$108,354
Ajax Apartment CondominiumsTran, Lan D. 301 W. Hyman Unit 2$104,00002/28/201214353$108,354
Ajax Apartment CondominiumsMatt Hecht301 W. Hyman Unit 3$104,00003/30/201214403$107,821
Ajax Apartment CondominiumsMiller, Britt 301 W. Hyman Unit 4$104,00002/27/201214333$108,354
Ajax Apartment CondominiumsCherny, Andrea & Chester Goss IV301 W. Hyman Unit 5$104,00002/07/201214303$108,865
Ajax Apartment CondominiumsUnderwood, Amos 301 W. Hyman Unit 6$104,00009/13/201214713$107,224
Ajax Apartment CondominiumsRessel, Tom 301 W. Hyman Unit 7$104,00002/15/201214313$108,865
Ajax Apartment CondominiumsReynolds, Frank IV301 W. Hyman Unit 8$157,00005/04/201214443$161,340
Ajax Apartment Condominiums #6Keller, Kurt 107 Aspen Mountain Road #6$40,00006/01/197813$83,100
Alpine CottagesHailey, John T. 100 Robinson Drive Unit C$583,22906/29/2001600RO$809,230
Alpine CottagesOksenhorn, Stewart & Candice 102 Robinson Drive Unit B$550,00010/06/1999457RO$790,625
Alpine CottagesMintz, Menachem & Lieba 104 Robinson Drive Unit A$602,03007/08/2002697RO$815,751
Alpine CottagesBurkley, Richard & Roberta 106 Robinson Drive Unit F$550,00010/07/1999460RO$790,625
Alpine CottagesDocimo, Annette & Serafina 108 Robinson Drive Unit E$223,20010/12/19994624$316,966
Alpine CottagesMiller, David & Elizabeth 110 Robinson Drive Unit D$143,00010/06/19994583$203,074
Alpine CottagesGates, John 112 Robinson Drive Unit I$165,03012/31/200912713$181,033
Alpine CottagesPhilip O'Connor114 Robinson Drive Unit J$120,80010/06/19994593$171,548
Alpine CottagesFaas, Mike & MJ Wolfe116 Robinson Drive Unit G$165,84410/27/201114113$172,422
Alpine CottagesCaudill, Robert & Janice Vos118 Robinson Drive Unit H$120,80010/08/19994613$171,548
Alpine Grove (AABC)De Lavaissiere, Benoit & Marcela420B Pacific Avenue$170,34012/18/200610173$200,917
Annie Mitchell HomesteadCulver, Dyani 101 Pass Go Lane$120,32212/12/201214862$122,742
Annie Mitchell HomesteadGates, Michael 102 Pass Go Lane$98,86104/14/201013012$107,674
Annie Mitchell HomesteadConard, Bryan 103 Pass Go Lane$103,24911/10/201013402$112,043
Annie Mitchell HomesteadHoulihan, Sara 110 Pass Go Lane$153,67503/03/200912103$173,741
Annie Mitchell HomesteadDecarlo, Kim 111 Pass Go Lane$89,20001/31/20058452$112,196
Annie Mitchell HomesteadVu, Truc & Teresita 112 Pass Go Lane$137,30001/31/20058463$171,619
Annie Mitchell HomesteadHowe, Paul 210 Pass Go Lane$116,69311/28/201214842$119,040
Annie Mitchell HomesteadDocken, Andrew 211 Pass Go Lane$89,20001/28/20058432$112,196
Annie Mitchell HomesteadGasperetti, John 212 Pass Go Lane$89,20002/01/20058492$112,196
Annie Mitchell HomesteadSwan, Stephanie 220 Pass Go Lane$163,06807/26/201113883$170,424
Annie Mitchell HomesteadAlderdice, Mark 221 Pass Go Lane$151,04405/23/200811483$166,716
Annie Mitchell HomesteadMelton, Lily 310 Pass Go Lane$108,16206/26/200811562$118,212
Annie Mitchell HomesteadSmith, Andrew 311 Pass Go Lane$103,39702/17/201113542$111,118
Annie Mitchell HomesteadMarsh, Kamala 312 Pass Go Lane$99,71703/24/201012942$109,107
Annie Mitchell HomesteadKneifel, Nate 320 Pass Go Lane$155,88003/24/201012953$178,587
Annie Mitchell HomesteadHowells, Thomas 321 Pass Go Lane$103,98704/14/201013022$113,257
Annie Mitchell HomesteadFerrer, Trevor 322 Pass Go Lane$157,34210/01/200912493$173,291
Annie Mitchell HomesteadGiampaolo, Joseph Jr.410 Pass Go Lane$94,30205/04/20069092$112,281
Annie Mitchell HomesteadWalkiewicz, Lauren L. 411 Pass Go Lane$109,85303/25/201415992$110,402
Annie Mitchell HomesteadRutledge, William IV412 Pass Go Lane$89,20001/26/20058392$114,623
Annie Mitchell HomesteadDelay, John 420 Pass Go Lane$137,30001/25/20058353$172,319
Annie Mitchell HomesteadLiddington, Jennifer 421 Pass Go Lane$148,98411/09/200711063$169,934
Annie Mitchell HomesteadLynk, Harry II510 Pass Go Lane$89,20001/27/20058422$112,196
Annie Mitchell HomesteadNaibi, Mariam (Mar) 511 Pass Go Lane$112,36211/21/201214822$114,622
Annie Mitchell HomesteadAriel, Kyle 512 Pass Go Lane$104,96111/24/201013432$113,733
Annie Mitchell HomesteadBarrow, David 520 Pass Go Lane$137,30001/25/20058363$172,319
Annie Mitchell HomesteadFreeman, Perrin "Tripp" III521 Pass Go Lane$110,15411/30/200912592$121,094
Annie Mitchell HomesteadFuller, T. Nicole 522 Pass Go Lane$170,91903/20/201415963$171,774
Annie Mitchell HomesteadJahn, Marcia 610 Pass Go Lane$89,20001/31/20058472$112,196
Annie Mitchell HomesteadReische, Eric 611 Pass Go Lane$116,61006/04/201315072$118,449
Annie Mitchell HomesteadKeanaaina, Farrah & John Sundstrom612 Pass Go Lane$107,18902/08/201012802$117,749
Annie Mitchell HomesteadNerbonne, Art 620 Pass Go Lane$137,30001/25/20058373$172,319
Annie Mitchell HomesteadNorlund, Karen L.621 Pass Go Lane$137,30001/25/20058383$174,739
Annie Mitchell HomesteadMartinez, Luis 710 Pass Go Lane$107,63102/05/200912042$122,212
Annie Mitchell HomesteadKlanac, Samantha 711 Pass Go Lane$101,98301/05/201012722$111,872
Annie Mitchell HomesteadHoffmann, Jason 712 Pass Go Lane$89,20001/26/20058402$112,196
Annie Mitchell HomesteadMonroney, Michael 720 Pass Go Lane$137,30001/26/20058413$172,319
Annie Mitchell HomesteadDittmar, Billy 721 Pass Go Lane$98,59708/28/200811742$106,007
Annie Mitchell HomesteadLee, Joel 722 Pass Go Lane$180,18911/21/201214833$183,813
Aspen Highlands VillageWalterscheid, Richard 0039 Boomerang Road #8120$176,86305/14/201214483$181,752
Aspen Highlands VillageKiker, John & Kari 0039 Boomerang Road #8121$149,00007/30/20016133$198,492
Aspen Highlands VillageRenee West-Bouman0039 Boomerang Road #8122$184,26911/15/201013413$199,964
Aspen Highlands VillageScarpaci, Natalie & Jason Brownlee0039 Boomerang Road #8123$196,79405/11/201113703$208,006
Aspen Highlands VillageTehrani, Reza & Sayeh Pakzad0039 Boomerang Road #8124$198,58010/04/201013323$215,596
Aspen Highlands VillagePennini, Karen & Emilio 0039 Boomerang Road #8125$199,80205/11/201113713$211,186
Aspen Highlands VillageCura, Silvana & Christopher Palasz0039 Boomerang Road #8126$196,29710/21/201114103$204,082
Aspen Highlands VillageLuong, Mei Yee & Juan Rios10 Cloud Nine$236,30009/07/20016374$316,128
Aspen Highlands VillageSax, Bryan & Christy 13 Cloud Nine$236,30008/09/20016154$314,790
Aspen Highlands VillageSciarrone, Carolyn & Edward 18 Cloud Nine$236,30001/31/20015664$316,128
Aspen Highlands VillageLanese, Emily & Dominic 21 Cloud Nine$236,30008/10/20016164$314,790
Aspen Highlands VillageBaker, Sandy 37 Cloud Nine$236,30008/29/20016294$316,128
Aspen Highlands VillageLarson, Lisa & Jon 46 Cloud Nine$236,30008/22/20016224$316,128
Aspen Highlands VillageRegan, Dylan & Bernadette 49 Cloud Nine$236,30008/29/20016304$316,128
Aspen Highlands VillageWold, Jeff & Tricia 56 Cloud Nine$307,76208/30/201113954$321,408
Aspen Highlands VillageTrane, Michelle 58 Cloud Nine$236,30008/24/20016244$316,128
Aspen Highlands VillageBudsey, Susan 66 Cloud Nine$236,30008/22/20016234$316,128
Aspen Highlands VillageLarson, Erik & Janet 69 Cloud Nine$236,30008/13/20016174$314,790
Aspen Highlands VillageLangley, Robert & Darnell 72 Cloud Nine$236,30010/04/20016414$316,250
Aspen Highlands VillageChi, Linda & Walter 79 Cloud Nine$236,30008/03/20016144$314,790
Aspen Highlands VillageDelia, Colleen & Marcelo Ferreira91 Cloud Nine$236,30008/17/20016194$316,128
Aspen Highlands VillageCook, Carmie & Bret 99 Cloud Nine$236,30008/17/20016204$314,790
Aspen Highlands VillageTwohig, Paul & Carol Ann9 Exhibition Lane$236,30007/09/20016104$315,154
Aspen Highlands VillageBergdahl, Matthew & Elizabeth 11 Exhibition Lane$236,30006/29/20016014$315,154
Aspen Highlands VillageTierney, Michael & Anne 29 Exhibition Lane$236,30006/29/20016024$315,154
Aspen Highlands VillagePisani, Mark & Jill 31 Exhibition Lane$236,30006/29/20016034$315,154
Aspen Highlands VillageAnderson, Jon & Lori 43 Exhibiton Lane$236,30006/29/20016044$315,154
Aspen Highlands VillageForan, Edmund & Barbara 45 Exhibition Lane$236,30007/02/20016054$315,154
Aspen Highlands VillageBlomquist, Linda & Kurt Beereboom166 Exhibition Lane$236,30010/05/20016434$316,250
Aspen Highlands VillageHanson, Georgia & Andrew 168 Exhibition Lane$236,30010/12/20016444$316,250
Aspen Highlands VillagePergande, Don & Rosalyn 5102 Maroon Creek Station$174,16911/16/200711133$198,224
Aspen Highlands VillageStewart, Milton & Carole 5103 Maroon Creek Station$149,00008/28/20016263$199,336
Aspen Highlands VillageMbereko, Isaac & Lauren 5105 Maroon Creek Station$149,00008/28/20016273$199,336
Aspen Highlands VillageBurrows, Hugh & Sara 5106 Maroon Creek Station$149,00008/28/20016283$199,336
Aspen Highlands VillageBuysse, Michael 5107 Maroon Creek Station$149,00008/31/20016343$199,336
Aspen Highlands VillageTaylor, Nora & Joseph 5108 Maroon Creek Station$171,16810/24/20069803$199,415
Aspen Highlands VillageWitt, Patricia 5109 Maroon Creek Station$149,00009/05/20016363$199,336
Aspen Highlands VillageShanks, Robert 5304 Maroon Creek Station$38,00008/29/20016311$50,837
Aspen Highlands VillageLisman, Adriana 5308 Maroon Creek Station$85,07712/17/20037772$109,810
Aspen Highlands VillageFagan, Charles D. 5310 Maroon Creek Station$149,00012/17/20037781$192,316
Aspen Highlands VillagePurcell, Erica 5403 Maroon Creek Station$91,29305/31/20069182$107,681
Aspen Highlands VillageFeher, Lawrence D. 5404 Maroon Creek Station$89,26411/03/20058892$106,448
Aspen Highlands VillageHenze, Gloria 5405 Maroon Creek Station$104,98407/23/201214592$108,014
Aspen Highlands VillageReither, Christopher R. Jr.5406 Maroon Creek Station$48,67204/18/201315011$49,359
Aspen Highlands VillageMiller, Scott 5407 Maroon Creek Station$108,34112/12/201114222$112,964
Aspen Highlands VillageThompson, Jesse 5408 Maroon Creek Station$90,29912/02/20058952$107,571
Aspen Highlands VillageLyons, David 5409 Maroon Creek Station$87,08009/29/20048182$109,478
Aspen Highlands VillageDomoszlay, Katalin 5410 Maroon Creek Station$81,70008/30/20016322$109,300
Aspen Highlands VillageEckardt, Elena 0133 Prospector Road #4201$46,08504/16/200912151$51,721
Aspen Highlands VillageWolfe, Perrin 0133 Prospector Road #4204$47,75912/16/201013451$51,720
Aspen Highlands VillageSpofford, Frank 0133 Prospector Road #4211$38,00001/31/20015671$51,767
Aspen Highlands VillageSabel, Kristin 0133 Prospector Road #4212$50,73001/22/200912011$57,603
Aspen Highlands VillageFetzer, Charles 0133 Prospector Road #4304$47,58708/13/201013191$51,739
Aspen Highlands VillageSilvera, Cherie R. 0133 Prospector Road #4305$40,29401/07/20047791$52,008
Aspen Highlands VillageDunn, Michael & Sheri 3101 Wille$235,20410/16/200711003$269,190
Aspen Highlands VillageDelak, Erica & Andrew Nettleton3102 Wille$185,20012/19/20016513$248,004
Aspen Highlands VillageWhitehead, Desiree & Levi 3103 Wille$273,59809/19/201315293$276,212
Aspen Highlands VillageSaunders, Steve 3104 Wille$185,20012/18/20016503$248,004
Aspen Highlands VillageReed, Timothy & Lysa 3105 Wille$185,20012/19/20016523$248,004
Aspen Highlands VillageDaane, Olivia 3106 Wille$185,20012/21/20016533$248,004
Aspen Highlands VillageKeating, Suzanne & Christopher 3107 Wille$192,28906/30/20037533$249,305
Aspen Highlands VillageRandel, Linda & Brad 3108 Wille$185,20012/21/20016543$248,004
Aspen Highlands VillageRech, Laurie & Christophe 3109 Wille$185,20012/14/20016493$248,004
Aspen Highlands VillageDelgrasso, Seth & Brooke 3110 Wille$229,55901/18/201113503$248,006
Aspen Highlands VillageShine, Christine And Frank 3111 Wille$245,28711/29/201214853$250,221
Aspen Highlands VillageShepherd, Christopher & Kaytlyn 3112 Wille$229,99203/02/200912093$260,023
Aspen Highlands VillageMccann, Kevin & Elizabeth 3113 Wille$149,00012/21/20016553$199,528
Aspen VillageTracz, Kristine 1 Aspen Village$40,20005/31/1996270RO-
Aspen VillageBaillargeon, Roger G. 2 Aspen Village$47,30009/30/1996360RO-
Aspen VillageClancy, William 3 Aspen Village$183,00007/14/2006932RO-
Aspen VillageMullikin, Timothy I. 4 Aspen Village$175,00004/04/2003743RO-
Aspen VillageKarls, Debra S. 5 Aspen Village$90,00004/10/1998405RO-
Aspen VillageRadeva, Gergana & Jeffrey Kelley6 Aspen Village$220,00006/05/2006921RO-
Aspen VillageSandoval, Saul & Dulce 7 Aspen Village$135,00008/30/1999450RO-
Aspen VillageCarlson, Robert & Marguerite 8 Aspen Village$32,10007/30/1996301RO-
Aspen VillageNelson, Warren D. 9 Aspen Village$32,80008/14/1996318RO-
Aspen VillageFrazier, Elizabeth 10 Aspen Village$170,00003/16/2000491RO-
Aspen VillageFreitas, John 11 Aspen Village$140,00007/30/2002702RO-
Aspen VillageGarofalo, Giuseppe & Connie 11.5 Aspen Village$142,95006/15/1999447RO-
Aspen VillageJones, Samson & Shaylene Jones12 Aspen Village$175,00009/10/20121469RO-
Aspen VillageReichert, Joy 13 Aspen Village$38,70007/15/1995233RO-
Aspen VillageGoodwin, Joni 14 Aspen Village$336,11009/10/20081175RO-
Aspen VillageMedrano, Reina 15 Aspen Village$94,50008/19/1997385RO-
Aspen VillageHoofnagle, Christopher 16 Aspen Village$126,50002/11/1999442RO-
Aspen VillageCortez, Martha 17 Aspen Village$84,00005/28/1998417RO-
Aspen VillageAllen, Ashley 18 Aspen Village$179,00008/29/1996328RO-
Aspen VillageGray, Tony 19 Aspen Village$142,50004/08/1999444RO-
Aspen VillageLeal, Fernando Ruiz 20 Aspen Village$126,40001/11/1999441RO-
Aspen VillageParada, Juan & Catalina 21 Aspen Village$129,60009/03/1998430RO-
Aspen VillageMcintyre, John C. 22 Aspen Village$48,50008/19/1996320RO-
Aspen VillageHearn, James & Jennifer 23 Aspen Village$47,10009/10/1996330RO-
Aspen VillageDeming, Christina J. 24 Aspen Village$42,30009/23/1996338RO-
Aspen VillageWillicombe, Christopher 25 Aspen Village$110,00009/17/1996334RO-
Aspen VillageBartik, Gail 26 Aspen Village$29,80006/19/1996282RO-
Aspen VillageMcmanus, Kathryn & Gregory 27 Aspen Village$230,00002/25/2005851RO-
Aspen VillageStapleton, Stanley & Suzanne 28 Aspen Village$289,00009/18/2002713RO-
Aspen VillageFlood, Jeffrey 29 Aspen Vilage$220,00006/18/2003752RO-
Aspen VillageLynch, Rick & Linda 30 Aspen Village$130,00006/27/1997381RO-
Aspen Village31 Aspen Village--1618RO-
Aspen VillageWard, Eric & Agustina Casal32 Aspen Village$220,00010/25/20071101RO-
Aspen VillageStahman, Dean & Jason Todd Cartwright33 Aspen Village$132,50001/22/2001563RO-
Aspen VillageDelcid, Jose Ramos 34 Aspen Village$180,00003/28/20141604RO-
Aspen VillageAv Hoa - 59% Home; 41% Lot35 Aspen Village$115,10006/15/19962773-
Aspen VillageLalande, Joe & Patricia 36 Aspen Village$43,80008/27/1996326RO-
Aspen VillageHolland, Judith 37 Aspen Village$43,50010/22/1997389RO-
Aspen VillageFerrara, Michael & Grant Siple38 Aspen Village$40,20008/19/1996321RO-
Aspen VillageHayes, John 39 Aspen Village$40,10008/14/1996319RO-
Aspen VillageSchanzenbaker, James & Amy Bremner40 Aspen Village$280,00012/08/20061011RO-
Aspen VillageMilligan, Patricia 41 Aspen Village$44,00007/17/1996296RO-
Aspen VillageGinn, Thomas & Jill 42 Aspen Village$46,00006/03/1996272RO-
Aspen VillageGolden, Timothy J. 43 Aspen Village$235,00011/30/2005894RO-
Aspen VillageKertz, Nicholas & Sabrina 44 Aspen Village$100,00007/01/20131512RO-
Aspen VillageAnderson, Ellen 45 Aspen Village$42,00005/29/1996268RO-
Aspen VillageHaman, Michael C. 46 Aspen Village$53,30009/06/1996329RO-
Aspen VillageAnderson, Lauri K 47 Aspen Village$48,90010/17/1996363RO-
Aspen VillageCrelli, William D. 48 Aspen Village$47,10006/14/1996276RO-
Aspen VillageSovich, James 49 Aspen Village$44,70007/31/1996303RO-
Aspen VillageJuliana, Carol 50 Aspen Village$42,60006/27/1996286RO-
Aspen VillageWilson, Janis Nark 51 Aspen Village$34,60007/09/1996289RO-
Aspen VillageJonsson, Mats & Carol Jonsson52 Aspen Village$269,90005/09/2005857RO-
Aspen VillageOlson, Gail 53 Aspen Village$25,90008/26/1996324RO-
Aspen VillageJohnson, Joanne 54 Aspen Village$26,00008/26/1996325RO-
Aspen VillageHill, Dean & Joann Lamson55 Aspen Village$215,00005/25/2006914RO-
Aspen VillageGalicinao, Virginia 56 Aspen Village$172,00005/22/2002681RO-
Aspen VillageBenner, Nathan & Sherry 57 Aspen Village$280,00001/04/20081137RO-
Aspen VillageBozza, John 58 Aspen Village$183,50008/28/2006941RO-
Aspen VillageAmundson, Grant 59 Aspen Village$73,00005/16/1997375RO-
Aspen VillageBartle, Ken 60 Aspen Village$26,90009/17/1996335RO-
Aspen VillageDunn, Tom 61 Aspen Village$31,40007/19/1996297RO-
Aspen VillageIngersoll, Naomi 62 Aspen Village$28,10009/13/1996331RO-
Aspen VillageLipp, Greg 63 Aspen Village$204,40005/04/20071054RO-
Aspen VillageWoodward, Terrye L. 64 Aspen Village$240,00010/03/20131536RO-
Aspen VillageSmith, Paul & Kristine 65 Aspen Village$39,40008/05/1996311RO-
Aspen VillagePalmberg, Stefan & Laura 66 Aspen Village$182,25006/07/2001597RO-
Aspen VillagePerry, George & Tahnee 67 Aspen Village$147,00010/04/2004819RO-
Aspen VillagePogliano, Jeffry 68 Aspen Village$115,00012/19/1997393RO-
Aspen VillageAnderson, Thomas W. 69 Aspen Village$94,00010/30/1998435RO-
Aspen VillageSauer, Kevin & Rhonda 70 Aspen Village$88,50001/16/1998394RO-
Aspen VillageSongayllo, David & Marea 71 Aspen Village$137,00012/07/2004829RO-
Aspen VillageShoji, Ademar 72 Aspen Village$33,40009/18/1996336RO-
Aspen VillageCourtenay, Toni & Graeme Morris73 Aspen Village$225,00006/13/2006924RO-
Aspen VillagePowers, James J. 74 Aspen Village$280,00011/30/20091260RO-
Aspen VillageFord, Brent H. 75 Aspen Village$155,00105/06/2004787RO-
Aspen VillageTripp, Noelle 76 Aspen Village$32,30007/16/1996293RO-
Aspen VillageAspen Village HOA - Cat 377 Aspen Village$111,27907/01/20037543$144,274
Aspen VillageNewman, Jacqueline 78 Aspen Village$170,00010/27/2004823RO$170,000
Aspen VillagePhilen, Dennis & Layla 79 Aspen Village$300,00012/17/20081187RO-
Aspen VillageJacobs, Kevin 80 Aspen Village$215,00004/20/2004784RO-
Aspen VillageKinsman, Penelope 81 Aspen Village$28,50007/31/1996304RO-
Aspen VillageHartmann, Jason 82 Aspen Village$265,00007/10/20081162RO-
Aspen Village De La Torre, Bernadina & Nicolas83 Aspen Village$75,00010/30/1998436RO-
Aspen VillageHopkins, Stephen & Sarah 84 Aspen Village$275,00012/30/20081189RO-
Aspen VillageDennis, J. Clayson 85 Aspen Village$31,50006/28/1996287RO-
Aspen VillageRoth, Charles & Linda 86 Aspen Village$28,90007/10/1996290RO-
Aspen VillageAv Hoa - 59% Home; 41% Lot87 Aspen Village$30,60006/15/19962783$46,212
Aspen VillageMurphy, Jay 88 Aspen Village$275,00005/03/20071053RO-
Aspen VillageArce, Gerardo 89 Aspen Village$160,00007/18/2002700RO-
Aspen VillageMason, Gail 90 Aspen Village$365,00005/31/2006919RO-
Aspen VillageBrevetti, Anna Marie 91 Aspen Village$128,00008/04/2005873RO-
Aspen VillageBurke, Joseph 92 Aspen Village$170,00011/19/2004826RO-
Aspen VillageHoch, Alix 93 Aspen Village$42,60010/04/1996362RO-
Aspen VillagePalmberg, Stefan 94 Aspen Village$200,00010/30/20131544RO-
Aspen VillageCarter, Amy & Ned 95 Aspen Village$210,00005/08/2003751RO-
Aspen VillageChen, Lin Mei 96 Aspen Village$295,00008/12/20081173RO-
Aspen VillageRascone, Coraidali & Luis Delgado Gil De Arana97 Aspen Village$220,00008/24/20121465RO-
Aspen VillageBoronski, Thomas & Kristin 98 Aspen Village$225,00011/01/2005887RO-
Aspen VillageDoolan, Bente & Sheldon 99 Aspen Village$140,00009/28/1999456RO-
Aspen VillageOs, Barbara Van 100 Aspen Village$35,20008/12/1996317RO-
Aspen VillageMcgill, Michael & Olga 101 Aspen Village$37,80007/19/1996298RO-
Aspen VillageWright, Stephen P. 102 Aspen Village$650,00006/23/20091228RO-
Aspen VillageBuerge, Richard & S. Lee103 Aspen Village$47,60011/25/1996368RO-
Aspen VillageRoberts, Mary Grace 104 Aspen Village$220,00005/26/2006915RO-
Aspen VillageJohn, M. & Nancy Elisha105 Aspen Village$44,10006/10/1996274RO-
Aspen VillageGonzalez, Ignacio 106 Aspen Village$255,00007/20/2001612RO-
Aspen VillageRistine, Laura L. 107 Aspen Village$100,00007/27/1998425RO-
Aspen VillagePierce, Daniel 108 Aspen Village$39,30007/16/1996294RO-
Aspen VillageKoopsen, Reyer & Leianne Wright109 Aspen Village$250,00010/08/2002716RO-
Aspen VillageDempsey, Peter & Eva 110 Aspen Village$38,40006/13/1996275RO-
Aspen VillageAuer, Eric & Yanti 111 Aspen Village$37,80008/27/1996327RO-
Aspen VillageNichols, Joseph W. 112 Aspen Village$81,50011/24/1998439RO-
Aspen VillageCilli, Eugene 113 Aspen Village$40,20008/23/1996322RO-
