Lance Armstrong talks doping at 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival

Lance Armstrong at 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival

Aspen Ideas Festival archives

Lance Armstrong was interviewed by Bob Schieffer of CBS News at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Tuesday, July 3, 2007.

Schieffer artfully questioned Armstrong about doping in cycling starting at 17 minutes and 15 seconds into the interview.

"Let's talk a little bit about doping in sports," Schieffer drawled. "Certainly that's an issue in cycling. It's certainly an issue in all the other sports that I know of. What's the answer, Lance, to this?"

"Boy," said Armstrong, rocking back in his chair onstage in front of an Ideas Festival crowd. "And I'm glad you asked that 'cause I will, I'll answer any questions, and of course that's one of the most sensitive ones, I've been a target for that for the last ten years, so I'm used to those questions.

"Doping has existed forever. The original Olympic games had doping. Every sport has doping.

"Hard sports, like the Tour de France, like cycling, have doping. Because it is so difficult and so stressful, that the option to cut a corner is always there, and guys take it."

Armstrong's remarks are quite interesting in light of recent events.

The Aspen Times ran a story by Nate Peterson about the interview at the Ideas Festival on July 4, 2007.

Armstrong also did the Colbert Report in 2007. "Doping" didn't come up until the very last minute.

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