River District considers criteria for water conservation program

Contracts approved only if no new projects take water to Front Range

The policy says that Front Range water providers — which in total take about 500,000 acre-feet of Colorado River water each year across the Continental Divide to growing cities and for agriculture — must also contribute their fair share of water.

Data dashboard: Roaring Fork basin snowpack reaches 133% of average

While Lake Powell’s elevation reaches 9.6 inches below critical level.

• Roaring Fork Basin snowpack reached 133% of average or 145% of median on Jan. 22, or 12.2 inches of snow-water equivalent. • Lake Powell’s elevation down to 3,524.2 feet, or 175.8 feet from full pool on Jan. 22 • Air temperatures at ASE keep swinging, from 46° on Jan. 14 to 33°F on Jan. 16 for high temperatures.

The Roundup | The strongest incentive to stay

It’s clear that this stock of housing is important to the community, based on the sheer numbers. But there’s something more. The ability to own a home, affordable to those who work in the community, might be the strongest incentive there is to hold on, stick it out, keep playing “the lottery” because eventually something…

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Across the Western Slope, pandemic attitudes and responses varied from county to county

Challenges included dealing with a transient community, staffing issues and public angst

Looking at these past 2½ years, a lot has changed regarding what we know about the virus, variants, testing, vaccines and treatment options. Some of the public health policies put in place didn’t always make sense or they felt wrong to some people in these communities. But in those early days, they felt they were doing the best they could with the information they had.