Aspen VillageBrands, Michael & Naomi Havlen114 Aspen Village$375,00008/26/20111391RO-
Aspen VillageMackellar, Peter & Pam 115 Aspen Village$26,30007/23/1996300RO-
Aspen VillageBrimm, Michael & Patricia Scott116 Aspen Village$129,50001/04/1999440RO-
Aspen VillageSaier, Lavelle 117 Aspen Village$48,50007/31/1996305RO-
Aspen VillageLutz, Robert 118 Aspen Village$45,90010/21/1996364RO-
Aspen VillageFlynn, Michael 119 Aspen Village$223,00012/30/2004833RO-
Aspen VillageDyson, Lynne 120 Aspen Village$190,00005/22/2000527RO-
Aspen VillageLarsen, Thomas 121 Aspen Village$49,70007/12/1996291RO-
Aspen VillageToth, Michael 122 Aspen Village$50,20007/30/1996302RO-
Aspen VillageDi Bella, Laurie & Augustine123 Aspen Village$40,00012/28/2001658RO-
Aspen VillageCarlin, John & Valerie Brown124 Aspen Village$215,00008/30/2002708RO-
Aspen VillageRistine, Charles 125 Aspen Village$38,00008/01/1996308RO-
Aspen VillageBowers, Edward & Constance 126 Aspen Village$47,80007/31/1996306RO-
Aspen VillageDewire, Holly & Jorgen 127 Aspen Village$202,50011/01/2005888RO-
Aspen VillageHiggins, Timothy J. 128 Aspen Village$135,00009/10/1999454RO-
Aspen VillageMueller, Johanna 129 Aspen Village$239,00005/26/2005859RO-
Aspen VillageLee, Donald & Mari 130 Aspen Village$159,90009/05/2000549RO-
Aspen VillageKerr, Cathy 131 Aspen Village$40,20007/16/1996295RO-
Aspen VillageWilliams, Larry 132 Aspen Village$419,00007/30/20071073RO-
Aspen VillageRust, Janice 133 Aspen Village$41,60009/23/1996339RO-
Aspen VillageJackson, Richard & Suzanne 134 Aspen Village$38,50006/17/1996279RO-
Aspen VillageAnderson, James 135 Aspen Village$208,50010/22/2004822RO-
Aspen VillageAdair, Colleen P. 136 Aspen Village$40,60008/13/1997383RO-
Aspen VillageOutwater, Jennifer & Casey Ward137 Aspen Village$325,00007/10/20081163RO-
Aspen VillageLucero, Michael S. 138 Aspen Village$167,50010/24/2001646RO-
Aspen VillageSchrader, Paul 139 Aspen Village$82,00012/30/20111426RO-
Aspen VillageHallisey, William 140 Aspen Village$39,30008/02/1996310RO-
Aspen VillageWoodward, William 141 Aspen Village$259,37509/28/2004816RO-
Aspen VillageSandbach, Gary & Renee 142 Aspen Village$365,00007/26/2005872RO-
Aspen VillageAndresen, Arno 143 Aspen Village$37,80009/13/1996332RO-
Aspen VillageCzechanski, Nancy Mayer/Steven 144 Aspen Village$135,00007/07/1999449RO-
Aspen VillageAlbert, Elizabeth & Victor Garrett145 Aspen Village$41,70008/07/1996312RO-
Aspen VillageRitter, David & Shirley 146 Aspen Village$39,90006/20/1996283RO-
Aspen VillageMacarthur, Charles & Jenifer 147 Aspen Village$212,00005/28/2004793RO-
Aspen VillageHill, Judith A. 148 Aspen Village$48,80005/30/1996269RO-
Aspen VillageRhinehart, Douglas 149 Aspen Village$50,90007/22/1996299RO-
Bavarian CondominumsMcDaniel, Annie & Dan Leuschel107 North 7Th, Unit 101$187,46607/16/200912343$206,648
Bavarian CondominumsMelberg, Margaret (Maggie) 107 North 7Th, Unit 102$88,78811/20/201315482$89,880
Bavarian CondominumsHull, Leslie 107 North 7Th, Unit 103$87,80006/09/20047952$112,904
Bavarian CondominumsKelley, Jennifer 107 North 7Th, Unit 104$45,11307/30/200912381$49,729
Bavarian CondominumsMenchaca, Ana & Miguel Diaz107 North 7Th, Unit 201$170,13606/07/20069233$200,677
Bavarian CondominumsTollesson, Kent Tommy 107 North 7Th, Unit 202$106,35605/24/200710613$122,368
Bavarian CondominumsEngelman, Tom & John Shean107 North 7Th, Unit 203$108,70005/20/20047922$137,784
Bavarian CondominumsStelljes, Peter 107 North 7Th, Unit 204$74,00006/09/20047962$95,158
Bavarian CondominumsKruger, Ruth & Amy Ranae102 North 8Th$271,20004/05/20047834$346,810
Bavarian CondominumsWebster, Jennifer Wiley 104 North 8Th$347,66508/12/201315214$351,532
Bavarian CondominumsKelly, Ted & Tania 106 North 8Th$321,21803/26/201012964$351,467
Bavarian CondominumsMcnellis, Brian & Virginia 108 North 8Th$335,67007/18/201113844$350,812
Bavarian CondominumsMiracle, Michael & Meritxell Pedragosa821 West Bleeker$186,82007/18/201113853$195,247
Bavarian CondominumsPullis, Jonathan & Rebekah 823 West Bleeker$330,88002/09/201012824$363,477
Bavarian CondominumsTaylor, Kyle & Sarah 814 West Main$159,10405/18/201113722$166,866
Bavarian CondominumsHart, Kelly 816 West Main$189,33107/18/201113863$197,871
Bavarian CondominumsFarrell, Patrick 818 West Main$87,80003/17/20047812$112,904
Bavarian CondominumsLyle, Patrick 820 West Main$189,31401/15/200911953$212,386
Bavarian CondominumsRyan, Jennifer & Robert Ryan822 West Main$358,39806/11/201214544$367,157
Benedict CommonsFaath, Molly & Carlos 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 01$144,81305/21/201013103$157,403
Benedict CommonsKashinski, Michael 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 02$101,00003/29/19962613$155,651
Benedict CommonsMayle, Kenneth D. 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 03$101,00003/15/19962553$155,651
Benedict CommonsLandis, Joshua 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 04$106,19012/05/20016483$141,926
Benedict CommonsHayles, Thomas 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 05$113,24904/13/20015893$157,699
Benedict CommonsColosi, Thomas 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 06$71,21501/05/20015592$96,920
Benedict CommonsEttlin, Ross 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 07$65,97210/09/19984332$95,909
Benedict CommonsSahr, Karen 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 08$67,07905/14/19994462$96,626
Benedict CommonsClary, Dan 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 09$79,99811/05/200811822$86,558
Benedict CommonsPrice, Gail 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 10$135,49810/26/200711023$154,552
Benedict CommonsSahn, Karen & Scott Scharin715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 11$127,67011/13/20037723$164,021
Benedict CommonsSestic, Zoran 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 12$159,17706/24/201113813$166,035
Benedict CommonsDevine, Ralph R. 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 13$96,00003/13/19962513$147,946
Benedict CommonsDaily, Connie 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 14$98,50003/13/19962523$151,798
Benedict CommonsKantas, Nicolette 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 15$73,00003/15/19962563$112,500
Benedict CommonsSmith, Alicia M. 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 16$104,75109/08/20069433$122,326
Benedict CommonsGeorge Ryerson, Jr.715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 17$73,00003/15/19962573$112,500
Benedict CommonsBartlett, Katy 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 18$75,86609/24/19973882$112,056
Benedict CommonsDodea, Nicholas 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 19$84,00003/14/19962533$129,453
Benedict CommonsColby, Ward 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 20$99,29009/09/20048113$124,874
Benedict CommonsGauba, Alena 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 21$109,09001/22/200811413$123,288
Benedict CommonsHunt, Sarah J. 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 22$107,04809/19/20005513$147,162
Benedict CommonsHewins, Sam 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 23$138,23406/10/200912273$154,612
Benedict CommonsLandry, Elizabeth J. 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 24 $126,00003/14/19962544$194,179
Benedict CommonsNethery, Bruce 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 25$131,00003/15/19962584$201,884
Benedict CommonsFightlin, Jonathan 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 26$126,00004/05/19962644$194,179
Benedict CommonsAlexander, Tom 715 East Hyman Ave., Unit 27$148,47203/13/20026634$199,361
Billings Place CondominiumsHodge, Ron 10 Aspen Mtn. Rd. #E$81,00012/21/19942052$128,165
Billings Place CondominiumsBillings, Boyd 20 Aspen Mtn. Rd. #D$81,00012/22/19942072$128,165
Billings Place CondominiumsDevore, Karinjo 30 Aspen Mtn. Rd. #J$182,26201/13/19952084$287,865
Billings Place CondominiumsSpalding, Shelley 40 Aspen Mtn. Rd. #F$130,32703/28/201113653$139,329
Billings Place CondominiumsCooney, Tim 50 Aspen Mtn. Rd. #H$81,00012/21/19942062$128,165
Billings Place CondominiumsMiller, Lorraine 60 Aspen Mtn. Rd. #G$75,59609/07/20048092$95,075
Billings Place CondominiumsLamberti, Paula 70 Aspen Mtn. Rd. #I$88,06811/20/19984382$127,843
Burlingame RanchSchladerer, Adrienne 0044 Callahan Court 101$280,00007/03/201214574$287,364
Burlingame RanchYang, Michael & Kathy 0044 Callahan Court 201$497,42103/11/201012887$544,203
Burlingame RanchRonay, Amy 0045 Callahan Court 101$216,15904/09/201416113$234,771
Burlingame RanchQuintanilla, Pedro & Irma 0045 Callahan Court 102$146,00012/19/200711332$166,164
Burlingame RanchFortier, Adam & Lindsy 0045 Callahan Court 201$284,42406/22/201013144$308,913
Burlingame RanchAlstine, Winter Van 0045 Callahan Court 202$147,00012/05/200711263$167,302
Burlingame RanchKirkwood, Scott & Lori Dodd0045 Callahan Court 203$271,00012/10/200711284$308,428
Burlingame RanchMulcahy, Edward (Lee) Jr.0053 Forge Road$154,38010/04/2006962RO$179,857
Burlingame RanchCarney, Timothy & Jennifer 0065 Forge Road$745,67603/23/20111361RO$797,181
Burlingame RanchWolfer, Mary & Chad Jenkins0068 Forge Road$589,88302/03/201012796$647,997
Burlingame RanchEttlinger, Dianna & Jared 0073 Forge Road$995,00004/27/20091217RO$1,116,685
Burlingame RanchOsberger, Madeleine & Richard Low0083 Forge Road$995,00008/11/20081172RO$1,075,153
Burlingame RanchVillaloz, Valora 0088 Forge Road$123,78009/22/20069456$122,542
Burlingame RanchAllgaier, Joyce 0095 Forge Road$494,19211/20/20091257RO$543,275
Burlingame RanchApcha0221 Forge Road$134,00012/29/200912706?$131,655
Burlingame RanchAlpern, Therese H. 0123 Forge Road 101$114,00001/10/200710272$134,739
Burlingame RanchRyerson, Ned & Heather 0123 Forge Road 201$415,00006/29/200710676$473,888
Burlingame RanchBergstrom, Valentina 0123 Forge Road 202$92,00001/10/200710282$108,737
Burlingame RanchLampe, Mark & Rachel (Rae)0123 Forge Road 203$398,03203/15/201012895$435,466
Burlingame RanchHeintz, Erin & Todd 0123 Forge Road 204$390,10410/24/201315415$393,831
Burlingame RanchMetcalf, Jennifer & Ian 0123 Forge Road 205$293,87512/21/201114254$306,730
Burlingame RanchKienast, John 0123 Forge Road 206$415,00007/02/200710696$473,888
Burlingame RanchBoyd, Courtney & Nathan 0123 Forge Road 207$512,33710/16/201214767$522,163
Burlingame RanchPlaceres, Randy 0124 Forge Road 101$380,00003/29/200710495$445,103
Burlingame RanchCentofanti, Stephen 0124 Forge Road 102$92,00003/30/200710502$107,762
Burlingame RanchScott, Bert & Anna 0124 Forge Road 103$173,05405/06/200912223$194,218
Burlingame RanchHenderson, Chris & Elaine 0124 Forge Road 104$205,98102/10/201012833$226,274
Burlingame RanchBean, Tim 0124 Forge Road 105$309,54209/12/201114034$309,542
Burlingame RanchCohen, Laurie & David Francis0124 Forge Road 106$186,91412/13/201114233$194,890
Burlingame RanchPerau, Michael & Christina 0124 Forge Road 107$380,00006/26/200710655$433,922
Burlingame RanchMcdade, Jeff & Margarita 0163 Forge Road 101$202,00009/20/200710963$231,188
Burlingame RanchOrmond, Scott & Elvie 0163 Forge Road 102$175,00009/10/200710853$199,794
Burlingame RanchReh, Richard 0163 Forge Road 103$147,00009/10/200710863$167,827
Burlingame RanchErickson, Tom & Cheryl 0163 Forge Road 104$298,00009/06/200710824$340,221
Burlingame RanchKavanaugh, Kristie & Jeff Bradley0170 Forge Road 101$398,00009/28/200710985$455,509
Burlingame RanchEgan, Tom & Doreen Clavell0170 Forge Road 102$147,00009/13/200710893$167,827
Burlingame RanchHoward Moglewer0170 Forge Road 103$175,00009/07/200710843$199,794
Burlingame RanchSims, Karrie & David 0170 Forge Road 104$202,00009/14/200710903$230,619
Burlingame RanchOtero, Michelle & Ignacio Esteban0170 Forge Road 105$202,00009/14/200710913$230,619
Burlingame RanchDurso, Steve & Jennifer Tindall0170 Forge Road 106$175,00009/04/200710803$199,794
Burlingame RanchRichard Cummins0170 Forge Road 107$450,89105/28/200912257$504,313
Burlingame RanchLemons, Chris & Catherina 0185 Forge Road 101$310,96909/09/201013244$338,099
Burlingame RanchBaer, Jessica 0185 Forge Road 102$298,00009/12/200710886$340,221
Burlingame RanchHewitt, Ashton 0185 Forge Road 103$192,71206/28/201214563$197,780
Burlingame RanchCollins, Genna & Jake Moe0185 Forge Road 104$192,01408/31/201113963$200,528
Burlingame RanchHancock, Adam & Margaret 0185 Forge Road 105$437,74004/04/201314975$445,173
Burlingame RanchLedingham, David & Adrianna Thompson0185 Forge Road 106$434,00009/18/200710936$495,489
Burlingame RanchCheyne, Anna 0019 Lindvig Court 101$167,00012/08/200610123$197,179
Burlingame RanchEstock, Kim J. & Peter0019 Lindvig Court 201$199,45604/01/200912133$224,401
Burlingame RanchKubica, Brian & Wesley 0019 Lindvig Court 202$275,03309/28/201013294$298,600
Burlingame RanchEstock, Kimberly 0019 Lindvig Court 203$92,00010/26/200711032$104,937
Burlingame RanchKistner, Elizabeth & Joseph 0019 Lindvig Court 204$193,00012/07/200610093$227,878
Burlingame RanchKalfas, Philip 0042 Mining Stock Prkwy 101$232,00011/28/200610004$273,926
Burlingame RanchBrown, Jennifer & Derek & Deps0042 Mining Stock Prkwy 102$193,00012/06/200610073$227,878
Burlingame RanchWare, Timothy 0042 Mining Stock Prkwy 103$114,00012/04/200610052$134,601
Burlingame RanchSchuhrke, Kathy 0042 Mining Stock Prkwy 104$96,30910/28/201013362$104,512
Burlingame RanchChristine & Dan O'callaghan0042 Mining Stock Prkwy 105$380,00003/02/200710435$447,324
Burlingame RanchGreen, Sam 0042 Mining Stock Prkwy 106$114,00012/08/200610132$134,601
Burlingame RanchDelaney, Kelly 0042 Mining Stock Prkwy 107$284,00012/01/200610044$335,323
Burlingame RanchOliver, Vernard 0055 Mining Stock Prkwy 101$243,00012/06/200711274$276,561
Burlingame RanchGregorich, Louis 0055 Mining Stock Prkwy 102$97,00011/29/200711222$110,397
Burlingame RanchThornely, Karen & Gyles 0055 Mining Stock Prkwy 201$298,00012/14/200711294$336,599
Burlingame RanchGarofalo, Anna 0055 Mining Stock Prkwy 202$132,48611/14/201315472$133,648
Burlingame RanchLemos, Trishka 0055 Mining Stock Prkwy 203$298,00011/20/200711144$339,157
Burlingame RanchRamey, Jamie 0099 Mining Stock Prkwy 101$107,56810/18/201214782$109,631
Burlingame RanchRitter, Timothy & Pei-Ju Hsiao0099 Mining Stock Prkwy 102$128,13507/20/201113872$133,915
Burlingame RanchGoldman, Joshua 0099 Mining Stock Prkwy 201$97,00012/04/200711242$110,397
Burlingame RanchHanson, Nate 0099 Mining Stock Prkwy 202$119,00012/14/200711302$134,414
Burlingame RanchHemstreet, Heidi & Keith 0099 Mining Stock Prkwy 203$202,00012/04/200711253$229,898
Burlingame RanchNims, Grace & Tom 0099 Mining Stock Prkwy 204$236,90110/07/201114063$246,696
Burlingame RanchHostetler, Ruth 0099 Mining Stock Prkwy 205$119,00012/18/200711322$134,414
Burlingame RanchForsman, David & Ellen 0099 Mining Stock Prkwy 206$298,00012/27/200711344$336,599
Burlingame RanchMccullen, Kevin & Elisa Orcajada0129 Mining Stock Prkwy 101$249,68304/29/201013054$271,942
Burlingame RanchAmsden, Diane & Chris Sulek0129 Mining Stock Prkwy 102$166,05407/14/201113833$173,208
Burlingame RanchFolk, Doug & Tenille 0129 Mining Stock Prkwy 201$309,96705/26/201013114$336,916
Burlingame RanchAspar, Danielle & Richard Scott Graham0129 Mining Stock Prkwy 202$123,46304/12/201012992$135,090
Burlingame RanchPhillips, Shaun & Crystal 0129 Mining Stock Prkwy 203$298,00011/26/200711184$339,157
Burlingame RanchLong, Jennifer 0161 Mining Stock Prkwy 101$119,00011/28/200711202$135,435
Burlingame RanchBlizzard, Vivian 0161 Mining Stock Prkwy 102$119,00011/15/200711122$135,435
Burlingame RanchRobertson, Johanna 0161 Mining Stock Prkwy 201$119,00011/26/200711192$135,435
Burlingame RanchLove, Melanie & Monty 0161 Mining Stock Prkwy 202$202,00012/14/200711313$228,165
Burlingame RanchFreitas, Kevin 0161 Mining Stock Prkwy 203$202,00011/28/200711213$229,898
Burlingame RanchReveal, Stefan & Sara 0161 Mining Stock Prkwy 204$389,29609/23/201013275$422,654
Burlingame RanchSchubert, Janice 0034 Molly Court 101$390,00012/07/200610106$460,479
Burlingame RanchFields, Emily & Matt 0034 Molly Court 102$489,22601/05/201012737$536,665
Burlingame RanchJohnsen, Karen & Sandy Maple0034 Molly Court 103$498,50005/11/201214477$512,281
Burlingame RanchTaylor, Donald 0034 Molly Court 104$390,00010/16/201315385$393,726
Burlingame RanchJohnson, Robert & Maria 0067 Molly Court 101$210,75203/16/201012903$230,573
Burlingame RanchLoeb, Ryan & Mhairi 0067 Molly Court 102$146,00008/30/200710792$166,685
Burlingame RanchCoste, Christian & Buppha 0067 Molly Court 201$175,00009/06/200710833$199,794
Burlingame RanchTorres, Andre D. 0067 Molly Court 202$97,00009/04/200710812$110,743
Burlingame RanchStrait, John (Chip) & Darla0067 Molly Court 203$175,00009/18/200710943$199,794
Burlingame RanchChuluun, Misheel & Gabriel Finesilver410 Paepcke Drive 101$161,00004/04/201416082$161,403
Burlingame RanchAlieva, Zemfira (Zema) 410 Paepcke Drive 102$135,00004/04/201416092$135,338
Burlingame RanchEklund, Scott & Jodie 410 Paepcke Drive 201$163,75005/02/201416172$163,750
Burlingame RanchMiller, Steven & Ashley 410 Paepcke Drive 202$135,75003/18/201415942$136,429
Burlingame RanchCouncil, Christopher 410 Paepcke Drive 301$167,75003/14/201415893$168,589
Burlingame RanchVon Ohlen, Briana & Kevin410 Paepcke Drive 302$195,75003/14/201415903$196,729
Burlingame RanchMcinally, Ryan 412 Paepcke Drive 101$109,75003/13/201415882$110,299
Burlingame RanchSirko, Andrea & Nicholas 412 Paepcke Drive 102$161,00003/31/201416062$161,805
Burlingame RanchLeddy, Alexandra (Alex) 412 Paepcke Drive 201$109,00004/08/201416102$109,273
Burlingame RanchErwin, Jeff & Madian 412 Paepcke Drive 202$168,75003/26/201416002$169,594
Burlingame RanchRubel, Mechelle C. 412 Paepcke Drive 203$137,75004/25/201416142$137,750
Burlingame RanchErica Thorne-Keziah412 Paepcke Drive 301$107,00003/17/201415932$107,535
Burlingame RanchBrzoza, Mary Kate (M.K.) & Rodney Hill412 Paepcke Drive 302$195,75003/26/201416013$195,750
Burlingame RanchKennedy, Suzanne 425 Paepcke Drive 101$226,75003/06/201415843$227,884
Burlingame RanchMiller, Michelle S. 425 Paepcke Drive 102$135,75003/20/201415972$136,429
Burlingame RanchTaffarelli, G. Martin & Carolina Lld425 Paepcke Drive 201$228,00003/10/201415873$229,140
Burlingame RanchZykava, Iryna 425 Paepcke Drive 202$198,75003/14/201415913$199,744
Burlingame RanchLish, Barbara E. & Jesse A. Morris425 Paepcke Drive 203$305,00002/26/201415794$307,288
Burlingame RanchLapenna, Luke & Maile 425 Paepcke Drive 301$164,00003/20/201415982$164,820
Burlingame RanchKiese, Michelle 425 Paepcke Drive 302$165,00003/07/201415853$165,825
Burlingame RanchDodd, Lori 440 Paepcke Drive 101$109,75002/13/201415752$110,573
Burlingame RanchQuigley, Laura & Joe 440 Paepcke Drive 202$330,00001/27/201415644$333,300
Burlingame RanchNussmeier, Danielle & Robert Mark440 Paepcke Drive 204$336,00002/26/201415803$338,520
Burlingame RanchWilliams, Julie 440 Paepcke Drive 301$167,75001/22/201415593$169,428
Burlingame RanchGamarra, Roberto & Miriam 442 Paepcke Drive 101$164,00003/31/201416072$164,820
Burlingame RanchShort, Diana & Cameron 442 Paepcke Drive 102$198,75002/04/201415703$200,241
Burlingame RanchStrecker, Katrina & Dean Weiler442 Paepcke Drive 201$226,75001/28/201415663$229,018
Burlingame RanchBuettow, Anna & Aaron Pool442 Paepcke Drive 202$135,00001/29/201415672$136,350
Burlingame RanchBennett, Jennifer F. 442 Paepcke Drive 203$135,75001/24/201415632$137,108
Burlingame RanchPerl, Ashley & Daniel 442 Paepcke Drive 204$302,75001/23/201415614$305,778
Burlingame RanchBlocker, Brandon & Jennifer 442 Paepcke Drive 301$336,00001/29/201415684$339,360
Burlingame RanchRicceri, Paula 442 Paepcke Drive 302$164,75001/31/201415693$166,398
Burlingame RanchMiller, Jeff & Rona 473 Paepcke Drive 102$137,75002/04/201415712$138,783
Burlingame RanchTunte, Michael & Marianne Stuck473 Paepcke Drive 201$228,00002/06/201415733$229,710
Burlingame RanchWeiss, Jolanta 473 Paepcke Drive 202$135,75001/27/201415652$137,108
Burlingame RanchWallace, Kelly 473 Paepcke Drive 301$165,00001/22/201415603$166,650
