2013 City of Aspen grant amountNonprofit name2012 City of Aspen grant amountNonprofit's revenue 2011Nonprofit's payroll expense 2011
$90,000Grassroots TV$90,000$486,000$328,000
$90,000Aspen Music Festival and School$91,000$12.6 million $1,950,000
$90,000Aspen Public Radio$90,000$972,000$208,000
$65,000Aspen Santa Fe Ballet$68,000$3.6 million$1,600,000
$51,000Aspen Valley Ski/Snowboard Club$50,000$3.6 million$1,900,00
$30,000Aspen Art Museum$32,000$3.9 million $2,000,000
$30,000Jazz Aspen Snowmass$30,600$6.2 million$611,000
$30,000Red Brick Council for the Arts$30,000$151,000$98,000
$28,000Theatre Aspen$28,000$1.7 million$403,000
$20,000Aspen Historical Society$21,000$1,000,000$717,000
$20,000Aspen Writer's Foundation$20,000$1.2 million $388,000
$20,000Independence Pass Foundation$18,000$162,000$64,000
$18,500Aspen Film$16,000$608,000$192,000
$14,000Aspen Institute $14,000$626,640 (partial)$178,000
$13,000Aspen Center for Environmental Studies$11,000$1.2 million$207,000
$12,500Aspen Youth Center$11,250$390,000$114,000
$10,000Anderson Ranch Arts$10,000$3.7 million $1,700,000
$10,000Roaring Fork Conservancy$10,000$801,000$319,000
$8,000Aspen Choral Society$8,000$81,700$47,500
$6,500Executive Service Corps$6,500$62,640$50,000
$5,400Challenge Aspen$6,000$1.8 million$741,000
$5,000Mountain Rescue Aspen$5,000$184,725$0
$5,000Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers$4,500$234,000$140,000
$5,000Shining Stars Foundation$4,000$489,000$155,000
$5,000Wilderness Workshop$4,000$517,000$316,000
$4,500Roaring Fork Leadership$4,500$99,000$44,000
$4,000Aspen Community Theatre$4,000$87,900$0
$4,000Forest Conservancy$3,500$112,000$31,000
$3,500Hudson Reed Ensemble$3,200$34,000$23,950
$3,500Wyly Community Arts Center$3,700$289,000$177,344
$3,000Colorado Fourteeners initiative$3,000$854,000$389,000
$3,000Theater Masters$3,000$74,500$0
$3,000Woody Creek Community Center$0$262,000$59,000
$2,700Aspen Hall of Fame$2,250$41,900$0
$2,500KDNK, Carbondale Community Access Radio$2,500$447,000$98,000
$2,500Access Roaring Fork$2,500$395,000$192,000
$2,500Aspen Ute Foundation$2,500$3,500$0
$2,500Roaring Fork Early Learning Fund$2,500$225,000$27,000
$2,450Science in Schools$2,450NA$34,000
$2,000Aspen Dance Connection$1,500$28,050$12,900 (contract labor)
$1,500Colorado Western Slope College Fair$1,500$30,000$0
$1,800Crested Butte Nordic Council$1,500$478,000$174,000
$1,500Aspen Fringe Festival$1,000$28,175$7,400
$1,500Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation$1,500$94,765$42,000
$1,500Project Graduation$1,500$26,000$0
$1,500Reach and Read Colorado$1,500$933,000$172,000
$1,200Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment$1,200$35,725$11,000
$1,000Roaring Fork Business Resource Center$1,000$248,000$73,000
$1,000Thompson Divide Coalition$1,000$65,000$14,000
$650Basalt High School Project Graduation$700$17,000$0
$500Aspen Community Foundation$500$5.3 million$563,000
$0Aspen Junior Golf Foundation$4,500NANA
$0Aspen TREE$5,000NANA
$0Tomorrow's Voices$900NANA
In-kind contributions:
$41,000 of ice timeAspen Junior Hockey $37,000 of ice time$512,000$149,000
$25,000 of ice timeAspen Skating Club$25,000 of ice time$80,000$10,200
$17,000 of ice timeRevolutions Skating Club$17,000 of ice time$40,500$0
$15,000 of pool timeAspen Swim Club$15,000 of pool time$132,000$40,400
$5,000 of pool timeRoaring Fork Gay & Lesbian$5,000 of pool time$307,000$9,400
$750 of gym timeSilver City GymnasticsNANA$0

The Aspen City Council approved its 2013 budget Monday night on second reading and in so doing approved $756,200 in grants to over 50 local arts and community nonprofits.

The city also approved another $106,250 worth of in-kind grants, mainly to sports-centered nonprofits, such as ice time for Aspen Junior Hockey and the Aspen Skating Club.

The city’s grants to arts, community, open-space and sports-related nonprofits are separate from its funding of health and human services organizations, a process it shares with Pitkin County.

The city is discussing revising its funding of those organizations, according to recent stories in the Aspen Daily News and The Aspen Times.

At the City Council meeting on Monday, former Aspen Mayor Helen Klanderud asked about the amount of funding in the 2013 budget for health and human services organizations. She was told there was $300,000 set aside, down from $380,000 this year.

However, city officials told her a committee made up of representatives from the city and the county planned to begin meeting in January to develop a supplemental budget to make up for the shortfall this year, and to begin crafting a long-term funding approach for health and human services organizations between the city and the county.

The top three largest city grants in the 2013 budget to arts and community nonprofits — $90,000 each — were awarded to Grassroots TV, the Aspen Music Festival and School, and Aspen Public Radio. Each organization also received at least $90,000 from the city last year.

Other large grants went to Aspen Santa Fe Ballet ($68,000), Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club ($50,000), and the Aspen Art Museum ($32,000).

Almost every organization that applied for funding received a grant similar in size to last year’s grant. The Woody Creek Community Center was a new grant recipient and will receive a $3,000 grant next year.

Three organizations that got grants last year did not receive grants this year: the Aspen Junior Golf Foundation; Aspen TREE; and Tomorrow’s Voices.

The table, above, includes information from the grant applications submitted by the nonprofit organizations to the city’s nonprofit review committee, which makes recommendations to the City Council.

The information includes 2012 and 2013 grant amounts, as well as the organization’s 2011 revenue and payroll expense figures, which give an indication of the organization’s size and economic impact. The table can be expanded to show all the entries.

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