Burlingame RanchWalterscheid, Ranee 473 Paepcke Drive 302$198,00003/26/201416023$198,990
Burlingame RanchIvanova, Ruslana 475 Paepcke Drive 101$109,00001/16/201415582$110,090
Burlingame RanchMenendez, Nancy 475 Paepcke Drive 102$228,00002/19/201415763$229,710
Burlingame RanchSchmidt, Sarah 475 Paepcke Drive 201$109,00001/14/201415572$110,090
Burlingame RanchRobison, Eliza & Kenneth 475 Paepcke Drive 202$228,00002/21/201415783$229,710
Burlingame RanchBarna, Brenda 475 Paepcke Drive 203$137,75001/23/201415622$139,128
Burlingame RanchFerrara, Zachery (Zak) 475 Paepcke Drive 301$165,00002/04/201415723$166,238
Burlingame RanchKharkhal, Volha F. (Goes By Olga)475 Paepcke Drive 302$196,00002/19/201415773$197,470
Castle Creek Valley RanchAnderson, Chris 0099 Loges Spring Way, Pmh Lot 1$210,50004/01/19962634$321,753
Castle Creek Valley RanchLacy, Christopher & Darcy 0109 Loges Spring Way, Pmh Lot 2$210,50003/29/19962624$321,753
Castle Creek Valley RanchTrue, Vicki 0139 Loges Spring Way, Pmh Lot 3$210,50003/22/19962594$322,679
Castle Creek Valley RanchWells, Joe 0188 Loges Spring Way, Pmh Lot 14$100,00003/22/1996260RO-
Centennial CondominiumsCondit, Alicia 110 Free Silver Ct. A-102$158,73909/18/201315284$161,914
Centennial CondominiumsOates, Cody 112 Free Silver Ct. A-104$128,20908/17/200710774$154,171
Centennial CondominiumsMeloy, Ian 113 Free Silver Ct. A-105$85,62708/29/20058774$104,283
Centennial CondominiumsDimsdale, William S. 114 Free Silver Ct. A-106$84,13409/23/20058824$101,838
Centennial CondominiumsBoudreau, David And Magdalena 116 Free Silver Ct. A-108$186,64311/23/201114194$194,607
Centennial CondominiumsMiller, James 117 Free Silver Ct. A-109$145,05505/12/201013084$157,986
Centennial CondominiumsMartin, Lynsey 119 Free Silver Ct. A-111$142,24410/18/201214794$144,972
Centennial CondominiumsJasicki, Bradley 120 Free Silver Ct A-202$140,82105/30/20015954$188,795
Centennial CondominiumsKraft, Gary 121 Free Silver Ct. A-203$144,01211/16/20069914$168,800
Centennial CondominiumsCarp, Resa Ann 122 Free Silver Ct. A-204$77,00010/09/1987794$158,091
Centennial CondominiumsKravitz, Patty 123 Free Silver Ct. A-205$198,51111/08/201114184$206,384
Centennial CondominiumsCurry, Charles 124 Free Silver Ct. A-206$152,67510/27/20048244$191,459
Centennial CondominiumsButler, Chigako & Bill 125 Free Silver Ct. A-207$234,19412/17/200912664$256,903
Centennial CondominiumsSedan-Miegemolle, Jessica & Diosdado Long126 Free Silver Ct. A-208$203,68106/03/201113764$213,617
Centennial CondominiumsThoene, Honey & Kyle Kroupa127 Free Silver Ct. A-209$245,00011/30/201114214$255,454
Centennial CondominiumsEis, Randall & Jennifer 129 Free Silver Ct. A-211$300,70802/01/201012774$330,333
Centennial CondominiumsCuellar, Maria & Santos Segovia210 Free Silver Ct. B-101$143,58804/05/20026734$192,207
Centennial CondominiumsRood, Jere 210 Teal Ct. O-111$114,21505/30/200710624$131,410
Centennial CondominiumsTanaka, Amanda & Philip 212 Free Silver Ct. B-103$187,42802/24/201113584$201,424
Centennial CondominiumsForster, John 212 Teal Ct. O-109$109,49810/18/20069774$127,568
Centennial CondominiumsPaglia, Filiberto (Berto) 214 Free Silver Ct. B-105$89,71204/03/200811444$100,666
Centennial CondominiumsBarr, Steven & Erin Peck214 Teal Ct. O-107$187,60708/22/201315224$189,626
Centennial CondominiumsTruso, John 215 Free Silver Ct. B-106$110,14710/17/201315394$111,199
Centennial CondominiumsClayton, Doug & Stephanie 216 Teal Ct. O-105$164,06503/01/200710424$193,132
Centennial CondominiumsBlane, Edward Mac 217 Teal Ct. O-104$90,35206/30/19984224$131,711
Centennial CondominiumsLutgring, Taz 219 Teal Ct. O-102$92,24701/21/19931524$153,426
Centennial CondominiumsFrank, Barbara 220 Free Silver Ct. B-201$165,51810/04/20069634$192,833
Centennial CondominiumsNorris, Scott & Amy 220 Teal Ct. O-211$191,59803/23/201113624$204,832
Centennial CondominiumsKennedy, John M. 221 Free Silver Ct. B-202$144,17410/07/20048214$181,258
Centennial CondominiumsLeverson, Janet V. 221 Teal Ct. O-210$101,59605/20/19941814$163,594
Centennial CondominiumsBarbour, Susan 222 Free Silver Ct. B-203$121,95806/27/20026904$161,351
Centennial CondominiumsDanforth, Alison C. 222 Teal Ct. O-209$100,81110/20/19952414$156,089
Centennial CondominiumsCorcoran, James 223 Free Silver Ct. B-204$159,92306/26/200912314$178,143
Centennial CondominiumsAnderson, M. & J. Gancsos223 Teal Ct. O-208$85,75002/24/1986474$183,677
Centennial CondominiumsBarbour, Mary 224 Free Silver Ct. B-205$78,50008/31/1987774$165,941
Centennial CondominiumsShaffran, Russell & Andrea Karson224 Teal Ct. O-207$167,34111/09/200711074$190,872
Centennial CondominiumsHufker, William J. 225 Free Silver Ct. B-206$166,48309/15/20058804$201,515
Centennial CondominiumsKessler, Brandon & Deisy 225 Teal Ct. O-206$197,85408/06/201315204$200,055
Centennial CondominiumsMatthews, Jacqueline & Brad 226 Teal Ct O-205$216,86212/21/201013474$234,848
Centennial CondominiumsMarquis, Jan 227 Teal Ct. O-204$74,00006/15/1988894$148,714
Centennial CondominiumsZuehlke, William 228 Teal Ct. O-203$152,27011/27/19963694$228,364
Centennial CondominiumsMatthews, Nancy & Joseph 229 Teal Ct. O-202$79,60010/02/1985454$172,531
Centennial CondominiumsParker, Robert 310 Free Silver Ct. C-101$118,44206/06/201315084$120,310
Centennial CondominiumsCostigan, Jill 310 Teal Ct. P-110$109,47807/07/20047984$137,837
Centennial CondominiumsManzo, Rose 311 Free Silver Ct. C-102$147,87609/19/201315304$149,289
Centennial CondominiumsSkarvan, Erik 312 Teal Ct. P-108$96,89602/11/20004854$136,483
Centennial CondominiumsHannah, Cheryl 313 Free Silver Ct. C-104$65,00009/11/1985444$140,886
Centennial CondominiumsDietz, Patrick 313 Teal Ct. P-107$85,45101/03/200811364$96,519
Centennial CondominiumsNorman, Judy 314 Free Silver Ct. C-105$49,34006/12/1985434$107,922
Centennial CondominiumsCarroll, Twila 314 Teal Ct. P-106$67,02006/21/19962844$101,456
Centennial CondominiumsForseille, Julia & Ray 315 Teal Ct. P-105$81,09005/10/1985414$178,158
Centennial CondominiumsHernandez, Yvonne & Michael Forde316 Free Silver Ct. C-107$159,95006/23/20069264$187,640
Centennial CondominiumsSilverman, Karen 317 Free Silver Ct. C-108$80,60008/07/19901094$146,969
Centennial CondominiumsGrinstead, L. & M. Huley317 Teal Ct. P-103$84,68404/20/19921444$144,418
Centennial CondominiumsTodaro, Anthony 319 Free Silver Ct. C-110$136,02704/29/200912194$152,663
Centennial CondominiumsClosic, Jason 319 Teal Ct. O-101$108,36308/12/20048054$136,013
Centennial CondominiumsKulzer, Dennis 320 Free Silver Ct. C-201$132,76102/18/19941754$215,480
Centennial CondominiumsDukas, Sandra & James 320 Teal Ct. P-210$106,42603/31/19921424$181,945
Centennial CondominiumsCross, Edward 321 Free Silver Ct. C-202$171,22803/15/19941764$277,330
Centennial CondominiumsWheeler, Patricia 321 Teal Ct. P-209$105,79702/26/19931584$169,179
Centennial CondominiumsLischka, Jessica 322 Teal Ct. P-208$183,46103/30/201214414$190,203
Centennial CondominiumsBotica, Michelle & Jeff Spiroff323 Free Silver Ct. C-204$221,61304/30/19994454$319,228
Centennial CondominiumsPasternak, Carol & David Stahl323 Teal Ct. P-207$173,73105/03/20015914$234,049
Centennial CondominiumsStotland, Marc & Melissa Reynolds324 Free Silver Ct C-205$211,96703/29/201012974$231,928
Centennial CondominiumsKevin O'driscoll324 Teal Ct. P-206$127,44902/05/19962494$196,412
Centennial CondominiumsHarnish, Nathan & Maureen Wagers 325 Free Silver C-206$184,17708/26/201013214$200,245
Centennial CondominiumsEverson, Chris 325 Teal Ct. P-205$199,60510/14/201114094$207,858
Centennial CondominiumsRyan, Ken & Stephanie 326 Free Silver C-207$178,12607/10/200811644$194,677
Centennial CondominiumsClayton, Kirk 326 Teal Ct P-204$171,62812/18/200610184$202,437
Centennial CondominiumsPekkala, Eric & Eva 327 Free Silver Ct. C-208$214,03411/10/20058904$255,236
Centennial CondominiumsGokey, Reed 327 Teal Ct. P-203$116,04808/23/19963234$175,102
Centennial CondominiumsKillian, M. & L. Evans328 Teal Ct. P-202$114,36302/25/19931564$190,301
Centennial CondominiumsBayko, Lynn & Ben 329 Free Silver Ct. C-210$293,30106/12/200811524$323,733
Centennial CondominiumsOtte, Gail 329 Teal Ct. P-101$92,50008/25/1988924$184,341
Centennial CondominiumsJohnson, Tamar 410 Free Silver Ct. D-101$101,72810/29/19901134$182,139
Centennial CondominiumsKremer, George & Amy Ronay & Deps410 Teal Ct. Q-106$161,90004/22/201013044$177,169
Centennial CondominiumsWalker, Tiffany 412 Free Silver Ct. D-103$152,71005/12/20047884$194,174
Centennial CondominiumsCrawford, Patricia 412 Teal Ct. Q-104$64,00009/16/1987784$132,105
Centennial CondominiumsMorrell, Constance G. 414 Free Silver Ct. D-105$49,50006/07/1985424$108,272
Centennial CondominiumsHardman, Julie 414 Teal Ct. Q-102$135,26902/05/200912054$153,595
Centennial CondominiumsLaing, Sally 415 Free Silver Ct. D-106$64,03902/14/19921364$109,616
Centennial CondominiumsRoberts, Alan & John Klonowski420 Free Silver D-201$132,51811/17/19973904$194,695
Centennial CondominiumsLouthis, Ezra & Alana Warlop420 Teal Ct. Q-206$172,73308/11/20058754$211,333
Centennial CondominiumsKirkwood, Deborah 421 Free Silver D-202$161,79305/22/20026824$214,012
Centennial CondominiumsLeith, Kimberly & Jeff Marshall421 Teal Ct. Q-205$146,52904/02/201214424$151,914
Centennial CondominiumsManka, Brandon 422 Free Silver D-203$207,51410/28/201114134$215,744
Centennial CondominiumsWest, Virginia (Ginny) 422 Teal Ct. Q-204$172,07903/20/200710464$201,560
Centennial CondominiumsMurphy, Shad 423 Free Silver D-204$216,96703/12/200811434$244,059
Centennial CondominiumsOrros, Renee 423 Teal Ct. Q-203$188,43212/13/201315514$190,749
Centennial CondominiumsOlson, Jennifer 424 Free Silver D-205$180,36304/22/201113674$190,639
Centennial CondominiumsPrzybylski, Bert 424 Teal Ct. Q-202$128,52511/03/19994634$181,514
Centennial CondominiumsBrownstein, Amy 425 Free Silver D-206$122,54010/02/19901124$219,402
Chaparral AspenSebenaler, Nicole & Jeffery Lapin11 Rock Hollow Way$258,00001/12/200710305$304,936
Chaparral AspenLLC, General Ute 13 Rock Hollow Way$308,79412/12/201315495$312,591
Chaparral AspenCarr, Richard & Nicola 15 Rock Hollow Way$267,47403/31/200912125$300,926
Chaparral AspenScarth, Marcus 17 Rock Hollow Way$258,00001/17/200710325$304,936
Chaparral AspenVentures, Woody Creek 25 Rock Hollow Way$309,00001/19/20069005$373,368
Chaparral AspenSoderberg, Kris 27 Rock Hollow Way$361,60602/18/201113565$388,608
Chaparral AspenFlynn, Lisa & Jason 29 Rock Hollow Way$364,44009/08/201114025$380,599
Cipriano-Taylor Duplex CondominiumTaylor, Michael 1025 Cemetery Lane, Unit B$124,250-1619RO-
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsWedum, John "Randy" 101 Independence Place$116,50001/13/19952093$184,000
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsBoughton, William & Jackie 102 Independence Place$88,50008/29/19941862$140,936
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsHall, Jo-Ann 103 Independence Place$88,50009/27/19941982$140,715
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsGarzoli, Dianne 104 Independence Place$45,00009/02/19973872$67,500
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsPolver, Rachel 205 Independence Place$70,00603/22/201012922$76,599
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsBuesch, Thomas 206 Independence Place$88,50008/31/19941912$140,936
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsFranklin, David & Michelle 207 Independence Place$88,50008/31/19941922$140,936
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsHaggerty, Beatrice 308 Independence Place$90,01506/02/19973773$133,296
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsCampo, Richard De 309 Independence Place$126,91408/29/19941873$202,111
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsBonds, Michael & Elaine 310 Independence Place$126,00008/30/19941893$200,655
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsLutz, Catherine & Mike Sladdin311 Independence Place$179,99309/22/200912463$198,238
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsKirch, Mark 412 Independence Place$61,00009/16/19941962$96,990
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsLane, Kirk Brunswold/Tammie 413 Independence Place$116,50009/08/19941943$185,235
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsBeklik, Roya 414 Independence Place$61,00008/29/19941882$97,143
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsIreland, Michael C. 515 Independence Place$90,65706/02/19973783$134,246
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsGoshorn, Marcia 516 Independence Place$77,50009/16/19941972$123,225
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsHolmstedt, Monika 517 Independence Place$45,00009/07/19941932$71,550
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsLasko, Liz 618 Independence Place$96,61004/13/201013002$105,708
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsJackson, Lauri & Trenton Harrison619 Independence Place$192,56612/01/201013443$208,660
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsBielinski, Bridget & Steve Williams620 Independence Place$162,47709/09/20027093$214,589
Common Ground Housing CondominiumsHipp, Christine 621 Independence Place$77,50008/30/19941902$123,419
Curton CondomniumConyers, Patrice 939 W. Francis$170,00006/01/1987754$354,069
Double Bar X RanchLLC, Bar/X Ranch Stage Road$155,00010/07/20058853$187,616
Double X Qrtr Circle S/DSamuelson, Gina Gerbaz 40 Arbaney Lane Lot 5$193,50011/03/19931684$312,503
Double X Qrtr Circle S/DGerbaz, Jeffrey & Rhonda 124 Arbaney Lane Lot 4$409,20001/27/1989984$720,192
Double X Qrtr Circle S/DGerbaz, Gregory & Barbara 220 Arbaney Lane Lot 3$193,50011/03/19931694$312,503
Double X Qrtr Circle S/DGarner, Dexter 150 Watson Divide Rd Lot 6$288,20011/03/19931704$465,443
Double X Qrtr Circle S/DKittle, Frankie (Sunny) 351 Watson Divide Rd Lot 2$364,18012/01/1985464$561,238
Double X Qrtr Circle S/DGerbaz, Michael 355 Watson Divide Rd Lot 1$193,50011/03/19931714$312,503
Double X Qrtr Circle S/DRichard Stutsman, Jr.107 Ashby Lane Lot 7$193,50011/03/19931724$312,503
Double X Qrtr Circle S/DThorpe, Lisa & Mark 214 Ashby Lane Lot 8$193,50011/03/19931734$312,503
East Cooper Court CondominiumsPargiter, Sally Jane 943 East Cooper, Unit C$146,90010/02/19952403$227,450
East Cooper Court CondominiumsHolstein, Matthew & Kate Holstein947 East Cooper, Unit E$1,275,00009/23/20131532RO$1,287,182
East Hopkins AH Condominium AssociationMccabe, T. 1017 East Hopkins$190,00005/17/19952214$297,106
East Hopkins AH Condominium AssociationCurran, Christopher & Elizabeth Nix1019 East Hopkins$309,61507/12/201315154$313,881
East Hopkins AH Condominium AssociationVanmoorsel, Gert & Melinda 1021 East Hopkins$190,00009/26/19952394$294,777
East Hopkins AH Condominium AssociationAlpern, Thomas E 1023 East Hopkins$190,00005/17/19952224$297,106
East Hopkins Alley/1000 East Hopkins CondosRobinson, Robert 962 East Hopkins Alley$222,09606/06/20026874$293,778
East Hopkins Alley/1000 East Hopkins CondosEvans, David & Jennifer 972 East Hopkins Alley$255,21811/27/20069974$301,340
East Hopkins Alley/1000 East Hopkins CondosHeath, Kara 982 East Hopkins Alley$177,10512/16/201114243$184,662
East Hopkins Alley/1000 East Hopkins CondosNot Sold Yet/Still Rental992 East Hopkins Alley$193,20004/05/19962654$293,754
East Owl CreekDinsmoor, Rocky 0080 Thistle Lane$185,80006/01/19911273$313,538
East Owl CreekHolloway, Roy And Jan 0161 Thistle Lane$135,80007/01/19921483$229,500
East Owl CreekKayne, Jeanne 0381 Hollow Ln.$135,80007/01/19921493$229,500
East Owl CreekTarver, Kimberly 0400 Badger Hollow$135,80007/01/19921503$229,500
Fairway Three TownhomesGeishart, Richard & Lisa 5115 Owl Creek Road 01, Sm Village (81615)$247,58110/31/201214804$252,329
Fairway Three TownhomesRuliffson, Beverley 5115 Owl Creek Road 02$163,92310/01/19931664$265,145
Fairway Three TownhomesAnderson, Lisa Jo & Bryan Peterson5115 Owl Creek Road 03$252,16102/11/201012844$277,003
Fairway Three TownhomesDaly, John & Mary 5115 Owl Creek Road 04$155,00007/08/19911354$261,175
Fairway Three TownhomesAnderson, Cristina A. 5115 Owl Creek Road 05$223,67405/26/200912244$250,175
Fairway Three TownhomesBennett, Jennifer L. & James R. Brasile5115 Owl Creek Road 06$252,33911/01/201214814$257,178
Fairway Three TownhomesKremer, Jeffrey & Annette 5115 Owl Creek Road 07$178,47504/14/19952154$279,905
Fairway Three TownhomesMckeller, Susan & Mark 5115 Owl Creek Road 08$265,60711/29/201114204$276,940
Fairway Three TownhomesParks, Jaclynn 5115 Owl Creek Road 09$117,00006/11/19911314$197,438
Fairway Three TownhomesLilah, Donna 5115 Owl Creek Road 10$185,73609/26/200710974$212,574
Fairway Three TownhomesNemechek, Meghan & Delvon 5115 Owl Creek Road 11$266,86005/26/201113734$279,879
Fairway Three TownhomesGrob, Darryl & Teresa 5115 Owl Creek Road 12$196,29610/04/20016424$262,711
Fairway Three TownhomesVernon, Mindy M. 5115 Owl Creek Road 13$155,00009/11/19921514$255,750
Fairway Three TownhomesSprenger, Victoria 5115 Owl Creek Road 14$236,07402/02/200710394$278,451
Fairway Three TownhomesSmith, Patty 5115 Owl Creek Road 15$117,00006/10/19911294$197,438
Fairway Three TownhomesTredeaux, Jamie 5115 Owl Creek Road 16$145,57106/22/19984204$212,207
Fairway Three TownhomesViola, Mark & Alison 5115 Owl Creek Road 17$256,13902/22/201113574$275,266
Fairway Three TownhomesJohnson, Paula & Robert Grundy5115 Owl Creek Road 18$181,51704/30/19973744$268,793
Fairway Three TownhomesEssig, Emily & Patrick 5115 Owl Creek Road 19$263,97901/31/201214294$276,329
Fairway Three TownhomesCollins, Geoff & Jill 5115 Owl Creek Road 20$218,84108/07/20037604$283,464
Fairway Three TownhomesDietz, Bill & Claudette Fraker5115 Owl Creek Road 21$167,47309/08/20037634$216,846
Fairway Three TownhomesAllison, Ashley 5115 Owl Creek Road 22$192,95304/28/201113684$203,946
Fairway Three TownhomesHumphrey, Willard & Megan 5115 Owl Creek Road 23$155,00003/27/19911174$262,725
Fairway Three TownhomesAbraham, Chad & Heather 5115 Owl Creek Road 24$248,23412/03/200912624$272,888
Fairway Three TownhomesRushing, Andrew & Caroline 5115 Owl Creek Road 25$292,47707/29/201315194$295,730
Fairway Three TownhomesStuber, Donald & Susan Benner5115 Owl Creek Road 26$179,45411/02/20069844$209,069
Fairway Three TownhomesTippet, Riley & Kristin 5115 Owl Creek Road 27$201,73309/06/201114014$210,678
Fairway Three TownhomesOlson, Brian And Sherill 5115 Owl Creek Road 28$220,53109/30/20037654$284,430
Fairway Three TownhomesMorse, Cullen & Jackie 5115 Owl Creek Road 29$201,24612/27/20016564$269,492
Fairway Three TownhomesGiammarrusco, Chiara 5115 Owl Creek Road 30$143,97006/26/19984214$209,873
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDMcconnell, Melinda & Marshall Workman14 Bus Barn Lane, Lot 28E$158,30012/08/20005573$215,778
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDLauer, Daniel & Fiona 15 Bus Barn Lane, Lot 29E$172,93107/30/20048013$217,057
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDWhitley, Marc & Lara 36 Bus Barn Lane$158,30008/15/20016183$210,881
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDMichael & Lisa O'sullivan66 Bus Barn Lane, Lot 26E$158,30012/04/20005543$215,778
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDBoyd, Judith & John III67 Bus Barn Lane, Lot 30E$158,30012/13/20005583$215,778
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDMartin, Cecelia & M. Charles74 Bus Barn Lane, Lot 25E$158,30012/04/20005553$215,778
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDBrenninger, Kelley & Johann 75 Bus Barn Lane, Lot 31E$158,30011/30/20005533$215,778
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDMoore, Travis & Chris 6 Cinnamon Court, Lot 9E$158,30003/29/20015823$213,592
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDSpang, Silke 43 Cinnamon Court, Lot 1E$226,90003/29/20015834$306,154
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDMagill, Linda & Richard 56 Cinnamon Court, Lot 8E$226,90003/29/20015844$306,154
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDDriscoll, Rebecca & Joseph 71 Cinnamon Court, Lot 2E$226,90003/29/20015854$306,154
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDAnastas, Betsy-Ann & Charles & Nikolas80 Cinnamon Court, Lot 7E$226,90003/29/20015864$306,154
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDMickles, Johnie & Perri 81 Cinnamon Court, Lot 3E$226,90003/29/20015874$306,154
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDLevey, Georgina & Alan 94 Cinnamon Court, Lot 6E$282,25108/21/20069354$329,606
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDDistrict, Aspen School 95 Cinnamon Court, Lot 4E$236,30003/29/2001588RO$318,837
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDBrokamp, Brenda & James 104 Cinnamon Court, Lot 5E$236,84607/08/20026984$313,348
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDKorpela, James & Sarah Smith21 Grey Talon Court, Lot 16E$282,69701/29/200912024$320,995
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDBuettow, Pat & Steve 29 Grey Talon Court, Lot 15E$158,30003/31/20004933$221,264
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDDodge, Ben & Nancee 35 Grey Talon Court, Lot 14E$226,90003/31/20004944$317,150
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDMiller, Leslie & David 45 Grey Talon Court, Lot 13E$158,30003/31/20004953$221,264
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDDistrict, Aspen School 49 Grey Talon Court, Lot 12E$226,90003/31/20004964$317,150
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDHorowitz, Martin 57 Grey Talon Court, Lot 11E$226,90003/31/20004974$317,150
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDIreland, Molly & Don Bird63 Grey Talon Court, Lot 10E$158,30003/31/20004983$221,264
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDStark, Jim & Elizabeth 06 Sievers Circle, Lot 24E$158,30001/20/20004663$222,974
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDCyrus, Denis & Martha 14 Sievers Circle, Lot 23E$158,30001/20/20004673$222,974
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDPaddy & Kimberley Allen18 Sievers Circle, Lot 22E$205,02509/29/201013303$222,593
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDBloemsma, Barbara 26 Sievers Circle, Lot 21E$158,30001/21/20004683$222,974
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDWilliams, Billy & Valerie 34 Sievers Circle, Lot 20E$177,64510/04/20048203$223,338
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDKeeffe, Kelly J. 42 Sievers Circle, Lot 19E$193,47509/15/20048143$243,328
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDConarroe, Dave & Judy & Andrew54 Sievers Circle, Lot 18E$158,30002/02/20004753$222,974
Five Trees / Moore Family PUDPopinchalk, Andrew A 62 Sievers Circle, Lot 17E$158,30002/02/20004763$222,974
Highlands VillasUmbarger, Mark & Carlie Rubino0098 Glen Dee Rd. #01$234,36409/29/201114054$244,054
Highlands VillasBokram, Elizabeth 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #02$90,00007/19/19901084$218,700
Highlands VillasVantine, David & Lisa 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #03$160,60005/15/19984134$235,354
Highlands VillasDistrict, Aspen School 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #04$95,00008/02/1988914$241,775
Highlands VillasJohnson, Katrina 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #05$164,90108/10/19984264$240,183
Highlands VillasTsou, Michelle 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #06$209,09510/30/20069824$243,601
Highlands VillasForbes, Valerie & Troy 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #07$270,36208/26/201113924$282,350
Highlands VillasCassin, Lee 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #08$81,21103/15/1985404$223,330
Highlands VillasAnderson Aaron & Kelly Mcconnell0098 Glen Dee Rd. #09$232,50006/20/201315104$235,704
Highlands VillasOwens, James & Mary 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #10$142,02510/23/19963654$291,861
Highlands VillasHolcomb, Dan & Jenna 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #11$232,11510/16/200811814$250,785
Highlands VillasVan Arsdale, Lucas & Danielle Luber0098 Glen Dee Rd. #12$285,00003/28/201214394$295,473
Highlands VillasHartrich, Caroline 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #13$229,00009/12/201315274$231,464
Highlands VillasMalone, Patsy 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #14$74,50009/15/198194$220,520
Highlands VillasSchroeder, Marlene 0098 Glen Dee Rd. #15$95,00011/21/1988964$240,350
Highlands VillasCalcott, Aaron & Lori Klein0098 Glen Dee Rd. #16$207,83403/28/200710484$243,441
Hoaglund RanchOrben, Lynn & Roger 14 Eddie Lane (Lot 8)$552,46704/07/2006905RO$657,799
Hoaglund RanchMurison, Michael 24 Eddie Lane, Basalt, Co (Lot 9)$185,34902/02/201012783$203,609
Hoaglund RanchMulleavey, Pam 34 Eddie Lane, Basalt, Co(Lot 7)$198,43103/18/201415953$199,423
Hoaglund RanchCasson, Emma 36 Eddie Lane, Basalt, Co (Lot 7)$160,00011/20/200711153$182,098
Hoaglund RanchRiley, Carolyn 39 Eddie Lane, Basalt, Co (Lot 6)$197,73204/15/201013032$215,359
Hoaglund RanchCollias, Gus 44 Eddie Lane, Basalt, Co (Lot 4)$125,00009/22/200811773$135,054
Hoaglund RanchRapkin, Mitzi 49 Eddie Lane, Basalt, Co (Lot 5)$150,00010/14/200811793$162,065
Hoaglund RanchMcClinton, Michele & Brad Osborn54 Eddie Lane, Basalt, Co (Lt 3)$346,18911/13/20091255RO$380,982
Hoaglund RanchCole, Steven 140 Hoaglund Ranch Road (Lot 15)$162,40003/15/20058533$202,737
Hoaglund RanchGissler, Greg 150 Hoaglund Ranch Road (Lot 14)$162,40003/24/20058543$201,646
Hoaglund RanchLofaro, Lindsay & Richard 160 Hoaglund Ranch Road (Lot 11)$340,00011/24/200912583$373,769
Hoaglund RanchBeard, Andrea & Travis 170 Hoaglund Ranch Road (Lot 11)$340,00012/16/200912653$372,969
Hopkins Roan CondominiumsSelby, May & Troy 728 E. Hopkins # 732$271,95701/26/20069024$328,609
Hopkins Roan CondominiumsJenkins, Asia 728 E. Hopkins # 734$158,76507/20/200710723$181,075
Hunter Creek CondominiumsCampbell, Nichole 511 Vine St.$177,85809/18/201214744$182,170
Hunter Creek CondominiumsMedina, Richard A. 512 Vine St.$112,15206/23/20058614$137,262
Hunter Creek CondominiumsTimes, Aspen 513 Vine St.$56,00001/29/1982104$164,640
Hunter Creek CondominiumsFletcher, Karen 514 Vine St.$211,74710/15/200912504$233,211
Hunter Creek CondominiumsGallus, Shawn & Melissa Rhines515 Vine St.$210,61410/27/201013354$228,553
Hunter Creek CondominiumsFranze, Lucas & Amber 516 Vine St.$233,35008/24/201214664$240,583
Hunter Creek CondominiumsZappia, Joe 517 Vine St.$127,52201/22/20026594$170,767
Hunter Creek CondominiumsWhiting, Ryan 521 Vine St.$130,11812/30/20048344$162,028
Hunter Creek CondominiumsMeleg, Mark 522 Vine St.$146,38012/16/201013464$158,520
Hunter Creek CondominiumsColver, John 523 Vine St.$95,00005/27/19921464$220,400
Hunter Creek CondominiumsNye, Karen 524 Vine St.$65,16612/12/1984384$180,184
Hunter Creek CondominiumsMandt, Julie 525 Vine St.$83,70607/16/19901064$203,406
Hunter Creek CondominiumsSklar, Steve 526 Vine St.$177,41301/04/200811384$200,393
Hunter Creek CondominiumsFriedlander, Vivian 527 Vine St.$57,00004/01/1986484$153,045
Hunter Creek CondominiumsAquino, Catalina & Diego 528 Vine St.$168,65611/14/20069894$197,686
Hunter Creek CondominiumsLurie, Martin 531 Vine St.$141,06309/01/20058784$171,797
Hunter Creek CondominiumsPelowski, Kathryn L. 532 Vine St.$147,69209/22/20058814$178,770
Hunter Creek CondominiumsErickson, Hans 533 Vine St.$173,50412/15/200610164$205,068
Hunter Creek CondominiumsSmith, Beth A. 534 Vine St.$142,02806/05/20026844$187,868
Hunter Creek CondominiumsTaylor, Laura 535 Vine St.$148,04204/24/200811454$164,615
Hunter Creek CondominiumsRoberts, Denise & Dmitri Aktchourine536 Vine St.$211,44611/16/200912564$232,697
Hunter Creek CondominiumsBohn, Gerry 537 Vine St.$46,50001/29/1982114$136,710
Hunter Creek CondominiumsRoskiewicz, Michael & Andrea 538 Vine St.$110,41603/01/20004864$155,179
Hunter Creek CondominiumsSquare, The Aspen 611 Vine St.$46,00002/02/1982174$135,010
Hunter Creek CondominiumsFiandaca, Alfred 612 Vine St.$117,86006/27/20026913$155,929
Hunter Creek CondominiumsOliver, Damon 613 Vine St.$245,00012/21/201013484$265,319
Hunter Creek CondominiumsHill, Darcy 614 Vine St.$131,56309/28/20048174$165,403
Hunter Creek CondominiumsTimes, Aspen 615 Vine St.$56,00001/29/1982124$164,640
Hunter Creek CondominiumsAttema, Derek & Ryan Hile616 Vine St.$234,09008/28/201214674$236,609
Hunter Creek CondominiumsValley Orthopedic Assoc.617 Vine St.$46,00001/29/1982134$135,240
Hunter Creek CondominiumsHarris, Erin 621 Vine St.$189,74011/15/201013424$205,901
Hunter Creek CondominiumsMoldoveanu, Daniela & Stowman Stines622 Vine St.$139,79905/31/20069204$164,894
Hunter Creek CondominiumsTullman, Deborah 623 Vine St.$99,50007/20/19931654$223,875
Hunter Creek CondominiumsRyan, Kym And Pat 624 Vine St.$129,48303/30/19994434$186,945
Hunter Creek CondominiumsConard, Eric 625 Vine St.$182,82810/04/201214754$187,260
Hunter Creek CondominiumsOnsgard, Brad 626 Vine St.$146,71407/31/20037584$190,038
Hunter Creek CondominiumsNieuwland-Zlotnicki, Alexander & Alexandra Mack627 Vine St.$223,45604/24/201416134$223,456
Hunter Creek CondominiumsBongiorno628 Vine St.$85,26709/07/19952374$180,766
Hunter Creek CondominiumsGregory, Shana 631 Vine St.$68,71305/12/19891004$132,220
Hunter Creek CondominiumsBarrett, Marianne & Richard Burbidge632 Vine St.$99,27803/02/20015784$134,426
Hunter Creek CondominiumsStephenson, Terry Ann 633 Vine St.$56,50010/29/1982244$163,568
Hunter Creek CondominiumsHolzer, Hans 634 Vine St.$138,03601/27/19973714$281,593
Hunter Creek CondominiumsMooney, Thomas 635 Vine St.$75,26008/31/1988934$191,537
Hunter Creek CondominiumsLidman, Kristin 636 Vine St.$229,18908/18/201113894$239,351
Hunter Creek CondominiumsOdelberg, Jeanette & Mariola Katrynick637 Vine St.$115,52011/09/19994644$163,147
Hunter Creek CondominiumsAronson, Daniel (Danny) B. 638 Vine St.$165,05907/22/201315174$169,185
Hunter Creek CondominiumsChurch, Saint Mary's 711 Vine St.$68,27610/31/19891024$168,983
Hunter Creek CondominiumsDanforth, D., Ute City Tea712 Vine St.$73,00702/14/19901034$179,232
Hunter Creek CondominiumsRachilla, K. 714 Vine St.$59,00008/15/1984364$164,315
Hunter Creek CondominiumsBacsanyi, Karla 715 Vine St.$103,50006/28/19931644$233,393
Hunter Creek CondominiumsTran, Danny 716 Vine St.$109,32801/27/19952104$236,148
Hunter Creek CondominiumsWertz, Jeffrey 717 Vine St.$117,92505/03/20026774$157,035
Hunter Creek CondominiumsPeterson, Darcy & James Parker721 Vine St.$133,87401/24/201214283$140,137
Hunter Creek CondominiumsPegiel, Tomek & Malgorzata 722 Vine St.$158,50602/16/201012874$174,122
Hunter Creek CondominiumsCollins, Charles & Janice 724 Vine St.$56,50004/19/1982194$165,263
Hunter Creek CondominiumsPritchard, Michael & Laura 725 Vine St.$163,29009/30/20058844$197,650
Hunter Creek CondominiumsTalarico, Megan 726 Vine St.$187,15208/24/200912394$206,739
Hunter Creek CondominiumsBartell, Nicolle 727 Vine St.$59,00001/04/1988844$152,220
Hunter Creek CondominiumsCarey, Pat 728 Vine St.$46,50001/29/1982144$136,710
Hunter Creek CondominiumsWhite, Matt & Sarah 731 Vine St.$171,39106/23/200912294$190,918
Hunter Creek CondominiumsGomes, Pepper & Susan 732 Vine St.$46,50001/29/1982154$136,710
Hunter Creek CondominiumsRoland, Daniel 733 Vine St.$193,27302/26/201415814$194,723
Hunter Creek CondominiumsTidwell, Joan 734 Vine St.$56,50007/01/1982204$164,415
Hunter Creek CondominiumsBurtch, George 735 Vine St.$62,00012/13/1984394$171,430
Hunter Creek CondominiumsMann, Cathy 736 Vine St.$94,53406/18/19931634$213,174
Hunter Creek CondominiumsPride, Kristin & Roy Saba737 Vine St.$133,02906/14/201113784$144,669
Hunter Creek CondominiumsSeubert, Karen 738 Vine St.$53,80009/04/1984374$149,564
Hunter Creek CondominiumsSteadman, Pamala 811 Vine St.$139,00005/01/201315024$140,962
Hunter Creek CondominiumsLee, Susan & Michael 812 Vine St.$234,73510/14/20037694$302,750
Hunter Creek CondominiumsBaker, Cathy C. & Michael J. Smith814 Vine St.$269,00007/09/201214584$276,075
Hunter Creek CondominiumsPayne, Brian 815 Vine St.$336,00010/25/201315424$339,210
Hunter Creek CondominiumsRichards, Rachel 816 Vine St.$64,00007/01/1988904$163,200
Hunter Creek CondominiumsMorrow, Heather 821 Vine St.$118,24508/25/20069384$138,084
Hunter Creek CondominiumsAllen, Leonard 822 Vine St.$79,46510/04/1982234$230,051
Hunter Creek CondominiumsWoolley, Susan 823 Vine St.$47,30011/30/19952421$73,057
Hunter Creek CondominiumsKing, Wanda Jo 824 Vine St.$40,32911/30/19952431$62,290
Hunter Creek CondominiumsGeist, Susan 831 Vine St.$59,50012/20/1987834$153,808
Hunter Creek CondominiumsStephens, Rick 832 Vine St.$244,60602/12/200710414$288,515
Hunter Creek CondominiumsIi, Edward Petrosius, 833 Vine St.$85,50001/29/1982164$251,370
Hunter Creek CondominiumsEbest, Rick 834 Vine St.$206,42902/11/201012854$226,766
Hunter Creek CondominiumsWong, Christopher 835 Vine St.$85,50002/16/1982184$250,943
Hunter Creek CondominiumsAvila, Norma & Otilio Avila-Alvarez836 Vine St.$202,36001/18/200710344$238,685
Independence View CondominiumsDisalvo, Petrina 84 Pitkin Mesa Drive$381,00005/15/200710596$438,359
Independence View CondominiumsRoth, David 86 Pitkin Mesa Drive$400,67605/03/201013066$436,395
Juan Street CondominiumsDunn, Steven 107 Juan Street$197,28911/17/20058924$235,025
Juan Street CondominiumsChristensen, Cindy 109 Juan Street$180,00006/23/19952264$280,455
Juan Street CondominiumsFletcher, Jay 111 Juan Street$180,00006/21/19952254$280,455
Juan Street CondominiumsChiles, Dwight 113 Juan Street$256,80404/28/200912184$288,210
Juan Street CondominiumsMorgan, Michael & Kerstin Lundholm115 Juan Street$237,02311/17/20058934$282,359
Juan Street CondominiumsJohnson, Kerri & Derek 117 Juan Street$227,02608/10/20005464$312,161
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesIlic, Ksenija 101 Lacet Ct.$172,17408/10/20069333$201,570
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesSette, Cynthia 102 Lacet Ct.$116,50007/27/19941833$185,818
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesSchiff, Sandy 103 Lacet Ct.$201,98308/31/200912413$223,123
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesMiccio, K. Will 104 Lacet Ct.$132,68908/15/20037613$171,872
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesSpeck, Brian - Deceased205 Lacet Ct.$405,96005/23/2000528RO$633,298
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesJiminez, Letitia 206 Lacet Ct.$193,50008/11/19941854$308,149
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesPower, Matthew 207 Lacet Ct.$287,05806/26/20069274$336,752
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesTurok, Seth & Beth Fischer208 Lacet Ct.$593,00802/02/20091203RO$717,540
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesIttner, Robert 309 Lacet Ct.$454,32107/10/2002699RO$669,366
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesYeager, James 310 Lacet Ct.$193,50007/27/19941844$308,633
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesBeach, Catherine 311 Lacet Ct.$247,00203/06/20026624$331,662
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesSuthren, M. 312 Lacet Ct.$158,71007/26/19941824$253,142
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesRiessen, Michael 313 Lacet Ct.$121,58310/16/19984343$176,755
Lacet Court / East Cooper TownhomesAllen, Doug 403 Lacet Lane$802,88408/01/1996309RO$1,372,932
Lazy Glen SubdivisionSchoeberlein, Joseph 1 Lazy Glen$365,00005/28/20091226RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionStom, Tom 2 Lazy Glen$31,94908/13/2002707RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionTheobald, Terri Ann 3 Lazy Glen$28,84906/11/2002688RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionParry, Albert T. 4 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996340RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionTrautner, Christopher 5 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996341RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionStrauss, Eric, Jason, Randy & Susan 6 Lazy Glen$310,00012/06/20061008RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionAudo, John 7 Lazy Glen$30,33206/05/2002685RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionJara, Sara Ibeth 8 Lazy Glen$250,00010/27/20111412RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionTweed, Andrew G. 9 Lazy Glen$145,00004/02/2003741RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionKaren D'attilo10 Lazy Glen$480,00011/21/20081184RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionVoight, Deborah 11 Lazy Glen$86,20001/16/2003731RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionLangford, Mark 12 Lazy Glen$310,00003/31/2004782RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionSolis, Jose & Carmen 13 Lazy Glen$340,00007/05/2006929RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionBokenko, Leonard & Anita 14 Lazy Glen$30,13004/19/2002675RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionKenney, Mary 15 Lazy Glen$29,46405/17/2002680RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionCone, Michael A. 16 Lazy Glen$175,00009/30/2002714RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionSmith, Rachael 17 Lazy Glen$280,00011/28/20061001RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionNewton, Crystal 18 Lazy Glen$260,00010/10/2006968RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHandrich, Denise A. 19 Lazy Glen$33,24710/01/2002715RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionGoodwin, Jedidiah 20 Lazy Glen$31,01308/09/2002706RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionJohnson, Kenneth C. 21 Lazy Glen$31,79812/19/2002728RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHenderson, Nancy E. 22 Lazy Glen$30,21309/16/2002712RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionWolfe, Marlen & Brandi Jepson23 Lazy Glen$155,00004/04/2002671RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionGingles, Holly 24 Lazy Glen$138,00010/11/2002719RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionFranklin, Stephen H. 25 Lazy Glen$30,00002/12/20101286RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 26 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996342RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionSeebohar, Linda J. 27 Lazy Glen$29,49405/02/2003749RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionCarr, William 28 Lazy Glen$27,55111/05/2002724RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionRiley, Carmen 29 Lazy Glen$28,35907/01/2002693RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionLee, Donna & Tom Hall30 Lazy Glen$105,00009/07/2004810RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionWalsh, Elizabeth 31 Lazy Glen$27,95610/11/2002720RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionGilman, Peter 32 Lazy Glen$200,00004/14/20091214RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionFabijanic, Chris 33 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996343RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 34 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996344RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionBlakney, Susan 35 Lazy Glen$24,94108/06/2003759RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 36 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996345RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionConnley, Therese 37 Lazy Glen$26,30012/06/2004828RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 38 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996346RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 39 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996347RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionCortez, Henriquez 40 Lazy Glen$192,50007/29/2004800RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionSchuler, David 41 Lazy Glen$26,80106/05/2002686RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHale, Darien & Vicki 42 Lazy Glen$41,60004/08/2002674RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionMoses, Gaard 43 Lazy Glen$108,00005/12/2004789RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionTyson, Honey 44 Lazy Glen$36,19508/05/2002704RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionSaraceno, Cynthia 45 Lazy Glen$41,60005/18/2004790RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionLane, Jamie & Joseph & Joan Martin46 Lazy Glen$190,00001/09/20071026RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionJackovich, Jane A. 47 Lazy Glen$68,10001/18/2003732RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 48 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996348RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 49 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996349RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionRivera, Josefa Silvia 50 Lazy Glen$105,00002/10/2003734RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionDelgado, Cesar Herrera 51 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996350RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHouston, Julie 52 Lazy Glen$134,00002/25/20131493RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionRamos, Rogerio & Zulman 53 Lazy Glen$193,00006/26/20081157RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionMartinez, J. Ramon 54 Lazy Glen$85,00001/23/2003733RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionVasquez, Alejandro Reyes 55 Lazy Glen$70,00008/18/2003762RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionFrancisco, Ayala 56 Lazy Glen$125,00009/10/2004812RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 57 Lazy Glen$11,81611/30/20071123RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionDelgadillo, Maria A. 58 Lazy Glen$193,00009/03/2004808RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionCarrera, Roberto Gamarra 59 Lazy Glen-09/06/2005879RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionCano, Arturo & Armida 60 Lazy Glen$16,20005/01/2002676RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionZelaya, Maria & Ana Argueta61 Lazy Glen$203,20012/19/20061019RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionGamble, Gary L. 62 Lazy Glen$81,00009/30/2003766RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 63 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996351RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionKates, Joanne 64 Lazy Glen$125,00005/26/2006916RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHanson, Jodi 65 Lazy Glen$179,50003/31/2005855RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionTerrell, Kevin 66 Lazy Glen$22,40307/03/2002695RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionGomez Meza, Javier & Maricarmen Sanchez67 Lazy Glen$148,00007/30/2004802RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionCuttitta, Margo 68 Lazy Glen$25,66312/30/2002730RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionNevols, John 69 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996352RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionCano, Arturo & Armida 70 Lazy Glen$35,00003/04/20141582RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionBearden, Katherine V. 71 Lazy Glen$320,00005/09/2006910RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionCastillo, Joaquin Argueta 72 Lazy Glen$170,00012/30/20131555RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHagen, Martin & Lafrances 73 Lazy Glen$290,00012/27/20131554RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionBohan, Julie K. Bowden 74 Lazy Glen$27,60005/15/2002679RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionQuintana, Oscar 75 Lazy Glen$237,00010/25/20131543RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionMoore, Brent 76 Lazy Glen$153,00006/14/2006925RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionMarquez, Tito & Francisca 77 Lazy Glen$217,90008/21/20071078RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 78 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996353RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionAlvarado, Juan & Maria 79 Lazy Glen$110,00010/30/20131545RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 80 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996354RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionRivera, Francisco & Ana Ariza81 Lazy Glen$80,00012/27/2002729RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionLopez, Daniel M. & Maria L. Davalos Bernal82 Lazy Glen$230,00004/25/20141615RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionStevenson, John & Karen 83 Lazy Glen$20,75207/03/2002696RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHenrikson, Sarah 84 Lazy Glen$157,00001/31/20071037RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionMerlos, Enrique 85 Lazy Glen$23,00009/23/1996355RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionMarlow, John 86 Lazy Glen$20,58106/03/2002683RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 87 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996356RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 88 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996357RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionGoss, John 89 Lazy Glen$150,00008/31/2006942RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionGarcia, Jose D. 90 Lazy Glen$220,00004/05/20071051RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionJensen, Jesse 91 Lazy Glen$120,00008/29/20111394RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionShechter, Kristopher 92 Lazy Glen$195,00003/25/20111364RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionSloop, Mary Ellen 93 Lazy Glen$24,80007/01/2002694RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 94 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996358RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionBoyer, Bruce, Paul, & Nancy 95 Lazy Glen$170,00001/20/2006901RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionRomero, Bruce 96 Lazy Glen$89,00006/26/20131511RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionBurke, Shelly & Patrick 97 Lazy Glen$140,00007/15/2004799RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionRather, Larry, Darlene, & Maxine 98 Lazy Glen$200,00012/12/2005897RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionHoa, Lazy Glen 99 Lazy Glen$41,60009/23/1996359RO-
Lazy Glen SubdivisionDelcid, Juan Carlos 100 Lazy Glen$156,00010/30/2003770RO-
Little AjaxRoland, Dan & Leah 605 West Hopkins, Unit 102$266,00011/03/20069854$309,897
Little AjaxAmaya, Jose & Blanca Argueta605 West Hopkins, Unit 103$199,00010/31/20069833$231,840
Little AjaxKurkulis, Patsy & Paul 605 West Hopkins, Unit 201$293,00010/10/20069694$341,353
Little AjaxKelly, Kim 605 West Hopkins, Unit 202$293,00010/10/20069704$341,353
Little AjaxKonig, Deborah & Kim Hanson605 West Hopkins, Unit 203$314,09811/12/200711094$358,266
Little AjaxVoss, Natalie 605 West Hopkins, Unit 204$311,49908/31/200912424$344,101
Little AjaxWashburn, Serene-Marie V. 605 West Hopkins, Unit 205$199,00010/13/20069743$231,840
Little AjaxFransen, Gregory & Erin 605 West Hopkins, Unit 206$199,00010/11/20069713$231,840
Little AjaxNelson, Rose-Marie & Trevor 605 West Hopkins, Unit 207$293,00010/12/20069724$341,353
Little AjaxBlack, Alice & Benjamin 605 West Hopkins, Unit 208$327,04604/24/201214434$336,087
Little AjaxAngelov, Dimi & Daniela 605 West Hopkins, Unit 209$199,00010/12/20069733$231,840
Little AjaxCarroll, Meredith & Rick 605 West Hopkins, Unit 210$293,00010/13/20069754$341,353
Little AjaxErickson, Ron 605 West Hopkins, Unit 211$293,00011/20/20069934$345,949
Little AjaxMarshall, Ali & Josh 605 West Hopkins, Unit 212$293,00010/13/20069764$341,353
Little Victorian CondominiumRusso, Nick 634 Main Street, #2$108,59909/23/20048153$136,532
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsLasser, Jason 0155 Lone Pine A-01$116,45506/03/19973794$172,448
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsErickson, Bryan 0155 Lone Pine A-02$166,06710/28/201013374$180,212
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsIngram, Pauline 0155 Lone Pine A-03$123,85908/08/19963134$186,888
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsBouchard, Jesse 0155 Lone Pine A-04$182,96202/06/201314914$188,365
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsKirshen, Vitashka 0155 Lone Pine A-05$111,15008/08/19963144$167,712
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsStewart, Todd 0155 Lone Pine A-06$171,50410/17/201315404$173,143
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsJaderko, Oliver 0155 Lone Pine A-07$194,09012/19/201315524$196,516
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsWabiszewski, Kathryn 0155 Lone Pine A-08$133,08409/12/20027104$175,769
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsDeturris, Monica 0155 Lone Pine A-09$114,95108/10/19984274$167,429
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsKubasiewicz, Mike 0155 Lone Pine A-10$160,61305/03/20069084$191,235
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsJahnke, Grant & Kendall French0155 Lone Pine A-11$249,92509/04/201315264$252,614
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsFox, Krista & Thomas Hughes0155 Lone Pine A-12$263,61308/26/201113934$275,301
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsBacos, Aisha 0155 Lone Pine A-13$225,70209/20/201315314$227,858
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsBell, Anthony 0155 Lone Pine A-14$160,47009/20/19963374$241,813
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsStraka, Virginia 0155 Lone Pine A-15$149,04508/08/19963154$224,890
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsPegolotti, D. & J. Vickery0155 Lone Pine A-16$146,74808/08/19963164$221,425
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsBoda, Anita 0155 Lone Pine A-17$221,85905/10/201113694$234,499
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsKeilin, Richard 0155 Lone Pine A-18$184,67305/15/20069114$219,882
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsHanle, Gregory 0155 Lone Pine A-19$172,93409/07/20016384$231,355
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsSauer, Christy & Ted Mahon0155 Lone Pine A-20$183,02403/28/20069044$219,124
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsMacdonald, Shirley 0155 Lone Pine B-01$129,30601/07/19973704$192,963
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsEtheridge, Mary 0155 Lone Pine B-02$87,35310/03/19963614$131,490
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsRubel, Andrea 0155 Lone Pine B-03$108,42212/05/20058964$129,160
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsMutrie, Timothy 0155 Lone Pine B-04$109,95606/06/20069224$129,694
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsBrown, Joy 0155 Lone Pine B-05$116,07306/26/200710664$132,544
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsKraemer, Michael 0155 Lone Pine B-06$158,27305/01/201315034$160,507
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsIII, Franklin Adriance, 0155 Lone Pine B-07$114,02408/29/19973864$168,416
Lone Pine Apartment CondominiumsCoulombe, Richard 0155 Lone Pine B-08$126,33405/09/20015924$170,196
Maroon Creek ClubCavaleri, Jerry And Teresa 1151 Tiehack Unit 115$117,82907/31/19963071$177,789
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsGraham, Margot 403 Park Avenue, #1$156,42105/14/200710583$181,332
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsWertz, Limor 403 Park Avenue, #2$163,58803/02/200710443$192,571
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsHollinger, Jon 403 Park Avenue, #3$163,36003/05/200710453$192,302
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsMclaughlin, Kevin 403 Park Avenue, #4$125,00006/16/19994483$178,574
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsHendricks, Lyndell 403 Park Avenue, #5$137,55605/30/20069173$162,248
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsBallou, Jonathan & Athena Helbing403 Park Avenue, #6$197,30306/29/200912324$219,782
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsMcintyre, Lee & Geoff 403 Park Avenue, #7$204,41501/18/200710354$241,109
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsBurgess, Hilary 403 Park Avenue, #8$171,40812/03/200912633$188,432
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsKurnos, Tim 403 Park Avenue, #9$174,63912/08/200912643$191,984
Marthinsson-Nostdahl CondominiumsMcknight, Spencer 403 Park Avenue, #10$197,46806/14/201214553$202,661
Midland Park Condominium AssociationGarton, Sara 110 Midland Park Pl A-10$69,50004/01/1987514$146,336
Midland Park Condominium AssociationJohnston, Peggy 111 Midland Park Pl A-11$138,85710/03/20037684$179,091
Midland Park Condominium AssociationBrooks, Kerri 112 Midland Park Pl. A-12$116,74312/27/20016574$156,332
Midland Park Condominium AssociationLacroix, Tim 113 Midland Park Pl. A-13$152,60405/16/200710604$176,907
Midland Park Condominium AssociationStear, Ron & Fernanda 121 Midland Park Pl. A-21$162,75801/10/201214274$169,878
Midland Park Condominium AssociationBirach, Karen 122 Midland Park Pl. A-22$89,64705/20/19921454$152,170
Midland Park Condominium AssociationHagen, Catherine 210 Midland Park Pl. B-10$50,22312/05/197974$154,214
Midland Park Condominium AssociationHouben, Cindy 211 Midland Park Pl. B-11$79,50007/17/19901074$144,964
Midland Park Condominium AssociationWinkler, Jill 212 Midland Park Pl . B-12$151,56201/20/200911974$172,095
Midland Park Condominium AssociationHumphrey, Jess & Beth Hansen213 Midland Park Pl. B-13$165,32003/14/201415924$166,147
Midland Park Condominium AssociationDodington, Susan M. 221 Midland Park Pl. B-21$89,90010/01/19901114$160,961
Midland Park Condominium AssociationSponar, Anton & Judy 222 Midland Park Pl. B-22$111,42612/15/19931744$180,894
Midland Park Condominium AssociationBestic, Jeff 301 Midland Park Pl. C-1$155,92106/10/19911304$271,998
Midland Park Condominium AssociationFuentes, David & Katharine 302 Midland Park Pl. C-2$207,97705/08/20005194$288,315
Midland Park Condominium AssociationHiggins, Paul 303 Midland Park Pl. C-3$80,75009/01/197824$284,380
Midland Park Condominium AssociationKoch, Kathryn & John 304 Midland Park Pl. C-4$80,75009/01/197834$284,380
Midland Park Condominium AssociationMcphee, J. & L. Guida401 Midland Park Pl. D-1$80,75009/01/197844$284,380
Midland Park Condominium AssociationFornell, Peter 402 Midland Park Pl. D-2$195,11502/21/19973724$291,107
Midland Park Condominium AssociationMaccracken, Marisa & Scott 403 Midland Park Pl. D-3$175,62111/01/19931674$286,319
Midland Park Condominium AssociationChauner, Ron & Jackie 404 Midland Park Pl. D-4$135,00006/01/19891014$257,696
Midland Park Condominium AssociationKolberg, J. & G. Smith501 Midland Park Pl. E-1$80,75009/01/197854$284,380
Midland Park Condominium AssociationCunningham, Pam 502 Midland Park Pl. E-2$102,00001/15/198184$275,577
Midland Park Condominium AssociationWelden, Todd & Deborah 503 Midland Park Pl. E-3$173,23411/21/19973914$254,514
Midland Park Condominium AssociationGriffith, Tom 504 Midland Park Pl. E-4$130,00007/31/1987764$269,947
Midland Park Condominium AssociationBakken, Liza & John 601 Midland Park Pl. F-1$262,75810/20/20069794$306,120
Midland Park Condominium AssociationBlomquist, Jenifer & Paul Perley602 Midland Park Pl . F-2$372,50011/26/200811854$408,275
Midland Park Condominium AssociationNichols, Scott & Brigitte Birrfelder603 Midland Park Pl. F-3$245,69909/12/20027114$324,503
Midland Park Condominium AssociationStein, Deborah 710 Midland Park Pl. G-10$137,39308/16/19952354$213,159
Midland Park Condominium AssociationJefferson, Greg 711 Midland Park Pl G-11$161,35008/08/20027054$213,304
Midland Park Condominium AssociationGleason, Amy & John Everette712 Midland Park Pl G-12$204,86101/04/200710254$242,130
Midland Park Condominium AssociationJohnson, S. & M. Mccollum713 Midland Park Pl G-13$107,50012/18/1987824$219,023
Midland Park Condominium AssociationWebster, David 721 Midland Park Pl. G-21$60,00009/01/197864$211,304
Midland Park Condominium AssociationCalk, L. & D. Willcox722 Midland Park Pl. G-22$139,58309/16/19963334$210,339
Midland Park Condominium AssociationPatten, David 810 Midland Park Pl. H-10$129,00005/14/19931624$212,563
Midland Park Condominium AssociationLevin, Amy 811 Midland Park Pl. H-11$195,12107/30/201214614$200,753
Midland Park Condominium AssociationHeck, James 812 Midland Park Pl. H-12$91,00011/17/1983324$209,568
Midland Park Condominium AssociationSemple, Sasha & Dep821 Midland Park Pl. H-21$220,88301/12/201012744$242,301
Mother LodeMother Lode Investors, LLC314 E. Hyman Ave., #201$107,00003/27/201214372$110,932
Mother LodeMother Lode Investors, LLC314 E. Hyman Ave., #202$107,00003/27/201214382$110,932
North FortyTarver, Charles 0015 Narrow Way, Lot 18$461,33312/12/2003776RO$653,555
North FortyJohannsson, Olafur & Thora Einarsdottir0027 Narrow Way, Lot 17$1,093,95306/14/2001598RO$1,659,162
North FortyFox, Preston & Michelle 0037 Narrow Way, Lot 16$936,39901/17/20091196RO$1,136,164
North FortyLandis, William & Mindy 0045 Narrow Way, Lot 15$527,35806/25/2004797RO$736,543
North FortyPetersen, Karen 0061 Narrow Way, Lot 14$130,00003/09/2000487RO$203,667
North FortyMcintyre, Cameron & Patricia 0005 Riverdown Drive, Lot 72$941,01505/04/2000517RO$1,467,983
North FortyWest, Marie T. 0017 Riverdown Drive, Lot 71$400,00004/03/2000499RO$625,333
North FortyBordan, Robert 0022 Riverdown Drive, Lot 41$400,00005/09/2000520RO$624,000
North FortyTullar, Michael & Jennifer 0027 Riverdown Drive, Lot 70$1,080,23811/17/2003773RO$1,533,938
North FortyJohn, Sandra St. 0035 Riverdown Drive, Lot 69$557,53705/08/2002678RO$825,155
North FortyWard, John & Ashley 0047 Riverdown Drive, Lot 68$1,425,00008/30/20131524RO$1,467,750
North FortyAndrews, Ross 0057 Riverdown Drive, Lot 67$1,251,30908/30/2001633RO$1,889,477
North FortyHarper, Michelle Roy 0060 Riverdown Drive, Lot 43$75,00005/12/2000525RO$117,000
North FortyRettig, Hunt & Kristin Coulon0062 Riverdown Drive, Lot 44$400,00005/02/2000515RO$624,000
North FortyTrish, Terry 0064 Riverdown Drive, Lot 45$668,46503/30/2000492RO$1,047,262
North FortyCohen, Adam & Camilla Zohn0067 Riverdown Drive, Lot 66$1,050,00003/26/20141603RO$1,057,000
North FortyGalambos, John & Robin 0070 Riverdown Drive, Lot 46$1,402,55411/14/20071111RO$1,767,218
North FortyRyan, Christopher & Donnie 0075 Riverdown Drive, Lot 65$1,383,00010/24/2006981RO$1,802,510
North FortyDuffey, Diana 0080 Riverdown Drive, Lot 47$1,420,00011/01/20131546RO$1,448,400
North FortyLassalette, Kristen 0085 Riverdown Drive, Lot 64$934,44112/15/20081186RO$1,136,903
North FortyOstrander, Kenneth & Bianca 0090 Riverdown Drive, Lot 48$482,60204/05/2000500RO$754,468
North FortyByrne, Richard & Michele 0097 Riverdown Drive, Lot 63$155,00004/11/2000504RO$242,317
North FortyWestfeldt, Wharton & Nancy 0098 Riverdown Drive, Lot 49$679,31706/26/2001599RO$1,030,297
North FortyFerrara, Susan Amelia 0105 Riverdown Drive, Lot 62$750,99205/11/2000522RO$1,171,548
North FortyTurchiarelli, Lisa M. 0110 Riverdown Drive, Lot 50$1,269,80701/14/20081140RO$1,591,491
North FortyFrench, John Jr & Barbara0113 Riverdown Drive, Lot 61$165,00005/09/2000521RO$257,400
North FortyWilson, Fred 0118 Riverdown Drive, Lot 51$572,39704/05/2000501RO$894,847
North FortyMenendez, Luis & Nasrin 0123 Riverdown Drive, Lot 60$881,06104/20/2000509RO$1,377,392
North FortyDangler, Daniel & Paulette 0130 Riverdown Drive, Lot 52$1,063,36704/18/2000506RO$1,662,397
North FortyMccartney, Charles 0137 Riverdown Drive, Lot 59$155,00004/18/2000507RO$242,317
North FortySearle, Denise & Jonathan Feinberg0140 Riverdown Drive, Lot 53$1,129,00010/02/2006959RO$1,471,463
North FortyBlack, Ann 0143 Riverdown Drive, Lot 58$920,00009/13/20121472RO$981,333
North FortyStranahan, Michael 0148 Riverdown Drive, Lot 54$150,00005/12/2000526RO$234,000
North FortyPalmaz, Alejandro & Caroline Henry0151 Riverdown Drive, Lot 57$815,23905/06/2003750RO$1,173,944
North FortyTralins, Nikola 0161 Riverdown Drive, Lot 56$1,437,00009/17/20121473RO$1,532,800
North FortyKops, Jillian 0171 Riverdown Drive, Lot 55$1,140,83801/16/20071031RO$1,475,484
North FortySimpson, Avery & Adam Nelson0174 Riverdown Drive, Lot 1$585,47909/27/20131534RO$601,092
North FortyWagner, Seth & Isadora Gailey0176 Riverdown Drive, Lot 2$574,79309/02/20111399RO$636,104
North FortyKropf, Stephen & Ramsey 0178 Riverdown Drive, Lot 3$422,40204/09/2003744RO$609,667
North FortyHarper, Harriet (Rett) 0180 Riverdown Drive, Lot 4$412,52302/28/2003738RO$598,158
North FortyKlug, Christopher 0182 Riverdown Drive, Lot 5$418,99903/03/2003740RO$606,152
North FortySutton, Jordan & Melissa 0184 Riverdown Drive, Lot 6$411,47702/24/2003737RO$596,642
North FortyWinkle, Alan Van 0186 Riverdown Drive, Lot 7$404,90007/29/2003755RO$580,357
North FortyAnderson, Stephen & Colleen 0188 Riverdown Drive, Lot 8$397,00002/28/2003739RO$575,650
North FortyBarnes, Craig A 0190 Riverdown Drive, Lot 9$538,94604/03/2003742RO$777,879
North FortyFabrocini, Bill 0192 Riverdown Drive, Lot 10$378,94604/09/2003745RO$546,945
North FortyDaniel, Sherman, 0194 Riverdown Drive, Lot 11$494,47011/01/20111416RO$543,917
North FortyBarrow, Justin & Amy Capron0196 Riverdown Drive, Lot 12$562,64109/01/20111397RO$622,656
North FortySoyka, Fred & Sonya Hoban0198 Riverdown Drive, Lot 13$415,00004/16/2003746RO$598,983
North FortyVoorhees, Peter & Jennifer 0018 Totterdown Road, Lot 19$667,62411/01/20111417RO$734,386
North FortyCausing, Jennifer 0032 Totterdown Road, Lot 20$532,68409/01/20111398RO$589,504
North FortyBruice, Kenton & Donna 0050 Totterdown Road, Lot 21$1,188,47405/01/2005856RO$1,616,325
North FortyWard, Patricia A. 0066 Totterdown Road, Lot 22$770,00001/16/2006899RO$1,026,667
North FortyCohen, Richard & Elizabeth 0074 Totterdown Road, Lot 23$150,00004/07/2000502RO$234,500
North FortySecrist, Maryellen 0082 Totterdown Road, Lot 24$150,00004/25/2000511RO$234,500
North FortyYang, Peter & Virginia 0090 Totterdown Road, Lot 25$856,80001/31/20131490RO$902,496
North FortyOrtmann, William & Marilyn 0098 Totterdown Road, Lot 26$748,52703/09/2000488RO$1,172,692
North FortyCoombe, Douglas & Deborah 0106 Totterdown Road, Lot 27$532,32605/11/2000523RO$830,429
North FortySolondz, Tammy 0114 Totterdown Road, Lot 28$1,381,37009/08/20091243RO$1,639,226
North FortyWaldeck, Steven 0124 Totterdown Road, Lot 29$943,56106/06/2001596RO$1,431,068
North FortyTheriot, Susan & James 0132 Totterdown Road, Lot 30$514,65304/11/2000505RO$804,574
North FortyHinderberger, Kirk & Sacha 0140 Totterdown Road, Lot 31$1,160,00004/15/20141612RO$1,163,867
North FortyCameron, Cynthia 0148 Totterdown Road, Lot 32$140,00003/14/2000489RO$219,333
North FortyWisener, Greg & Pamela Duke0154 Totterdown Road, Lot 33$135,00004/25/2000512RO$211,050
North FortyMajor, Paul & Cynthia 0162 Totterdown Road, Lot 34$400,00004/20/2000510RO$625,333
North FortyTyler, Christopher & Jacquelyn Francis0170 Totterdown Road, Lot 35$779,00004/25/2000513RO$1,217,837
North FortyDevlin, Mark 0006 Tumbledown Lane, Lot 36$725,68305/11/2000524RO$1,132,065
North FortyHancock, James & Lisa 0018 Tumbledown Lane, Lot 37$400,00005/04/2000518RO$624,000
North FortyMessina, Scott & Debora Kelly0024 Tumbledown Lane, Lot 38$371,43004/18/2000508RO$580,669
North FortyWessler, Michael & Susan Glah0034 Tumbledown Lane, Lot 39$656,50001/24/20131489RO$691,513
North FortyRidings, Chris & Mary 0044 Tumbledown Lane, Lot 40$899,10305/29/2001594RO$1,366,637
North FortyMorgan, Lucinda 0065 Tumbledown Lane, Lot 42$554,66708/15/20071076RO$704,427
Obermeyer PlaceSinta, Scott 102 Founders Place, Unit 101$161,21505/03/201315043$163,490
Obermeyer PlaceBallinger, Elizabeth (Lissa) 102 Founders Place, Unit 102$597,83310/27/20091252RO$657,917
Obermeyer PlaceSeyffert, Steve 102 Founders Place, Unit 201$619,97809/22/2006946RO$722,291
Obermeyer PlaceBerg, Kristofor 102 Founders Place, Unit 202$92,00009/25/20069482$107,182
Obermeyer PlaceKlein, James & Sallie 102 Founders Place, Unit 203$557,36701/17/20071033RO$658,765
Obermeyer PlaceIII, H.W. Smith 102 Founders Place, Unit 204$92,00009/27/20069522$107,182
Obermeyer PlaceHunter, Alexander 102 Founders Place, Unit 205$92,00009/25/20069492$107,182
Obermeyer PlaceDonahue, Beth 102 Founders Place, Unit 302$141,00009/26/20069503$164,269
Obermeyer PlaceGlathar, Kimberly 102 Founders Place, Unit 303$141,00009/22/20069473$164,269
Obermeyer PlaceAnderton, James 100 Obermeyer Pl., Unit 101$712,77012/01/20091261RO$783,562
Obermeyer PlaceFeldman, Jonathan 100 Obermeyer Pl., Unit 102$157,68805/15/201214503$161,542
Obermeyer PlaceMilne, Sheila 100 Obermeyer Pl., Unit 103$92,00009/29/20069582$107,182
Obermeyer PlaceNguyen, Michael & Kim Dao100 Obermeyer Pl., Unit 104$585,15811/20/20081183RO$641,357
Obermeyer PlaceDodds, Alaina 101 N. Spring St., Unit 104$158,82005/31/201214533$162,701
Obermeyer PlacePearson, Doug 101 N. Spring St., Unit 105$101,33306/08/201113772$106,276
Obermeyer PlaceWoodson, Tom 101 N. Spring St., Unit 106$144,22311/12/200711103$164,503
Obermeyer PlaceArenella, Beth Brandon 101 N. Spring St., Unit 107$141,00008/24/20069363$164,656
Obermeyer PlaceShapiro, Frederic & Susan 101 N. Spring St., Unit 108$685,94708/25/2006939RO$801,033
Obermeyer PlaceNiblack, Scott 101 N. Spring St., Unit 109$554,15210/02/2006960RO$645,602
Obermeyer PlaceGraham, Noelda 101 N. Spring St., Unit 203$92,00008/27/20069402$107,435
Obermeyer PlaceSattler, Sandra 101 N. Spring St., Unit 204$92,00010/19/20069782$107,835
Obermeyer PlaceTreder, Carole 101 N. Spring St., Unit 205$141,00008/24/20069373$164,656
Oh-Be-Joyful AcresGartner, Billy & Holly 0080 Merrill Ln.$183,05509/10/20016393$244,895
Oh-Be-Joyful AcresMcdermott, Shannon & Shawn 0090 Merrill Ln., Lot 2$189,72302/13/20037353$249,290
Oh-Be-Joyful AcresHelmus, Bob & Becky 0110 Merrill Ln., Lot 4$139,50003/02/19931593$228,083
Oh-Be-Joyful AcresKinsley, Michael 0100 Merrill Ln., Lot 3$139,50001/21/19931533$228,780
Oh-Be-Joyful AcresHoward, John & Lisa 0161 Katie Park Lane., Lot #5$135,80006/24/19921473$225,089
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsStorey, Sandra & Samuel Rondeau412 Aabc, Unit A$150,00002/12/200912062$170,321
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsTekus, Alexander & Alison Buck412 Aabc, Unit B$232,91907/03/201315143$236,129
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsOsborne, Tracey & Matt 412 Aabc, Unit C$208,00001/14/200911943$233,350
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsWhite, George & Jacquelyn Carr412 Aabc, Unit D$208,00001/08/200911903$233,350
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsKoller, Stephanie & Michael Torres412 Aabc, Unit E$150,00001/13/200911912$168,281
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsSanchez, Steve & Christie 412 Aabc, Unit F$150,00001/13/200911922$168,281
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsDebski, Marcin & Magdalena Debska412 Aabc, Unit G$208,00001/13/200911933$233,350
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsSwenson, Laura & Justin 412 Aabc, Unit H$208,00001/20/200911983$236,179
Pacific Avenue CondominiumsOlson, Adam & Cheryl Wichert410 Aabc, Unit I$208,00001/21/200911993$236,179
Park Avenue TownhomesLowe, Sara & Cory 407 Park Ave #B$331,35502/06/201314924$341,141
Park Circle CondominiumsCunningham, Caitlyn E. 425 Park Circle, Unit A-1$79,50008/28/20005482$109,182
Park Place CondominiumsKaren Day409 E. Cooper #3$55,80008/16/1982214$162,099
Park Place CondominiumsPeyton, Mari 411 E. Cooper #4$55,80008/16/1982224$162,099
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsDaniel, Gary & Meredith 249 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit O$271,21304/22/20047864$344,853
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsJurgensen, Pam 271 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit N$228,60003/15/20015794$311,114
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsIlowiecki, Wojciech & Sheryl 279 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit M$149,00003/15/20015803$202,782
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsAdams, Lise & Brian Connelly291 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit L$171,20508/01/200710743$195,264
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsWilliams, Vivian & Gareth 295 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit K$228,60001/10/20015604$311,114
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsSudakov, Vitaly 299 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit J$182,23307/02/201315133$184,744
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsHenrichon, Christian & Karla 301 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit I$241,14501/28/20058444$301,420
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsVresilovic, Kendyll & Charles 305 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit H$237,33612/03/20027254$311,262
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsWaqanibaravi, Jill & Jessy 309 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit G$290,12806/13/201315094$294,704
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsTomkins, Sterling 341 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit F$103,29609/08/201013232$112,308
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsDemeulenaere, David 345 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit E$149,00001/17/20015623$202,782
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsSmith, Wade & Tina 349 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit D$216,80001/10/20015614$295,055
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsWare, Deborah 351 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit C$257,24712/13/200610154$303,735
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsWisniewski, Przemyslaw & Aldona 355 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit B$149,00001/22/20015643$202,782
Pitkin Iron CondominiumsSchuster, Ted 359 Pitkin Iron Road, Unit A$216,80001/22/20015654$295,055
Pitkin Park Place (AABC)Jolly, Simone 413 A Pacific Ave H-1$174,72012/26/201214873$179,319
Pitkin Park Place (AABC)Bauer, Frank R. II413 C Pacific Ave H-3$230,00005/09/201214463$236,358
Pitkin Park Place (AABC)Gonzales, Maria 413 E. Pacific Ave H-5$110,00211/27/20069981$129,881
Pitkin Park Place (AABC)Szabo, John 413 F. Pacific Ave H-6$126,47710/07/201013331$137,314
Pitkin Park Place (AABC)Willis, Gerald 415 H Pacific Ave G-8$101,05711/10/20069881$118,451
Pitkin Park Place, Bldg. FMallory, Howell 417 A Pitkin Park Place$192,00003/29/2002664RO-
Pitkin Park Place, Bldg. FNeill, Frank 417 B Pitkin Park Place$205,00003/29/2002665RO-
Pitkin Park Place, Bldg. FTornare, Rene 417 C Pitkin Park Place$340,00003/29/2002666RO-
Pitkin Park Place, Bldg. FVenrick, Keith 417 D Pitkin Park Place$215,00003/29/2002667RO-
Pitkin Park Place, Bldg. FHabermann, Todd 417 E Pitkin Park Place$310,00012/31/20121488RO-
Pitkin Park Place, Bldg. FFrazier, James 417 F Pitkin Park Place$270,00003/29/2002668RO-
Pitkin Park Place, Bldg. FBurkholder, Trevi 417 G Pitkin Park Place$278,50003/29/2002669RO-
Pitkin Park Place, Bldg. FBurkholder, Trent 417 H Pitkin Park Place$288,50003/29/2002670RO-
Red House EnclaveLenk, Meredith 937 West Hallam$95,19610/17/201214772$97,022
Red House EnclaveBorderick, Mark 939 West Hallam$144,07309/07/19994533$205,229
Red House EnclaveBlair, Alison 941 West Hallam$91,60211/06/200711042$104,483
Red House EnclaveGabel, Pamela Sue 943 West Hallam$173,49609/10/201214703$178,874
Red House EnclaveDittmar, Kristin 945 West Hallam$173,26506/30/200912333$193,005
Red House EnclaveRakestraw, Ronald 947 West Hallam$62,06009/20/20016402$83,057
Shadow MountainRodriguez, Joann 605 W. Main St 00A$135,01406/27/20026923$178,624
Shady Lane CondominiumsTerkun, Mark & Samantha Hitchcock328 Park Avenue$295,80002/25/20026614$397,186
Smuggler Cove CondominiumsSilva, Erilson (Eddy) 500 Park Circle$122,75303/24/201113632$131,232
Smuggler Cove CondominiumsSiegel, Barry & Sharon 508 Park Circle$117,71010/15/200912512$129,642
Smuggler Cove CondominiumsKaraus, Gregory & Linda 510 Park Circle$196,98003/09/19931604$322,062
Smuggler Hunter Trust CondominumsApcha6 Williams Way$322,00003/04/201415834$322,000
Smuggler Park SubdivisionGordon, Leticia Or Assigns101 Maple Lane$1,650,00009/23/20101328RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionGonzales, Steve 105 Maple Lane-04/23/198999RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionKing, Chris & Donna 106 Maple Lane$129,00011/18/1994201RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionLebby, Nick & Sarah 107 Maple Lane-04/01/198752RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionStone, Phillis & James Worrell108 Maple Lane-08/18/1995236RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionJung, Dennis Paul & Lisa Kane109 Maple Lane$20,70005/16/198886RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionStrobl, Mario 110 Maple Lane-04/28/198762RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionDanforth, Dave 111 Maple Lane-04/01/198753RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionBrooks, Laurie 112 Maple Lane-04/27/198761RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionSosna, Dominika 113 Maple Lane$450,00007/30/2004803RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionEarl, Monty & Camilla 114 Maple Lane$575,00006/21/20111380RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionJohnson, Elizabeth 115 Maple Lane-04/01/198754RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionSimpson, Patricia & Charles 116 Maple Lane$68,00006/01/198888RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionFinesilver, Jeff 117 Maple Lane--1620RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionGardner, Todd & Katharine 118 Maple Lane$475,00012/15/2004830RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionNerbonne, Anne 119 Maple Lane$49,00008/02/198435RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionWarming, Solveig 120 Maple Lane$120,00005/22/1991121RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionBoyle, John 121 Maple Lane--1621RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionPerkins, Wendy 122 Maple Lane$485,00005/01/2001590RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionFunk, William & Wilma 123 Maple Lane-04/01/198755RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionBrebner, Rich & Ellyn Craven124 Maple Lane-05/01/198433RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionCain, John 125 Maple Lane-04/01/198756RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionTeuscher, Jonathan 126 Maple Lane-05/01/198764RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionRyan, Martha 127 Maple Lane$135,00006/18/1996281RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionSmalls, Ray 128 Maple Lane-04/01/198757RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionPatterson, Karen & Charles 129 Maple Lane-04/01/198758RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionChristopher, Michael 130 Maple Lane-05/01/198765RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionWagar, Rich 132 Maple Lane$476,00002/18/2004780RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionZirbel, Nancy 134 Maple Lane$147,50008/30/1999451RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionRuggieri, Lisa 136 Maple Lane$44,00008/01/198649RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionSheeber, Aimee & Eric Knight138 Maple Lane$600,00011/30/2004827RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionCunningham, James 140 Maple Lane-04/01/198759RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionCurtis, Debra 142 Maple Lane$92,00002/16/1993155RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionDriskell, Doug 200 Cottonwood$58,00005/14/198774RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionAssociation, Smhp 201 Cottonwood--1622RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionHauer, Mineko 202 Cottonwood$142,00004/26/1994180RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionOakes, Ken & Judy 204 Cottonwood--1623RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionBoyles, Barbara 205 Cottonwood$545,00005/11/2005858RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionElliott, Pamela 206 Cottonwood$495,00008/10/2006934RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionCampbell, Beverly Anne 207 Cottonwood-04/01/198760RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionMurray, Terry 208 Cottonwood$499,50005/15/2006912RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionHyder, Gene 209 Cottonwood$575,00011/29/20061003RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionFord, Candice M. 210 Cottonwood-05/01/198766RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionBarney, Sam & Desiree 211 Cottonwood$415,00011/08/2004825RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionClarence, Justin & Kathleen Kiernan212 Cottonwood$682,59903/01/20131494RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionMiller, Troy 213 Cottonwood$450,00003/07/2005852RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionRathburn, Don 214 Cottonwood-05/01/198767RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionJacobs, Jim 215 Cottonwood$115,00006/21/1991134RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionGall, Stephen & Desiree 216 Cottonwood$128,00009/12/1994195RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionCorbin, Suydam 217 Cottonwood$420,00008/11/2004804RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionClapper, Tom & Patty 218 Cottonwood-05/01/198768RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionMayer, Natalie 219 Cottonwood$620,00005/10/20071056RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionGraham, Geraldine & Bill 220 Cottonwood-05/01/198769RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionVonrenkl, Kallen 221 Cottonwood--1624RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionLemley, Eva 222 Cottonwood$350,00004/22/2003748RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionRickenbaugh, Anne 223 Cottonwood$239,50007/16/1998424RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionPadden, Kevin & Nina 224 Cottonwood$45,00010/05/198894RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionHesselschwerdt, Mark 225 Cottonwood$117,50011/21/1994203RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionAnderson, Brett & Allison 226 Cottonwood$380,00006/02/2004794RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionMagill, Rebecca & Thomas Miller227 Cottonwood--1625RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionReynolds, Thomas & Elsie Fisher228 Cottonwood$90,00012/07/198781RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionSagal, Patrick 229 Cottonwood$367,50012/01/2003775RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionHanek, Linda & Jane Taylor231 Cottonwood$96,30005/16/198887RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionWeiss, David 303 Oak Lane$31,00007/31/198434RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionPhillips, John & Lynn 305 Oak Lane--1626RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionLawrence, Terry & Deanna 306 Oak Lane-05/01/198770RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionZaharko, Wendy 307 Oak Lane$725,00003/23/20071047RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionPowell, Mary Frances & Michael Thorne308 Oak Lane$77,00009/12/1990110RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionHarris, Amy, Ruth, Daniel & Jeannette 309 Oak Lane$550,00009/29/2005883RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionVetromile, Ricahrd & Denise 310 Oak Lane-05/01/198771RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionHoch, David 311 Oak Lane-05/01/198772RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionNakagawa, Heitor & Rosario 312 Oak Lane--1627RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionLouthis, Patricia 313 Oak Lane$400,00002/08/2001568RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionLawrence, Theordore & Carolynda Stronach314 Oak Lane$430,00008/31/2001635RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionBaker, Kirk 315 Oak Lane$85,00004/30/1990104RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionAnderson, Timothy J. 316 Oak Lane$36,79704/30/198763RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionIV, Ray Dillon, 317 Oak Lane$1,100,00004/08/20131498RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionKirkwood, June & Cynthia 318 Oak Lane-05/01/198773RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionRueggeberg, Christine & Michael 319 Oak Lane$1,037,50010/15/20081180RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionLindenau, Beyron 320 Oak Lane$57,00011/01/198895RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionAspen Square Condo Assoc.321 Oak Lane--1628RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionFontana, William 322 Oak Lane--1629RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionVan Hoy, Jerry & Donna323 Oak Lane$92,00011/30/1994204RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionWade, Kelly, Ali, Paul & Heidi324 Oak Lane$525,00005/02/2006907RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionGalluccio, Vincent 325 Oak Lane--1630RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionSchlundt, Susan 326 Oak Lane$325,00003/15/2001581RO-
Smuggler Park SubdivisionCostello, Stephanie 328 Oak Lane--1631RO-
Smuggler Run SubdivisionArthur, Stephen 1 Ajax, Lot L$323,00005/01/200710524$371,627
Smuggler Run SubdivisionGuthrie, Amy 2 Ajax, Lot A$343,00005/11/201013074$373,578
Smuggler Run SubdivisionBergman, Carl & Catherine 4 Ajax, Lot B$76,00010/01/1983294$215,460
Smuggler Run SubdivisionBergman, Carl & Catherine 6 Ajax, Lot C$76,00010/01/1983304$215,460
Smuggler Run SubdivisionMaggi, Karon Lundy/Christine 7 Ajax, Lot M$162,75706/07/20005304$225,447
Smuggler Run SubdivisionSmart, Jeffrey & Karen 8 Ajax, Lot D$76,00002/22/1983264$218,500
Smuggler Run SubdivisionMcculloch, Cheryl & Wayne Fuchs9 Ajax, Lot N$200,92610/26/201013344$218,040
Smuggler Run SubdivisionFioroni, Cynthia & Peter 10 Ajax, Lot E$135,36504/27/19952164$290,358
Smuggler Run SubdivisionBromka, Karen & Barry 11 Ajax, Lot O$180,93707/09/20016114$241,316
Smuggler Run SubdivisionDriscol, Tammie & James 12 Ajax, Lot F$229,58011/21/200711174$261,288
Smuggler Run SubdivisionMccarthy, Mary (Molly) & Bradey Coman13 Ajax, Lot P$210,97507/16/201315164$213,322
Smuggler Run SubdivisionBergman, L., C., & C.14 Ajax, Lot G$76,09510/20/1983314$215,729
Smuggler Run SubdivisionRoeder, Adam & Jennifer Fadale15 Ajax, Lot Q$216,29910/01/201013314$234,833
Smuggler Run SubdivisionGoldman, Mike 16 Ajax, Lot H$249,97110/02/200811784$270,077
Smuggler Run SubdivisionSheridan, Dan 18 Ajax, Lot I$143,52402/01/20004694$202,161
Smuggler Run SubdivisionBennett, Anne 20 Ajax, Lot J$254,85812/29/20048324$317,358
Smuggler Run SubdivisionRourke, Dora H. 22 Ajax, Lot K$95,00005/14/19901054$231,800
Snyder Park CondominiumsSimmons, Susan 101 Kathryn's Way$120,80003/15/20004903$170,153
Snyder Park CondominiumsKimberly Wilson Jarrell102 Kathryn's Way$284,65402/08/201012814$312,697
Snyder Park CondominiumsDoyle, John & Laurie 103 Kathryn's Way$143,00002/01/20004703$201,423
Snyder Park CondominiumsCantrell, Wesley R. 104 Kathryn's Way$219,50002/02/20004774$309,177
Snyder Park CondominiumsLaughren, David & Dana 205 Kathryn's Way$219,50002/02/20004784$309,177
Snyder Park CondominiumsErnst, Tersia V. 206 Kathryn's Way$100,30002/01/20004712$141,278
Snyder Park CondominiumsRedmond, John & Lynn 207 Kathryn's Way$143,00002/01/20004723$201,423
Snyder Park CondominiumsBolerjack, Lisa 308 Kathryn's Way$120,80002/01/20004733$170,153
Snyder Park CondominiumsGlick, Daniel 309 Kathryn's Way$196,00002/02/20004794$276,076
Snyder Park CondominiumsLafountaine, Antoinette 410 Kathryn's Way$120,80002/02/20004803$170,153
Snyder Park CondominiumsElguea, Alejandro Ortiz De 411 Kathryn's Way$78,30002/02/20004812$110,289
Snyder Park CondominiumsBrown, Donald 412 Kathryn's Way$120,80002/02/20004823$170,153
Snyder Park CondominiumsScarlett, Robin 413 Kathryn's Way$196,00002/02/20004834$276,076
Snyder Park CondominiumsTaylor, Knansee 514 Kathryn's Way$196,00002/02/20004844$276,076
Snyder Park CondominiumsLeventhal, Robert 515 Kathryn's Way$196,00002/01/20004744$276,076
Sopris Creek CabinsApcha373 Sopris Creek Rd. #1$151,61512/11/20027263$198,840
Sopris Creek CabinsHouse, Phil & Sandra Ponce373 Sopris Creek Rd. #2$188,04210/28/201013383$204,059
Sopris Creek CabinsDevey, Cynthia Beck/S. 373 Sopris Creek Rd. #5$99,16601/29/19931543$226,098
Sopris Creek CabinsLargaespada, Sandra 373 Sopris Creek Rd. #7$93,98206/14/201113793$98,567
Sopris Creek CabinsAchey, Jane 373 Sopris Creek Rd. #8$158,82705/07/201214453$163,218
Sopris Creek CabinsNemiroff, Julie 373 Sopris Creek Rd. #9$139,44509/21/201114043$145,210
Stage Road PUD / RMTurner, Robert Lot Rm, Stage Road$182,00003/28/20141605RO$182,910
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsDomingos, Allen & Julia 0020 Fabi Loop$369,30008/04/20058745$451,825
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsLavker, Michael 0022 Fabi Loop$153,52410/28/201114143$159,613
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsSchultz, Dirk 0024 Fabi Loop$373,01710/28/201114155$387,811
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsBlakeslee, Michael & Wendy 0026 Fabi Loop$275,50007/18/20058634$337,064
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsMorris, Scott & Sandra 0056 Fabi Loop$369,30007/21/20058715$451,825
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsBurnaman, Joshua 0058 Fabi Loop$275,50007/18/20058644$337,064
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsPopish, Paul & Shelley 0073 Fabi Loop$369,30007/19/20058675$451,825
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsDillingham, Susan 0075 Fabi Loop$275,50007/20/20058704$337,064
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsGleason, Gary 0077 Fabi Loop$275,50007/18/20058654$337,064
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsKlein, Kirstin & Brian Johnson0096 Fabi Loop$308,22601/27/201012764$338,592
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsMiller, Stephen R. 0098 Fabi Loop$89,20007/19/20058682$109,133
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsReside, Maidy M. 0100 Fabi Loop$137,30007/18/20058663$167,982
Stillwater Ranch CondominiumsHolman, Joseph & Michelle 0102 Fabi Loop$369,30007/19/20058695$451,825
Tom Thumb Building CondominiumsDole, Margaret M. A-302, Tom Thumb Building$38,86112/29/1988972$76,002
Top of Mill CondominiumsWeiss, Rebecca & Austin 922-1(A) S Mill Street$275,50006/29/20069284$323,193
Top of Mill CondominiumsCanas, Hugo 922-2(B) S Mill Street$135,60007/07/20069302$159,075
Top of Mill CondominiumsNakagawa, Michael & Denine Aguilera922-3(C) S Mill Street$156,80007/07/20069312$183,945
Top of Mill CondominiumsRutowski, Amy 922-4(D) S Mill Street$135,60010/06/20069652$157,978
Trainor's LandingMachuca, Edgar & Yanira 11 Trainor's Landing$271,50010/23/20027214$356,675
Trainor's LandingCarolyn, Hines, Thomas & 21 Trainor's Landing$271,50010/23/20027224$356,675
Trainor's LandingBrennan, John 31 Trainor's Landing$271,50010/23/20027234$356,675
Trainor's LandingBrettmann, Killeen 38 Trainor's Landing$918,96109/02/20111400RO$959,707
Trainor's LandingMurray, Denis & Lisa Wright41 Trainor's Landing$271,50010/09/20027174$356,675
Trainor's LandingConnolly, Michael & Ashley 48 Trainor's Landing$985,97405/18/20101309RO$1,073,871
Trainor's LandingKuhlman, Cari & Jeffrey 58 Trainor's Landing$1,060,97404/05/20101298RO$1,160,887
Twin Ridge SubdivisionSwim, John & Stephanie 0024 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #1$179,50005/29/19911244$303,355
Twin Ridge SubdivisionCrimmel, Bill & Petra 0040 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #2$283,42508/09/201214624$291,606
Twin Ridge SubdivisionMerritt, Robert & Jeanette 0051 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot#13$181,27805/09/19911204$306,360
Twin Ridge SubdivisionZane, Anna & Edward 0054 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #3$249,83604/21/20047854$317,672
Twin Ridge SubdivisionStrong, Rosemary 0060 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #4$186,50006/18/19911324$314,719
Twin Ridge SubdivisionBloemsma, Phil 0074 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #5$192,94405/03/19911194$326,075
Twin Ridge SubdivisionWeil, K. & Betsy Scheinkman0077 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #12$174,84204/29/19911184$295,920
Twin Ridge SubdivisionMaclean, Anne & Archie 0090 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #6$302,10307/12/200710714$344,971
Twin Ridge SubdivisionWalla, John & Jean 0095 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #11$176,63606/18/19911334$298,073
Twin Ridge SubdivisionProchaska, Judy 0108 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot# 7$186,00005/31/19911254$314,340
Twin Ridge SubdivisionDeborah Harder-Kreutzer0109 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #10$179,50005/28/19911224$303,355
Twin Ridge SubdivisionAngus, Craig & Karen 0120 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #8$185,88505/28/19911234$314,146
Twin Ridge SubdivisionMoorehead, Ron & Erlinda 0128 Twin Ridge Dr. Lot #9$180,67705/31/19911264$305,344
Twin Ridge SubdivisionOneil, Dennis & Sharon 101 Grove Ct. Trth #1$125,50003/14/19911164$212,723
Twin Ridge SubdivisionThissell, Marina & Jeffrey Hood121 Grove Ct. Trth #2$170,33310/12/20016454$227,964
Twin Ridge SubdivisionLee, Bruce L. 141 Grove Ct. Trth #3$124,50002/07/19911154$211,339
Twin Ridge SubdivisionRintoul, Amy & Marc Kiernan161 Grove Ct. Trth #4$193,99508/02/20027034$256,460
Twin Ridge SubdivisionWeiss, Clifford & Stacey 202 Grove Ct. Trth #5$244,36810/03/201315374$246,703
Twin Ridge SubdivisionHeger, Frank And Carla 222 Grove Ct. Trth #6$155,73506/06/19962734$235,755
Twin Ridge SubdivisionCross, Susan K. 242 Grove Ct. Trth #7$179,23810/09/20027184$236,051
Twin Ridge SubdivisionLyons, Mike & Jenny 262 Grove Ct. Trth #8$221,65803/22/201012934$242,532
Twin Ridge SubdivisionGibsone, Scottie 303 Grove Ct. Trth #9$220,38708/09/200710754$251,357
Twin Ridge SubdivisionOlsen, Chris & Bethanne 323 Grove Ct. Trth #10$268,22008/14/201214634$275,962
Twin Ridge SubdivisionRyman, Karen 343 Grove Ct. Trth #11$95,90002/04/19911144$162,790
Twin Ridge SubdivisionPolovin, David 363 Grove Ct. Trth #12$114,40911/18/19942024$181,152
Two Moon SubdivisionGilmartin, Keith & Jessica 60 Twining Flats Road$338,53702/07/201415744$341,076
ULLR CommonsNorth And South Aspen, LLC520 W. Main Street, Unit 1$68,83408/01/20005363$94,647
ULLR CommonsLLC, Dcbd2 520 W. Main Street, Unit 2$94,64504/30/201416163$94,645
ULLR CommonsHy-Mountain Transportation Inc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 3$76,66709/27/20069533$89,319
ULLR CommonsAspen Square Condominium Assc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 4$71,50008/01/20005373$98,313
ULLR CommonsExpress, Cleaner 520 W. Main Street, Unit 5$72,00012/16/20048313$89,657
ULLR CommonsHy-Mountain Transportation Inc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 6$76,66709/27/20069543$89,319
ULLR CommonsProperties, Frias 520 W. Main Street, Unit 7$76,50007/31/20005313$105,188
ULLR CommonsNorth And South Aspen, LLC520 W. Main Street, Unit 8$68,83308/01/20005383$94,645
ULLR CommonsUllr Commons Homeowners Assoc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 9$76,50007/31/20005323$105,188
ULLR CommonsHy-Mountain Transportation Inc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 10$76,66709/27/20069553$89,319
ULLR CommonsDestination Resort Mgmt. Inc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 11$150,00008/15/20005473$206,250
ULLR CommonsAspen Square Condominium Assc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 12$197,95508/01/20005394$272,188
ULLR CommonsHoa, Hotel Aspen 520 W. Main Street, Unit 13$155,00008/01/20005403$213,125
ULLR CommonsWagner Holding Corp LLC520 W. Main Street, Unit 14$152,41008/04/20005453$209,564
ULLR CommonsAssociation, Aspen Condominium 520 W. Main Street, Unit 15$155,00008/01/20005413$213,125
ULLR CommonsAspen, Alpine Bank 520 W. Main Street, Unit 16$216,25007/31/20005334$297,344
ULLR CommonsAspen Square Condominium Assc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 17$194,22710/06/20069663$226,280
ULLR CommonsHoa, Hotel Aspen 520 W. Main Street, Unit 18$155,00008/01/20005423$213,125
ULLR CommonsAspen Square Condominium Assc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 19$197,95508/01/20005434$272,188
ULLR CommonsAssociation, Gant Condominium 520 W. Main Street, Unit 20$369,40006/23/200912304$407,199
ULLR CommonsAspen, Alpine Bank 520 W. Main Street, Unit 21$216,25007/31/20005344$297,344
ULLR CommonsAspen Square Condominium Assc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 22$315,00005/26/201013124$342,386
ULLR CommonsAspen Family Holdings LLC / Steven Ferrell520 W. Main Street, Unit 24$175,00003/11/201113594$188,068
ULLR CommonsAssociation, Gant Condominium 520 W. Main Street, Unit 25$264,29005/01/200912214$296,612
ULLR CommonsLLC, M.W. Holdings, 520 W. Main Street, Unit 26$130,00008/01/20005443$178,750
ULLR CommonsDestination Resort Mgmt. Inc.520 W. Main Street, Unit 27$190,00007/31/20005354$261,250
Ute Park TownhomesHead, Frederick 1451 Ute Avenue$180,00004/01/19941774$288,450
Ute Park TownhomesMunves, Palmira & Andrew 1453 Ute Avenue$170,22911/20/20037743$219,104
Ute Park TownhomesSmith, Brad & Jennifer Dolecki-Smith1455 Ute Avenue$283,61104/30/200912204$318,296
Ute Park TownhomesMcclain, Peter K. 1461 Ute Avenue$180,00004/15/19941784$288,450
Ute Park TownhomesNovak, Jeffery & Katherine 1463 Ute Avenue$188,04402/07/20058503$235,047
Ute Park TownhomesWilson, Mia & Steve 1465 Ute Avenue$200,13809/09/201013253$217,599
Ute Park TownhomesPogliano, Gina 1467 Ute Avenue$180,00004/15/19941794$288,450
Valley CondominiumsRobinson, Lee 1135 Cemetery Lane$139,50011/04/1987803$284,975
Victorians at BleekerParduba, Jiri 116 N. Garmisch, Unit E$144,61109/20/19994554$205,362
Victorians at BleekerZats, Julie S. 118 N. Garmisch, Unit F$154,00007/11/19973824$227,802
Victorians at BleekerGarcia, Steven 120 N. Garmisch, Unit G$209,40007/29/20037564$277,455
Victorians at BleekerCrawford, Randall & Abigail 124 N. Garmisch, Unit C$505,00008/20/2001621RO$762,550
Victorians at BleekerLandis, Carolyn 128 N. Garmisch, Unit D$589,24008/27/2001625RO$889,752
Villas at Elk RunCunningham, Abigail & Yannick Rioux7202 Elk Lane, Basalt$281,58407/06/201013154$305,829
Villas at Elk RunFukon, John 8208 Elk Run Drive, Basalt$105,47903/05/201214362$109,895
Vincenti CondominiumsKanipe, Stephen & Patricia 1014 E. Hyman #3$67,64211/29/1982251$195,485
Vincenti CondominiumsPeters, Julie 1015 E. Hyman #5$59,90006/04/19911281$142,263
Water PlaceChance, William Lot #1, East Water Place$86,00005/31/20111374City$93,740
Water PlaceSmith, Ashton Lot #2, East Water Place$225,49702/03/2006903City-
Water PlaceDavis, Daniel & Brenda Lot #3, East Water Place$145,64904/01/1998404City$212,903
Water PlaceGoldsborough, Neal Lot #4, East Water Place$88,10003/23/1998397City$128,780
Water PlaceHornbacher, David Lot #5, East Water Place$190,00003/29/20111366City$208,050
Water PlaceMacayeal, Ian Lot #6, East Water Place$135,94303/23/1998398City$198,715
Water PlaceCrook, Robert Lot #7, East Water Place$151,00001/21/20091200City-
Water PlaceVaughn, Matt Lot #8, East Water Place$129,35203/23/1998399City$189,081
Water PlaceBarrett, Forrest Lot #9, East Water Place$85,00008/04/20101318City$94,563
Water PlaceMagnuson, Rick Lot #10, East Water Place$125,50009/10/20091245City-
Water PlaceAnderson, Tim Lot #11, East Water Place$117,89003/27/1998402City$172,326
Water PlaceWilson, Windell & Anna Lot #12, East Water Place$130,00005/31/20111375City$141,700
Water PlaceFabrocini, Robert Lot #13, East Water Place$175,00011/09/20071108City-
Water PlaceMendoza, Martin & Olga Lot #14, East Water Place$198,23203/23/1998400City$289,766
Water PlaceHagerty, Kevin & Elizabeth Baysinger-VanzylLot #15, East Water Place$214,40005/14/1998411City$313,400
Water PlaceAspen, City Of Lot #16, East Water Place--1632City-
Water PlaceLoudon, Adam Lot #17, East Water Place$82,00010/30/20091254City-
Water PlaceTracey, Michael Lot #18, West Water Place$237,00003/16/20101291City$266,625
Water PlaceReady, Randy & Cheryl Lot #19, West Water Place$256,83905/21/1998415City$375,435
Water PlaceAspen, City Of Lot #20, West Water Place--1633City-
Water PlaceChristian, Ronald & Joy Lot #21, West Water Place$120,00005/26/1998416City$175,410
Water PlaceLinn, William & Natasha Lot #22, West Water Place$174,00009/18/20071095City-
Water PlacePryor, Richard & Philippe AnneLot #23, West Water Place$245,00008/20/20101320City$272,563
Water View CondominiumsFisher, Andrew (Andy) & Casey301 Water View$148,29709/30/201315353$149,714
West Hopkins CondominiumsClancy, Wheeler 724 W. Hopkins$140,67605/19/20047913$178,873
West Hopkins CondominiumsVidamour, Stacy & Steven (Viddy)728 W. Hopkins$125,73012/22/201013492$136,158
West Hopkins CondominiumsWhitfield, Donna Marie & David Stidham732 W. Hopkins$98,04105/09/20015932$132,080
West Hopkins CondominiumsGarske, Ginger & Brad Kennington736 W. Hopkins$159,33808/31/201013223$173,239
West Hopkins CondominiumsMcfarland, Shayn 116 S. 7Th St.$90,20104/26/20069062$107,399
West Hopkins CondominiumsKrahe, Sharon 744 W. Hopkins$75,47012/16/20027272$98,940
West Hopkins CondominiumsKnight, Glenda 124 S. 7Th St.$55,00002/25/19931572$90,063
West Hopkins CondominiumsLamping, Richard & Dawn Peters126 S. 7Th St.$125,10005/04/200710552$145,023
West Hopkins CondominiumsYule, Bradley 130 S. 7Th St.$104,55709/23/20037642$134,852
West Hopkins CondominiumsGarske, Laura & Cory 134 S. 7Th St.$92,36004/28/20005142$128,037
West Hopkins CondominiumsPlatek, Diane 138 S. 7Th St.$183,98706/10/200811513$203,077
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 113 Crescent Drive , Unit 1$180,00002/15/20015694$245,212
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 117 Crescent Drive , Unit 2$160,00002/15/20015704$217,967
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 121 Crescent Drive , Unit 3$140,00002/15/20015714$190,721
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 125 Crescent Drive , Unit 4$180,00002/15/20015724$245,212
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 129 Crescent Drive , Unit 5$163,20001/31/20026604$219,520
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 133 Crescent Drive , Unit 6$160,00002/15/20015734$217,967
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 137 Crescent Drive , Unit 7$180,00002/15/20015744$245,212
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 141 Crescent Drive , Unit 8$140,00002/15/20015754$190,721
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 145 Crescent Drive , Unit 9$180,00002/15/20015764$245,212
West Ranch SubdivisionDistrict, Aspen School 149 Crescent Drive , Unit 10$160,00002/15/20015774$217,967
Williams RanchPopish, Dominic And Kim 220 Silverlode Dr., Lot 12$205,00008/14/19984284$298,588
Williams RanchWright, Gary 240 Silverlode Dr., Lot 11$715,00012/30/1999465RO$1,127,317
Williams RanchHarris, Wayne & Judi 260 Silverlode Dr, Lot 10$442,89006/30/1995227RO$778,010
Williams RanchKelly, Gary P. 280 Silverlode Dr., Lot 6$458,14806/28/1996288RO$786,487
Williams RanchWampler, Mike 300 Silverlode Dr., Lot 4$400,35906/30/1995228RO-5$703,297
Williams RanchSparks, Cynthia Susan 320 Silverlode Dr., Lot 2$435,96606/30/1995229RO$765,847
Williams RanchOwen, Barbara & Kevin 340 Silverlode Dr., Lot 1$403,36008/03/1995234RO-5$705,880
Williams RanchFellner, Jack 360 Silverlode Dr., Lot 19$70,80004/14/19984062$103,865
Williams RanchHarrison, Ruth 370 Silverlode Dr., Lot 18$198,00003/16/19983964$290,162
Williams RanchThom, Herbert & Pamela 380 Silverlode Dr., Lot 17$265,40609/28/20069564$309,205
Williams RanchWinger, James 390 Silverlode Dr., Lot 16$70,80005/15/19984142$103,755
Williams RanchSmiddy, Kevin 400 Silverlode Dr., Lot 15$729,07904/17/200912164$818,243
Williams RanchSmiddy, Erin 410 Silverlode Dr., Lot 14$405,50007/12/1996292RO-5$694,757
Williams RanchTomaszczyk, Chet 420 Silverlode Dr., Lot 13$396,73906/17/1996280RO-5$681,069
Williams RanchConner, Michael T. 11 Williams Ranch Ct., Lot 35$115,00005/13/19984093$168,528
Williams RanchMarkalunas, Lisa 15 Williams Ranch Ct., Lot 34$81,00005/29/19984182$118,703
Williams RanchPalmer, Helen 23 Williams Ranch Ct., Lot 33$81,00005/13/19984102$118,703
Williams RanchRiggenbach, Jeffrey 27 Williams Ranch Ct., Lot 32$81,00006/01/19984192$118,703
Williams RanchKnight, Dana 40 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 31$115,00009/15/19984323$167,360
Williams RanchRogo, Kathryn 50 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 30$110,00605/18/20069132$129,753
Williams RanchDalessio, Bob & Jean 60 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 29$438,84005/08/1996267RO-5$754,805
Williams RanchFingerman, Sheldon 70 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 28$70,80008/28/19984292$103,036
Williams RanchHoffman, Mike 80 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 27$198,00007/15/19984234$288,393
Williams RanchMorris, Bob 87 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 9$471,41202/28/1997373RO-5$796,686
Williams RanchCollins, Richard E. & Ivana Alessi100 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 26$303,48204/12/201315004$308,638
Williams RanchSchaefer, Terry 101 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 8$473,45506/30/1995230RO$831,703
Williams RanchCarey, Jane Elizabeth 110 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 25$70,80005/14/19984122$103,755
Williams RanchHorowitz, Martha M. 115 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 7$395,11406/30/1995231RO-5$694,084
Williams RanchDep, Paul Kienast & 120 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 24$118,00607/15/201013162$128,166
Williams RanchHamouz, Jim & Patty Clark130 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 23$115,00003/27/19984033$168,707
Williams RanchMclain, Margaret & Travis 137 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 5$823,24812/23/20131553RO-5$836,969
Williams RanchCoulombe, Shelly 140 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 22$205,00003/26/19984014$300,738
Williams RanchFlynn, Patrick & Ami 149 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 3$643,59410/28/20101339RO-5$735,842
Williams RanchAlden, Chris 150 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 21$81,00004/27/19984082$118,703
Williams RanchParker, Jay And Jama 160 Williams Ranch Dr., Lot 20$115,00004/15/19984073$168,707
Williams Woods SubdivisionHarano, Johnny 101 Williams Way E-101$100,73904/17/20037472$129,928
Williams Woods SubdivisionWilson, Bedrishah 102 Williams Way E-102$113,87803/16/19921402$189,607
Williams Woods SubdivisionFerguson, Robin 103 Williams Way E-103$113,87804/16/19921432$189,322
Williams Woods SubdivisionBienkowski, Enrique 104 Williams Way E-104$225,33909/09/200912442 & 3$248,923
Williams Woods SubdivisionGreene, Jeffrey (Ted) & Karen201 Williams Way D-201$139,56702/28/19921372$232,728
Williams Woods SubdivisionSandberg, Kay 202 Williams Way D-202$127,66601/17/19962472$196,746
Williams Woods SubdivisionSharkey, Tom 203 Williams Way D-203$145,13405/03/20005162$201,197
Williams Woods SubdivisionKinsman, Dinah Lee 204 Williams Way D-204$113,87803/12/19921382$189,607
Williams Woods SubdivisionMacdonald, Christopher 301 Williams Way C-301$113,87803/16/19921412$189,607
Williams Woods SubdivisionKosinski, Mark 302 Williams Way C-302$148,36902/19/20037362$194,216
Williams Woods SubdivisionMiranda, Erika 303 Williams Way C-303$187,64609/25/200912482$206,667
Williams Woods SubdivisionMorrison, Susanne & Richard 304 Williams Way C-304$178,70312/04/20005562$243,589
Williams Woods SubdivisionFrancis, John 401 Williams Way B-401$157,98007/19/20027012$208,849
Williams Woods SubdivisionWilliams, Paul 402 Williams Way B-402$119,99705/04/200811462$133,430
Williams Woods SubdivisionVernier, Julie 501 Williams Way A-501$209,30108/11/20058762$256,072
Williams Woods SubdivisionDewolfe, Daniel 502 Williams Way A-502$113,87803/12/19921392$189,607
Williams Woods SubdivisionMedlin, Melinda 503 Williams Way A-503$126,25110/12/19942002$200,406
Williams Woods SubdivisionForsyth, Hilary & John Rushenberg504 Williams Way A-504$200,03605/29/201315062$203,191
W/J RanchRizzuto, Ellyn 0020 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 4$234,00003/06/1996250RO$361,530
W/J RanchVardy, Itzhak & Dahlia 0055 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 6$225,00012/18/1995245RO$349,313
W/J RanchPearce, Robert Mcdonough/Nancy 0085 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 7$291,36207/30/2003757RO$386,055
W/J RanchDangler, Megan & Daniel 0125 Upper Bullwinkle, Unit A, Lot 8$946,59905/14/20091223RO$1,062,364
W/J RanchCovington, Robert & Amy 0125 Upper Bullwinkle, Unit B, Lot 8$216,67506/17/2005860RO$265,188
W/J RanchKirby, Nicholas P. 0420 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 10$225,00007/14/2005862RO$275,377
W/J RanchFreckleton, Terra Vestrand/Peter 0429 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 2$234,00001/12/1996246RO$362,700
W/J RanchPendarvis, Jeff & Dawn 0440 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 11$239,18811/10/2005891RO$300,181
W/J RanchEthridge, Nina 0489 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 61$315,00009/15/1995238RO$491,400
W/J RanchKeleher, Christopher & Brandy 0496 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 3$603,24701/31/2005848RO$772,156
W/J RanchWilson, Garth 0499 Upper Bullwinkle, Lot 1$234,00011/17/1998437RO$342,810
W/J RanchEverhart, Bradley 0021 Lower Bullwinkle Lot 13$476,68810/03/2006961RO$585,135
W/J RanchViola, Paul & Kissane 0031 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 12$776,80510/06/2006967RO$953,528
W/J RanchGamrat, Mark 0041 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 21$380,00006/21/2002689RO$515,850
W/J RanchSmalley, Carrie & Jacob Down0057 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 23$228,90507/25/20131518RO$231,451
W/J RanchFoss, Marilyn 0061 Lower Bullwinkle Lot 22$354,24009/14/2000550RO$499,478
W/J RanchHaneman, Roger & Sara 0071 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 25$294,80109/01/2004806RO$380,293
W/J RanchReese, John J. 0081 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 24$1,140,14103/16/20111360RO$1,248,454
W/J RanchLilah, Lior & Maria De Los Angeles Torres0091 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 26$385,17912/12/20131550RO$389,994
W/J RanchHerndon, William & Cynthia 0097 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 27$1,110,55807/09/20071070RO$1,268,145
W/J RanchBenvenuto, James & Jennifer Houston0099 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 29$1,100,00008/16/20121464RO$1,157,750
W/J RanchCyr, Bisque Jackson 0111 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 28$212,36802/27/20121434RO$226,703
W/J RanchBeck, Christopher & Rachel 0121 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 31$861,26510/28/20091253RO$947,825
W/J RanchHolloway, Christina & Justin 0131 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 30$470,57509/21/2006944RO$578,807
W/J RanchMarolt, Steven & Charlotte 0140 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 32$906,17809/28/2006957RO$1,114,599
W/J RanchPfautz, Robin & John 0142 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 33$663,82801/13/20141556RO$670,466
W/J RanchTefft, Paul 0160 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 69$815,06402/17/20111355RO$875,928
W/J RanchSeidl, Lucia & Ales 0161 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 66$293,00011/22/20069964$345,949
W/J RanchGrueter, Fritz & Catherine 0163 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 66$316,91308/24/200912404$350,081
W/J RanchMitchell, Derek & Marni 0171 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 67$1,075,10801/31/20081142RO$1,215,036
W/J RanchFuller, Christopher & Lady 0181 Lower Bullwinkle, Lot 68$1,125,00009/24/20131533RO$1,135,749
W/J RanchWhittingham, Susan 0436 Mclain Flats Rd., Lot 20$180,00012/06/1995244RO$279,450
W/J RanchFinger, Paul 0438 Mclain Flats Rd., Lot 19$180,00001/29/1996248RO$279,000
W/J RanchRosenbaum, Michael 0446 Mclain Flats Rd., Lot 18$191,55603/02/1998395RO$284,461
W/J RanchVhrin, Georgette & Bob 0448 Mclain Flats Rd., Lot 17$183,60006/24/1996285RO$282,285
W/J RanchMarolt, Michael 0458 Mclain Flats Rd., Lot 16$201,92504/10/2000503RO$287,238
W/J RanchSafir, Shelly 0460 Mclain Flats Rd., Lot 15$319,00004/04/2002672RO$434,638
W/J RanchSailor, Michael 0496 Mclain Flats Rd., Lot 14$332,67405/25/2000529RO$472,397
W/J RanchMottier, Amy & Olivier 110 Stevens St., Lot 34$170,00003/23/19952114$266,614
W/J RanchSmith, Anthony 120 Stevens St., Lot 36$465,18309/26/20069514$541,951
W/J RanchGilbert, Rebecca 130 Stevens St., Lot 37$170,00004/28/19952174$266,614
W/J RanchAllard, John 210 Stevens St., Lot 39$170,00012/02/19973924$249,340
W/J RanchAnzini, Susan & Keith 211 Stevens St., Lot 35$191,23009/03/19994524$272,403
W/J RanchKeep, Spencer & Vanessa Kirianoff220 Stevens St., Lot 40$248,11402/10/201113524$268,052
W/J RanchHornberg, Kathleen & Shaun 221 Stevens St., Lot 38$179,73705/30/19973764$266,157
W/J RanchWilcox, Shelly 230 Stevens St., Lot 41$170,00005/31/19952244$266,614
W/J RanchPerson, Daniel & Christina 240 Stevens St., Lot 42$170,00003/23/19952124$266,614
W/J RanchClark/Cantrell310 Stevens St., Lot 45$170,00004/10/19962664$258,479
W/J RanchGrogan, Simone & Tim 320 Stevens St., Lot 44$203,28610/20/20005524$277,426
W/J RanchPisano, Alain & Mallory 330 Stevens St., Lot 43$170,00003/23/19952134$266,614
W/J RanchHelsley, Andrew & Sarah 410 Stevens St., Lot 46$252,36309/16/201013264$274,380
W/J RanchLatrhop, Parker & Kristin Drake420 Stevens St., Lot 47$257,76102/10/201113534$278,474
W/J RanchThurber, Mark & Tamara 430 Stevens St., Lot 48$274,54310/04/20069644$332,313
W/J RanchSmagala/Bryan510 Stevens St., Lot 51$170,00003/23/19952144$266,614
W/J RanchIII, Lorenzo Semple 520 Stevens St., Lot 50$179,51708/18/19973844$265,264
W/J RanchZell, John 530 Stevens St., Lot 49$173,92605/31/19962714$263,293
W/J RanchDeyarmond, David & Lara 610 Stevens St., Lot 52$222,04110/12/20058864$268,764
W/J RanchLutz, Karen D 620 Stevens St., Lot 53$170,00004/28/19952184$266,614
W/J RanchStephen, David & Lisa 630 Stevens St., Lot 54$199,02410/25/20016474$264,827
W/J RanchCampbell, Michael 640 Stevens St., Lot 55$170,00007/07/19952324$264,280
W/J RanchGarside, Julie 710 Stevens St., Lot 56$170,00005/04/19952204$265,831
W/J RanchJones, Paul & Claire Mcdougall720 Stevens St., Lot 57$170,00004/28/19952194$266,614
W/J RanchLindsay, David Tyler & Kerstin Bendl730 Stevens St., Lot 58$268,89308/23/201315234$271,787
W/J RanchThomas & Merle O'brien740 Stevens St., Lot 59$579,02701/07/200811394$654,027
W/J RanchTreadwell, Elizabeth 750 Stevens St., Lot 60$170,00005/25/19952234$265,831
Woody Creek SubdivisionSaucedo, Jose Hugo 101 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 6$254,13006/25/200710636$283,692
Woody Creek SubdivisionQuintana, Daniel 102 Woody Creek Plaza$260,00003/07/201415866$261,300
Woody Creek SubdivisionVillalobos, Juan 103 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 7$145,10007/01/200811586$158,582
Woody Creek SubdivisionOverbo, Brian 105 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 2$330,00008/30/201214686$340,229
Woody Creek SubdivisionEckardt, David W. 106 Woody Creek Plaza Lot 8$234,10011/28/200610026$26,119
Woody Creek SubdivisionDave Bouman107 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 3$135,00005/16/201214516$138,300
Woody Creek SubdivisionFiliss, Augustus 108 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 9$229,00001/11/200710296$259,317
Woody Creek SubdivisionSmith, Aaron 109 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 10$240,00010/11/200710996$265,261
Woody Creek SubdivisionBrown, Colleen 110 Woody Creek Plaza, Lo T5$204,10011/08/200711056$228,082
Woody Creek SubdivisionMooney, Maureen 112 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 4$106,70011/17/20069926$125,066
Woody Creek SubdivisionMargaret O'brien114 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 11$194,00011/27/20069996$221,210
Woody Creek SubdivisionMarlow, Constance 116 Woody Creek Plazam Lot 12$183,90012/21/200610226$217,133
Woody Creek SubdivisionThompson, Mark & Mary Ann 119 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 13$234,10012/28/200610236$266,023
Woody Creek SubdivisionPatricia Hamilton-Philpott121 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 14$160,20012/12/200610146$189,150
Woody Creek SubdivisionSpooner, Brad 123 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 15$305,39001/14/201012756$335,003
Woody Creek SubdivisionJudith Colaneri128 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 26$234,00012/28/200610246$266,508
Woody Creek SubdivisionGuerrero, Janine & Lafayette Burns131 Woody Creek Plaza$250,00009/03/201315256$252,690
Woody Creek SubdivisionEdwards, John 132 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 27$162,96412/04/200610066$192,413
Woody Creek SubdivisionStella & Yvonne Siwierka133 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 36$229,00005/12/200811476$254,561
Woody Creek SubdivisionBenjamin Roberts134 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 28$181,10006/25/200811536$202,365
Woody Creek SubdivisionDenton, Claude 135 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 37$129,50007/24/200811696$139,932
Woody Creek SubdivisionCarl Ellerbrook136 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 29$204,00006/09/200811506$224,869
Woody Creek SubdivisionCurtis, Lanny 137 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 38$398,40011/09/20069866$446,753
Woody Creek SubdivisionPeter Scott Brown138 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 30$154,00007/11/200811656$168,310
Woody Creek SubdivisionWeaver, Demian & Max Bardell 139 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 39$269,00007/01/200811596$295,542
Woody Creek SubdivisionHilary Glass140 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 31$118,40007/11/200811666$129,402
Woody Creek SubdivisionScully, Frederick 141 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 40$243,30011/09/20069876$274,890
Woody Creek SubdivisionJuan Lagarrigue/Sandra Vaccarezza142 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 32$276,26403/19/200912116$299,793
Woody Creek SubdivisionPatricia Gates143 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 41$220,00006/25/200811546$243,224
Woody Creek SubdivisionMahoney, Sheryl 144 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 42$225,00007/09/200811616$247,499
Woody Creek SubdivisionMichael Mcallister145 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 33$204,10007/24/200811706$223,070
Woody Creek SubdivisionHaas, Michael & Melisa Sweet 146 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 43$286,51309/11/200710876$324,273
Woody Creek SubdivisionEnd, Theresa 147 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 34$215,00011/20/200711166$240,385
Woody Creek SubdivisionKessler, Charles & Diane 148 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 44$479,00002/17/200912076$543,893
Woody Creek SubdivisionHaines, Cynthia 149 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 25$372,40012/19/200610206$440,148
Woody Creek SubdivisionDeyoung, Mark 150 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 24$204,00006/25/200710646$228,213
Woody Creek SubdivisionLee Liebmann151 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 23$274,10012/19/200610216$308,990
Woody Creek SubdivisionRichard Schlein152 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 22$249,00006/04/200811496$274,983
Woody Creek SubdivisionRobert Sloezen153 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 21$229,00001/24/200710366$258,730
Woody Creek SubdivisionThuillier, Robert 154 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 20$135,90007/07/200811606$148,528
Woody Creek SubdivisionWilliam Volckhausen155 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 19$141,30012/28/200711356$162,991
Woody Creek SubdivisionWagner, Mona Lisa 156 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 18$22,00007/16/200811676$240,950
Woody Creek SubdivisionRoland, Anne 157 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 17$496,00002/04/201113516$535,857
Woody Creek SubdivisionKrill, Gary & Doris 158 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 16$249,00001/31/200710386$282,679
Woody Creek SubdivisionSoderberg, Dan 201 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 45$498,00002/17/200912086$569,958
Woody Creek SubdivisionHopkins, Chris D. 203 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 46$318,65809/14/200710926$354,255
Woody Creek SubdivisionShaw, Lani 205 Woody Creek Plaza$319,71310/13/201114076$332,932
Woody Creek SubdivisionMelissa Camins207 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 48$410,99702/06/200710406$457,031
Woody Creek SubdivisionPenny, Julia 209 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 49$109,36210/13/201114086$113,884
Woody Creek SubdivisionChong, Foong Lian (Angel)210 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 58$352,62709/15/200811766$380,990
Woody Creek SubdivisionMacintyre, Larry 211 Woody Creek Plaza$179,50007/05/201113826$187,233
Woody Creek SubdivisionKinney, Daniel & Mary Doyle212 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 57$411,18512/23/200811886$461,297
Woody Creek SubdivisionKiuttu, Sean 213 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 53$149,93305/10/200710576$172,560
Woody Creek SubdivisionMcallister, Donald & Sandra 214 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 56$329,59606/25/200811556$360,222
Woody Creek SubdivisionNathan Aldrich215 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 52$106,10006/30/200710686$118,261
Woody Creek SubdivisionHenley, John & March 216 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 55$442,32808/22/201113906$461,941
Woody Creek SubdivisionMichael & Katrina (Mike & Kat)217 Woody Creek Plaza$307,50005/23/201214526$315,015
Woody Creek SubdivisionOrtega, Buddy 219 Woody Creek Plaza, Lot 50$250,35511/21/20069956$286,274

Property and ownership records are public information and this list was provided by the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority at the request of Aspen Journalism.

While the Housing Authority maintains this public information, they do not make it available to the public on their website in a sortable format, as it is here. Aspen Journalism collaborated with Investigate West to produce the table.

The “current value” fields are blank on a handful of units whose deed restrictions do not include appreciation caps. On the Housing Authority’s database, these units are categorized as “market value” without a specific price assigned to them.

The “current values” are estimated by Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority and are current as of May, 2014. The values are estimated based on the deed restrictions associated with the units and calculations for depreciated improvements that the Housing Authority has approved.

Almost every project name on the list is linked to more information about the specific complex on the Housing Authority’s website, via a section it labels as “HOA Documents.”

Some units are owned by more than one person and if you are looking for a specific owner, you might also try the search function, which can also be used to search for specific addresses.